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Hello Kitty Club dolls by Famosa

Once again, TKMaxx has proven a goldmine!

I picked this little cutie up a couple of weeks ago. At the time I didnt know anything about her except that she was cute, and Id just got payed after being kinda broke and not able to buy dolls for a bit. That photo is rubbish, even by my standards, because i quickly snapped it on the pavement before ripping into the box. I was on my way somewhere else, and the packaging was super bulky, compared to the contents. I took a quick photo reminder, got rid of all the excess packaging, and then she fitted into my bag nicely. 

She’s cute, if a tad cross-eyed. But then, whilst unboxing her, I discovered her articulation. Its fabulous! I didnt expect anything from such a small doll, and you couldnt see it in the packaging, but she has double knees, and elbows

Girl can touch her face! It was love, and I promptly got on with the repaint I was now certain she needed

Im really pleased with it. I think it suits her really cute look much better

And she poses so nicely! I immediately want to make her a bedroom, with lots of pink and frills 🙂

I wanted more of these dolls, so I went online. The shipping was kinda ridiculous, as well as the range being super limited, but I had the inspiration to look on amazon.es. id looked on the uk amazon with no luck, but not only were there loads on the spanish version, but they were relatively cheap, and I think the shipping was too. I say I think because my spanish is quite rusty. So I interpreted it as that the shipping for quite a few dolls was like €6. Hopefully Ive not goofed and spent way more than I thought! 

Now I can put a direct face comparison. Some faces were better than others. This was one of the better ones, and this

Was definitely the worst. Yes, her irises are that light in real life, and both her lipstick colour and placement really stand out as being particularly bad. Her dress is no great shakes either. Quite a few of the dresses were a bit odd, but thats fine, because I have sewing plans for them. Repainting plans too, though those will have to wait cos Im out of sealant. Im smitten though, these little guys really inspire me to create for some reason


Introducing Emily

I mentioned a bit ago that I now have an 18″ doll, and today is her formal introduction. I put up a couple of photos of how she arrived, but shes since then got the beginnings of a new wardrobe, and a repainted face. I didnt much like her eyebrows, I dont like the thin ones, and I thought her eyelashes were too long. So heres a reminder of how she was:


And here is her beautiful face now:


Its quite a subtle difference, but I like it a lot more now.
But first of all, the specifics of the doll. Its hard to give much information about her. I bought her in TK Maxx, she was the only one, and Ive seen one doll from this line in Smyths as well. The line seems to be called Emma Loves, as the dolls all seem to be called Emma Loves (insert theme). So mine is Emma Loves Winter, which is why she’s all kitted out in her coat and hat. I have managed to find a few other examples online, Emma Loves Pets, Princesses, stuff like that. But its been hard to find out much more about her. I cant find her on the websites of either of the shops that I know sell her, and. I cant find any reviews of her. Ive only found much information about her on websites that I cant read, as they are all in what I think is italian, so Im assuming she is also italian. I dont know the company name, because while Im guessing it might be in her description somewhere, I dont know which word. If Id known she was going to be this complicated Id have saved her packaging longer, but I threw it away before Id found out how elusive she seems to be. But she definitely is available on amazons italian site, if anyone is interested. Also, if anyone reads this and knows more about her and the line, Id love to hear from you.
As far as 18″ dolls go, Id say she’s somewhere down the scale in terms of price, and possibly also quality? I dont really know as I dont have anyone to compare, but you do often get what you pay for. Her hair is soft and nice, and rooted reasonably thickly though. It has an odd hair cut, which I was thinking of altering, but when I put it in a ponytail all the wierd layers hang perfectly, so Ill probably keep it.
Her eyes are inset glass-like, with the aforementioned ridiculously long eyelashes. Seriously, they were pretty much touching her eyebrows! They dont shut when she lies down like some do, which I like actually, but I suppose it might be a drawback to some.
Her body is all plastic, no cloth


And the shape is different to what I expected. It looks a little mature for an 18″ play doll like this, those usually seem to be made with the idea of being similar to the child who will play with them. I could tell she was kinda thin in-box but it wasnt until I got her out and undressed that I realised she kinda has a waist and chest. Not much , but more than I expected. I dont think it’ll cause problems with clothes fit though, because being so thin overall, the bigger bits of her wont be a problem. She has the usual jointing at shoulders, hips and neck, nothing exciting there. And shes well on her way to having an exciting wardrobe, too.


This is an outfit I bought her from Argos, in a line called DesignaFriend. Its a little loose, but, I may have mentioned, I quite like loose clothes on my dolls. And it means the shoes are large enough to accomodate the tights I made her. Here are the two pairs together, so you can see the difference a bit


Its not massive, but they do fall off. But thats ok, the white ones are a very close fit, getting them over anything but bare feet would be a struggle. Originally it looked in the packaging like she had furry boots, but they were actually covers over these plain white flats. Its pretty useful, because even though furry boots are cool, white flats go with a bit more stuff.


In this photo you can kinda see how they’re still not a perfect fit, even with her tights. She’s also wearing the playsuit from the DesignaFriend set, so you can see it without the jacket on top, and the tights are made out of a sock (if you wanna know how to do that, watch myfroggystuffs justice inspired leggings video).
And can I just say, i was super surprised by the DesignaFriend line, because I literally had no idea it existed, and its pretty good! It might be because a lot of the blogs I read, and youtube channels I watch, are done by americans, so they dont have this line. America certainly has a bunch of stuff we dont here. I found DesignaFriend by actually searching the argos website, because I knew I was going to be near one and I thought it was worth checking. Now that I know about it, Ive tried looking for it by name, and have found a few reviews and stuff, but most of it is done by quite young girls, there doesnt seem to be the adult collectors perspective much out there.
Actually, some of those girls sounded american, so maybe my theory is wrong. As before, if anyone knows, tell me :).
I also made her a skirt and jumper-tee shirt thing:


Both also from socks. Thank you so much for that idea froggy, its been a real game changer! The jumper is from lacey textured girls school socks, which i can think of loads of things to do with. Also, the bag she’s holding is actually a leaflet showing a bunch of the DesignaFriends products that came with the outfit, which is pretty cute.
And heres one last photo of her, demonstrating the benefit of a loose jacket


It sits really nicely draped over her shoulders, and I think if it was a prefectly tailored fit it probably wouldnt sit as well.
This is the end of the bit about Emily (in my head her name just morphed from Emma to Emily over the last few days, so now shes Emily)

Im going to put up a bunch of picture of the contents of the DesignaFriends leaflet, just in case anyone wants a bit of an overview of what they offer. Its not on an our generation level, but its a ton cheaper 🙂
The six main girls;


The ‘little sister’ and boy dolls. Hes a bit taller, they’re a bit shorter





Accessories packs



Amd furniturey-type stuff


Its all really blurry, sorry, but there it is. I like the idea of a boy doll and little sister dolls, but why on earth do they only have one generically non-white doll, but like three blondes? Not everyone is blonde! I mean, Emily is, but she only came blonde
Bye for now