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Cool doll clothes

So I found this ugly bug in a charity shop recently

He was actually in his box, so I know that he’s from one direction. What I liked about him was his clothes.

His trousers and jumper are a great fit on my action style doll, a get real girl. And I love the jumper!

Even his shoes fit her when she has her socks on. Its great, because she doesnt fit a whole lot of fashion doll stuff, her body is more athletic.

He also had this stripy top under the jumper. I decided to try it on my EAH hunter huntsman who didnt have a top. Its a little tight, not sure its his style, but I was getting a bit of a hipster vibe so I put it with dexters glasses.

Ive already sent the doll back to the charity shop. Hes of no interest to me, but I think his clothes were really nice, especially that lovely jumper. I like that because its something Id find quite tricky to make.


Charity shop excitement- Get Real Girl and Moxie Girlz

Ive had a visitor for the last few days, the same lovely person who got me Dell, and yesterday we went for an adventure. I call most things adventures to be honest, so possibly not everyone would consider our little day out to be an adventure, but I think its all in how you see it. We got a bus to a different area of the city, which had a park, with some animals to see, and also a fair few charity shops. My lovely person has a few things they like to look out for, relating to their hobbies, and obviously I had my eye on the dolls. The first one I found was a floating Mocie Girlz doll. This is how she would have looked new


That ginormous puffy skirt thing is made of foam of some sort, so she will float upright in a childs bath, for instance. Mine did come with the foam bit, but it was pretty damaged, so I binned it on the way out of the shop so she’d fit better in my bag. Im not taking her for a swim. Apart from that she was in decent condition

No accessories obviously, but I was pleasantly surprised that she has her feet, given that they are removable, so pretty easy to lose. Her face has a little pen mark

But her hair is pretty good. All the little bits of her skirt were held together with plastic tags

Im guessing they were meant to make it sit right, but I was wondering what might happen if they got pulled so i cut them out. It didnt make any visual difference

And her top is plastic and painted on

And heres the feet

She doesnt look like she’s been very heavily played with, all in all. The foam thing was messed up but I dont imagine it would have been very sturdy. Her hair is in plaits on amazon photos and such, so I assume its been messed with a little but it was only in bunches, and not very tangled. Im glad to get her, Ive quite fancied a Moxie girl for a while just sort of casually, I quite like the faces, but Ive had no inclination, or money for that matter, to really get into them.
The other doll I found is a little more special.

Id love to know how she ended up in a yorkshire charity shop. Its probably not anything exciting really, but I often want to know where charity shop dolls come from. My moxie girl (apparently she’s called sophina but Im not planning to stick with that) isnt very old but this girl has been round a bit longer. Apparently, she’s called Skylar, from Get Real Girl dolls

They were released in america, in 2000, and only lasted for a little while. They were one of the many attempts at what has often been called ‘anti-barbie’ dolls

Each girl has a sport, and they all have a reasonably well formed background , it sounds like, though I didnt find much about Skylar in particular. She is asian, one of the aims of the lines being that the dolls will represent a variety of ethnicities, and her sport is snowboarding

She’s lost most of her belongings, but she still has her jumper, and I think the socks are originally hers too, they fit pretty well

Under the jumper she has painted in underwear

Im in two minds about her face

Im not sure if Ive just been conditioned by a lifetime of fashion dolls, but the eyes and mouth just dont quite work together to me. The eyes are shaped to reflect her asian ethnicity, but the mold of her face has rather larger eye sockets, exaggerating their smallness, and the mouth is quite wide. Its definitely a departure from Barbies pretty overly made up look, but Im not sure that its exactly more realistic per say. Just different.
Her articulation is interesting. Her head tilts back very well

But not so well forward

And theres a nice side tilt too

I dont think the range in her arms is anything exciting, though it would have been a bit more novel 15 years ago

She’s got larger muscles than any other doll I have, but her wrists dont feel very robust honestly. Might be age though. One hand has a magnet in the palm, presumably so she could hold something in her accessories

Her torso looks like it has two joints, at the ribcage and waist, but actually the waist one doesnt move at all

The top one moves forward and back


As well as side to side


And it can spin around

And she can do several movements there at once, so theres a lot of options there compared to my modern Barbie dolls that have a joint there

My favourite thing to her, and the reason I decided to buy her, is the knees

Each knee has two joints, giving her double the range of motion effectively

She can kneel

As well as striking a few other interesting poses that noone else I have can



I suspect her hair was never taken out of its original bunches, because the elastic bands were completely knackered, and brok as I took them out. Its probably going to take time or a good boil to get her hair to lie flat


Its really not that bad though, and I think I like it and her face better when its pulled back

I think its probably the bulkier limbs but I think she lacks the grace of my other dolls. Here she is with my disney store Mulan

And here they are striking a pose

I still like her, but I think Mulan pulls off the dancing-type pose better. I suppose Skylar would look better doing something like heavy lifting or sprinting though. Clothing wise she doesnt have a lot of options in my house. The only things that fit her are my Freaky Freya dresses, and some dresses I crocheted, because crochet has a lot of stretch


I dont think either of them is really her though. She can wear her jumper, but Ill have to make her some trousers.
My moxie girls proportions reminded me most of my Bratzillas, thoug obviously with less articulation

Meg does look taller, but the body shapes are fairly close

Megs waist is a bit more exaggerated, is all I think. And actually, when I put them back to back with their heels at the same level, they are a lot closer in height, so I think its mostly Megs heels

She can wear the skirt Meg came in, but not the top over her moulded top decoration

But she can wear Angels dress

And it even does up all the way up the back

Other than that she can wear sparkle girlz and Steffi clothes, so presumably Barbie etc too, but they’re kinda loose, and low necklines dont work too well


It looked like the gold bits were just glued on, so I tried to prise them off after using a bit of nail polish remover, but it turns out they were more inset than they looked

Im filling the gap in with pva glue, and Ill paint it skin coloured. It’ll be less awkward than the gold bits were.
Im pretty amused by the contrast between these two

Skylar is more realistic, but Sophinas face has much more detail to it. I feel like if you mixed the two dolls together you’d get the perfect doll