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Cool doll clothes

So I found this ugly bug in a charity shop recently

He was actually in his box, so I know that he’s from one direction. What I liked about him was his clothes.

His trousers and jumper are a great fit on my action style doll, a get real girl. And I love the jumper!

Even his shoes fit her when she has her socks on. Its great, because she doesnt fit a whole lot of fashion doll stuff, her body is more athletic.

He also had this stripy top under the jumper. I decided to try it on my EAH hunter huntsman who didnt have a top. Its a little tight, not sure its his style, but I was getting a bit of a hipster vibe so I put it with dexters glasses.

Ive already sent the doll back to the charity shop. Hes of no interest to me, but I think his clothes were really nice, especially that lovely jumper. I like that because its something Id find quite tricky to make.


Slightly random custom doll

So I had some spare doll parts from other customs, and I decided to combine them

Disney store mulan head on a raven queen body. The hair is pretty damaged, so im still considering giving her a trim. 

For some reason I just got inspired to make her a witch. The cloak and hat are from bratzillaz yasmina clairvoya

I made the dress, though its hardly my finest work. Its kind of just a sack with a belt and lots of bits of net

Without the belt you can see its really just shapeless. She’s got raven queens tights on and the necklace is actually shriek wrecked clawdeen

I thought it kinda worked with the moon on it. And everything else is just pinched from casta fierce

Including the ridiculous broom/microphone stand

Here I tried to pose her like she’s riding it. 

I also touched her face up a tiny bit

Just did the eyebrows and lips. I think mulan just has quite a distinctive face, so i wanted to tweak it a little bit. In my head she’s mostly a nice witch. 

My bed has been hijacked!

Im doing a bit more work on the ever after high room, painting in the wood panels and stuff. Its all a lot darker now, which I like, and fits with what Im after, but its not going to make it any easier to photograph, since I dont have a flash


While the paint is drying, the ever after high gang have been evicted for a little while, so they need somewhere else to hang out. I said they could share someone elses space for a bit, and then i found this


I guess it is someone elses space. Thing is, its mine! They’ve settled in on my pillow! Looks like Im going to have to evict them once more, or else Ill get no sleep…

Family Portraits- Part 2

The next group to sit before my camera , in all its poor quality, blurry glory, were my Ever After High dolls. Apart from Dexter they are all on new bodies, just in case anyone thinks they look a bit different to normal

The first attempt produced quite a stiff, formal result, I suspect due to Dexter and Raven being more used to a royal style of portrait. Cerise is not one to draw attention, and Maddie was trying to go along with everyone else, even though thats not a very wonderland-style way of doing things.
I decided that adding an element of fun might lighten things up a bit

I think these outfits really helped the girls to let loose. Dexter doesnt have one, but he cant take his eyes off the girls. And Maddie even borrowed Cerises hood, just because. I mean, does she need more of a reason?
I also snuck another pic of them all hanging out in the EAH themed room Im making them

Its not even close to finished, but they love having their own space to hang out in already.

The rest of the photos I took were of my smaller dolls. Because they alreasy have some really good settings I didnt bother with the protrait style, and just took a few as they went about their lives. They look cuter that way anyway

Heres Freya the chocolate bunny hosting a sleepover for Ruby, Jade and Sophia. Its a bit cramped in her little attic bedroom, but they’ve got their toys out, and I spy a few snacks too, so I dont think anyone minds.

The next morning at breakfast everyone was far too tired, although Freya is ever the good host, and still made them breakfast.

Heres my magiclip Ariel working away in her bedroom. Her fascination with human objects hasnt abated, and shes become something of a craftsman in her quest to understand how things work. Of course she still has her collection of thingamabobs scattered around too, much to the frustration of her best friend and housemate Cinderella

Shes retained all her neat habits from life with her stepsisters, and after years of cleaning their clutter she’s not a fan of Ariels, preferring a more spartan look for her rooms.
Next I dropped in on Jade, Sophia and Ruby back at their place, where they are planning to issue Freya a return invitation

Jade is trying to make some more chairs, because its a bit of a stretch just with the three of them in there, let alone guests, but Ruby thinks she’s made them too small, since she just fell off one. She suggests asking Freya to bring a stool, but they arent sure if that would be rude. She was such an excellent host to them, they feel they have a high standard to live up to.

Sophia meanwhile has vanished upstairs. She said she was going to figure out if they could fit everyone in the bedroom, which apparently involves lengthy testing of the bed. Well, they did have a late night!

Thats my days work. I had a lot of fun doing it, I hope you like it too. I know the photos arent great, but I did the best with what I had.
And now, to pack for my shirtened weekend away!

First post!

So Ive decided to start a doll blog. Share my customisations and the things I make, all that malarkey. I dont know how consistent Ill be with posting, but when Im too busy to post I probably wont have time to do anything worth posting about anyway, so I dont suppose it matters 🙂

Currently I have a very sporadic collection, based more on what catches my eye than a particular brand, and I suspect thats how it will stay. Right now I have a lot of disney princesses, La Dee Da, Steffi, Jolina, Barbies sisters (but no Barbie), Ever After High and Monster High (but not on their original bodies), one lone Bratzilla, and a few other random bits.

I make dolls clothes, Im getting into making furniture and things like that, and. Im trying to learn how to do repaints too. Heres a few of what Ive got so far

My part-finished Juicy Crush Cyanne custom
My part-finished Juicy Crush Cyanne custom
Maddie on a Barbie body, in a new outfit
Maddie on a Barbie body, in a new outfit
Juicy Crush Tylie in one of her new outfits
Juicy Crush Tylie in one of her new outfits