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Strawberry dress for famosa hello kitty dolls

Just finished it

Im feeling so inspired by these dolls, so its going to be the first of many. 

I took a couple of photos of her in the room set-up Im making for them, which Ill share more photos of once its done

I am just so desparate for my sealant to arrive so I can repaint the rest of them! Definitely got to be organised and order more before I run out next time


I made a sofa!

Damn, that photo came out fuzzier than i expected. Anyway, I made it. My mum gave me some scraps of foam, because she’s been reupholstering some real-sized furniture, so I made this.

Heres my foam rectangles laid out; a back, two arms, and two seat pieces. That makes the seat high enough, and I wanted to have it fold out.

I scaled it to my famosa hello kitty dolls, because Im feeling very inspired by them right now. 

I kind of rounded off the arms and back, but only roughly, because I figured it wouldnt show once they were covered. Then I made each piece a little pouch out of my fabric (its a scarf, by the way. I thought the texture worked quite well), basically just by wrapping them in it, tacking it on, then taking it off and running the sewing machine over the tacks. Once each piece was encased, I just stitched them together at the edges. Ive no photos of those bits because I was taking it about with me and doing bits of sewing whilst I was out, which isnt ideal for photos

So, it works as a sofa

Then folds out into a little bed (also, I made the bedding)

When its folded out, its just long enough for her to lie flat. Obviously, a bigger doll isnt going to fit on it like this, but I think they can get away with using it folded up

Gigi looks pretty natural on it, I think. The proportions arent perfect, but I honestly think they’re better than some Ive seen on factory-made stuff, and overall Im really happy with it. Its a lot more robust than what could make using cardboard, cos if you step on it, it’ll just bounce back. It could probably even survive a gentle trip through the washing machine if it really had to. I want to make some more, though Ive only got so much leftover foam. Id be tempted to make one for an 18″ though, and Id need to buy new for that. Maybe one day 🙂

Hello Kitty Club dolls by Famosa

Once again, TKMaxx has proven a goldmine!

I picked this little cutie up a couple of weeks ago. At the time I didnt know anything about her except that she was cute, and Id just got payed after being kinda broke and not able to buy dolls for a bit. That photo is rubbish, even by my standards, because i quickly snapped it on the pavement before ripping into the box. I was on my way somewhere else, and the packaging was super bulky, compared to the contents. I took a quick photo reminder, got rid of all the excess packaging, and then she fitted into my bag nicely. 

She’s cute, if a tad cross-eyed. But then, whilst unboxing her, I discovered her articulation. Its fabulous! I didnt expect anything from such a small doll, and you couldnt see it in the packaging, but she has double knees, and elbows

Girl can touch her face! It was love, and I promptly got on with the repaint I was now certain she needed

Im really pleased with it. I think it suits her really cute look much better

And she poses so nicely! I immediately want to make her a bedroom, with lots of pink and frills 🙂

I wanted more of these dolls, so I went online. The shipping was kinda ridiculous, as well as the range being super limited, but I had the inspiration to look on amazon.es. id looked on the uk amazon with no luck, but not only were there loads on the spanish version, but they were relatively cheap, and I think the shipping was too. I say I think because my spanish is quite rusty. So I interpreted it as that the shipping for quite a few dolls was like €6. Hopefully Ive not goofed and spent way more than I thought! 

Now I can put a direct face comparison. Some faces were better than others. This was one of the better ones, and this

Was definitely the worst. Yes, her irises are that light in real life, and both her lipstick colour and placement really stand out as being particularly bad. Her dress is no great shakes either. Quite a few of the dresses were a bit odd, but thats fine, because I have sewing plans for them. Repainting plans too, though those will have to wait cos Im out of sealant. Im smitten though, these little guys really inspire me to create for some reason

Toys r us confuses me.

No, I have not been doll shopping. I am sticking with my aim to dial it back a bit, but that of course doesnt mean I cant look. Given that I want to spend less on dolls, it seems more important that I look, because then I can only buy things I really, really want. Like a girl for all time Matilda, I am in love with that doll, but she isnt exactly a corner shop purchase. Recently Ive been looking into the famosa Nancy doll. They sell her at toys r us, and she sort of reminds me of Emily, being a hard bodied, slim doll, but I wasnt so sure about her face. I wasnt sure I liked it, and yet the face on my beloved Emily isnt the one she came with. The sweet, patient expression I was comparing Nancy to was in fact partly my own creation. And photos sometimes really dont help. Heres one of her pictures

I like the fact that she doesnt just come as a blonde. Having Emily, Id want to get her with a different hair colour for variety. I also thought that Emily and Nancy, and possible Noelle too, might be able to share some clothes. Toys r us sells some individual outfit packs for Nancy, so I decided to go and look at her first hand, buy an outfit to try on, and then make my decision for the future. Plus, I like wandering round toy shops. There are always things to check out, and after this trip I really wish I had a proper camera that. I could take with me, because there were things I would have liked to share. There were some lovely barbie outfit sets on sale, for starters, and though some were the ones Ive seen all over, there were a few I hadnt, like one with a nautical theme. And I found one thing that just made no. Flipping. Sense. I imagine a lot of people reading a doll blog will know about Liv dolls, but just in case, Liv dolls are a line that is now discontinued, and never really made it over here anyway. It was pretty much an american thing, which is a shame, because they’re supposed to have great articulation, and they have swappable wigs, which is a nice idea. Ive seen plenty of doll fans mourning those, and I can completely see why, Id quite like to get a few. Maybe three or four dolls, and then as many fashion and wig packs as I could get my hands on. Thats another good thing, the line had more opportunity to buy clothes without having to buy a new doll every single time.
Anyway, where this is all going, is that on the barbie shelf in toys r us there was a single Liv outfit. Why? It was battered as anything, and I had a good look to see if there was anything else, ideally a doll, because if I come across one Im definitely buying it, but there was just that single outfit. Where did that even come from? I didnt think they did it over here at all, and now they dont do it anywhere, so how? Why? I want answers, and I know full well Im getting none.
Also at toys r us was a 30cm version of the I love Minnie dolls I got on holiday. I wanted to see that up close, because the photo made it look as cute as the smaller doll, and I was pretty doubtful that it would be. I was right, those eyes do not translate well to being about five times thier normal size! Id show a picture, but I had no way to take one. Sometimes I think a smartphone would come in pretty useful, but then I remember how bad I am at technology, and also the fact that my mobile bill is £7.50 a month, and conclude Im quite alright as I am.
And now for Nancy, the main goal of the day. Im sure some people are expecting me to now unveil a photo of one of those dolls sitting on my bed, resolution broken, but you would be wrong. Firstly, I meant what I said. I picked up lots of things in the shop that I could have so easily bought. Some of the Sofia stuff, the tiny disney princess toddlers, ALL of the barbie clothes, but I did not. Also, Nancy is not the doll for me. I looked at her face mold, rather than her paint, because i can always redo that, and I dont like the actual shape. Plus, much as I love Emily, her articulation is one of the more limited ones I have, and so Id prefer to get dolls with different jointing. Some of the Nancys had bendable knees, but that was it. I did still want to pick up an outfit though, because her body shape looks so similar to Emily, as far as you can tell under clothes. Here I hit the only snag. The cheapest individual outfit sets were all t shirt and shorts, T shirt and skirt, etc. No long sleeves or long trousers, so I didnt think that’d be much use for comparing fit.cand they were made of stretchy fabric too. So it was pretty much a guarantee that they’ll fit my girls, but I cant extrapolate that to the rest of her wardrobe. For a bit more money there were two-outfit packs, which had longer sleeves and trousers, as well as fabrics that looked to have less stretch, so it had to be one of these instead. Annoyingly, I picked the one I liked best, but it turned out not to have any long sleeves after all, it just looked like it did because of how it was packaged, so I didnt get to test that. But I guess if legs fit, proportions ought to work out in my favour for arms.
First off I tried the clothes on Noelle. I thought she was less likely to fit, because she’s a little bit taller and wider than Emily, especially in the hips, but at the moment she has a smaller wardrobe so I really wanted them to. Astonishingly, the shoes do sort of fit her

They are too wide and too short, but they will go on her feet and stay there, which theres not a chance of them doing on Emily

They’re going to fall off any second, her feet are just so small

I really like the shoes actually, there are two pairs identical except with the colours reversed, and they come with a cute litte shoebox thats the perfect fit

When I first saw it in the packaging I thought it was just decoration, no way it would be any use, but it is

So, the clothes. First up, a dress, which honestly I just dont think is Noelles style

Not that it fits though, so thats a bit irrelevant

The trousers have the same issue, though I was surprised to see that they’re long enough, Emilys are too short for her

The t shirt looks fantastic though

Loose fit and stretchy fabric. Im pretty sure she’d be fine in the individual outfit packs. Combine that t shirt with the leggings from the designafriend winter coat pack, and she has a really nice casual hanging around outfit

Those are actually the trousers that Emily has been wearing, but she can easily spare them. Because she has two new outfits!

Beautiful. Seriously, a perfect fit

Dolls trousers can be a bit unforgiving, but these obviously fit so closely I wonder if the two girls might have a shared body mould. I mean, Im not exactly sure of Emilys origins, and since Nancy is also made by a non-english company, I dont know as much as Id like to about her either. Though the feet are obviously different. And the dress looks so so so lovely on her, its just perfect

I wish it didnt say Nancy on it, but Ill pretend thats just a label, like tops with GAP on them. Nethilia, of american girl outsider, says she does that with Isabelles clothes, and I think its a handy way around it. This is the one that made me thing there were long sleeves, because it has arm and leg warmers with it, and the way everything was attached I couldnt tell that the arm pieces were separate. Legs either actually, I thought they were leggings because the tops were under the skirt, but I got some other trousers so thats not a big deal. Ive got to be honest, I dont quite get whats supposed to happen with those. Ive put the leg warmers on Emily all scrunched down, and theres a look of socks to them, but the arm ones dont make any sense. Those are the only things I wont be using though, except for two hair ribbons

IMG_2200cite, but dont fit the dolls heads, so pointless. Im definitely going to get more Nancy outfits in future. Some of the ones that come with the dolls are really nice so I might see if they crop up on ebay sans Nancy.
That Liv doll thing is still bugging me though…