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I made a sofa!

Damn, that photo came out fuzzier than i expected. Anyway, I made it. My mum gave me some scraps of foam, because she’s been reupholstering some real-sized furniture, so I made this.

Heres my foam rectangles laid out; a back, two arms, and two seat pieces. That makes the seat high enough, and I wanted to have it fold out.

I scaled it to my famosa hello kitty dolls, because Im feeling very inspired by them right now. 

I kind of rounded off the arms and back, but only roughly, because I figured it wouldnt show once they were covered. Then I made each piece a little pouch out of my fabric (its a scarf, by the way. I thought the texture worked quite well), basically just by wrapping them in it, tacking it on, then taking it off and running the sewing machine over the tacks. Once each piece was encased, I just stitched them together at the edges. Ive no photos of those bits because I was taking it about with me and doing bits of sewing whilst I was out, which isnt ideal for photos

So, it works as a sofa

Then folds out into a little bed (also, I made the bedding)

When its folded out, its just long enough for her to lie flat. Obviously, a bigger doll isnt going to fit on it like this, but I think they can get away with using it folded up

Gigi looks pretty natural on it, I think. The proportions arent perfect, but I honestly think they’re better than some Ive seen on factory-made stuff, and overall Im really happy with it. Its a lot more robust than what could make using cardboard, cos if you step on it, it’ll just bounce back. It could probably even survive a gentle trip through the washing machine if it really had to. I want to make some more, though Ive only got so much leftover foam. Id be tempted to make one for an 18″ though, and Id need to buy new for that. Maybe one day 🙂


Epic doll house project

Look at what I found in a charity shop! Only £9.99!

It’s huge, I don’t really have the space, but it’s gorgeous. I’m guessing it’s someone’s half-finished project

Half of the front opens, as does one side and the roof

I’m going to repaint it, and then it’ll be the home of my sylvanian families guinea pigs. I love guinea pigs, so I always wanted the family,  and once I found them I wanted to give them a really great home. Here’s there current place for comparison

The new house is a bit tall, but I think that works, for a high-ceilinged old house. I’m gonna cut some more windows, or maybe even completely take off a wall, to let a lot more light in for photos, too. The guinea pig family are really excited!

Barbie House repaint

Going a little while back, I picked up a Barbie winter house-type set at TKMaxx. I just thought that it would be a fun little scenery backdrop, for various dolls, and it certainly is.


The scale works well for quite a range of dolls; Novi stars are quite a bot shorter than monster high, but it does still work for both.


It comes with a cute little table with plates and stuff, and theres this relatively new system for Barbie where there are little slots to put them in so they dont fall off too easily.


I like the little sofa, and theres a bit of a kitchenette area, its like a little holiday cabin or something, but it also very pink. Typical for Barbie, but not very versatile or realistic, and certainly doesnt work for monster high (and yes, I now have some monster high dolls.We’ll discuss that another time)


All I did was make everything a more realistic colour. I tried not to do anything too ambitious, because I honestly didnt want to ruin it, its a nice house.


I love how it looks now, Im definitely going to use it again and again for photographing my dolls. Adding more wood colours makes it look more rustic, which I think fits with the overall shape of it all.

Just wanted to share!

Lil Woodzeez Bakery!

I had never heard of Lil Woodzeez until I started watching and reading other toy reviewers. Apparently they are a common line in america, a competitor to the more expensive Sylvanian Families (called calico critters in america). It wasnt long after I discovered their existence that a few of their products started to show up in Smyths. Their presence was seemingly short lived, because when they were sold they didnt seem to get restocked. Recently all they’ve had was a couple of the doctors surgery and bakery playsets. I did like the look of them, and a little while ago when I was feeling a bit down in the dumps I decided screw it, £20 or thereabouts isnt too bad. The bakery has loads of food, which is very versatile, I knew Id get use out of it. However, on paying, I was charged only £5 for it. Im not sure if it had the wrong label on it, because that seems like an insane discount, but I was certainly not going to argue. A sylvanian Families set of this size and with this many pieces would easily go for £30-40, and this set originally cost I think £23.




There’s so much stuff! We know that this set will fit the Lil Woodzeez characters, obviously, and also the very similar Sylvanian Families, but I wanted to know who else could use it


So, I recruited LPS Blythe, small Princess Sofia, and a magiclips Cinderella. They are all a similar height, but different scale, so I wanted to see how that would work.

The packaging on these sets is quite different to the Sylvanian Families, which come in completely enclosed boxes, where the only way to tell what is inside is looking at the pictures. Im not such a fan of that, because I find that its not always clear exactly what is and isn’t included in the sets. With this set, the whole thing is laid out right in front of you, and just secured down with a whole lotta plastic. So I guess thats the downside, less recyclable.


The accessories are all attached to a cardboard floor cover, so you can lift most of it out. However, some things are attached to the walls with zip ties. Very, very thick zip ties that are an absolute menace to cut.


It doesnt help that they were all pretty tight in, and surrounded by bits of the set that I didnt want to scratch with my scissors. In the end I found that I had the best luck with nail clippers.


This is the vast stack of plastic that was holding all the little bits. Definitely Sylvanian Families win in the sustainability stakes, and in the ease of getting everything out.


However, I was able to get all of that out of the cardboard piece with minimal damage, so now I can reuse this as a floor in something I make. I know I often dont bother with discussing the packaging, but I thought that this was sufficiently interesting to bring up.


Here’s the gang in the empty building. Only Cinderella and the actual littlest pet would actually fit through the door, but I think that Blythe is definitely in scale apart from that, probably because a lot of her height comes from her large head. Sofia, it isnt looking so good for.


To start with in the accessories, I want to look at the chefs hat, apron and oven gloves. The bear can only wear the hat, but looks damn good in it.


Blythes head is a touch big for the hat, and the glove is definitely on the large side, but the apron is a pretty good fit, although the strings are quite long. Also, Ive got the major furniture pieces from the set arranged in the background so that you can see how that fits. Obviously, the littlest pet is on the small side, but in a cute way, and Blythe is a good fit


Also, thats a pencil case 🙂 Im using it to keep all the little bits in


The hat and gloves work pretty good for Sofia, although the apron pulls in her full scarf, which is a big problem for her when it comes to standing up. Again, she’s a little tall for the furniture.


It is all too big for poor Cindy, although the scale to the furniture is pretty good. I also tried one more thing


Merida (on a style barbie body), can wear the oven glove, and the fit is almost perfect, although its a bit of a squeeze to first get the hand in. She’s also holding a doughnut, from the set, which again is perfectly in scale for her. I can definitely use the food n with much larger dolls. If its big enough for Barbie, it will be big enough for MH, EAH, and a whole bunch of other brands.

Now, Im going to give a run-down of what comes in the set. I tried to group things together in the photos, but I kept finding things that I had missed, and adding them in to later photos. So everything is there, but its not all organised. I just want to show you how much there is!


Theres an open and closed sign for the door


Worktop, table, display case and cake stand (also shelves in the windows)


The cake stand disassembles


Baking trays, bun tray, wicker tray for display, and a bin for bread


So much bread. I think that the round ones are bagels. At first I wasnt sure if they were meant to be doughnuts, but there are doughnuts in the set which definitely look like them, so Im gonna go with Bagel


Cakes and pies!

DSCN9603Baking accessories; milk, flour, measuring jug, bowl, etc. Also I found another croissant


Doughnuts! Two of each type


Decorated cupcakes, and also little buns which fit in the tray. They might be cooked or uncooked, I think that the interpretation is up to you


Biscuits do sit on the baking tray, but some of them look like they’ve already been decorated


Cake slices on plates. And, my part


A piece of dough with a cut out gingerbread man


The cut out piece, which fits back in, and a rolling pin


Theres a little dint so that the rolling pin sits there and doesn’t roll away.

And a cooked gingerbread man, with a cookie cutter it can sit in. So cute!

The final thing I did was to try and arrange some scenes with my different characters


I think that when they are in there, Blythe and the bear look pretty good, even though she is a little tall really. Its not the first thing you’d notice, anyway


Being realistic, Sofia is a little tall. She could use all the accessories, but the counters dont come high enough on her.


Cindy looks really cute, and with the stability her dress gives her, I feel like a population of Magiclips would really work with the Lil Woodzeez stuff. Although she isnt my favourite of the dolls, she does win this one I think



BAD review!

A while back I picked up a set for kids to make their own jewellery box

Its in a line called wood worx, by colorific, an australian company. I figured it’d make a cute, quirky dolls dresser. It ckmes with very bright paint and stickers and things for decoration, which I wasnt intending to use, and Iwas also thinking Id swap out the heart shaped knobs on the drawers. The stencil that came with it should be handy for various decorating endeavours, since the lovely scrap book paper used by myfroggystuff is rather out of my budget.
But, alas. There are pieces of the drawers missing from the set, and I actually think that some of the ones I do have are wrong. On counting Im only two short, but I think Im missing more than that, and have extras of others. Theres enough to make the unit without the drawers, which I did

But the pieces are so badly cut that I resorted to using hot glue as a filler to make it stay together, which isnt the most attractive decoration.
Basically, not a good kit. At all. Ive given it to my ever after high dolls for their part decorated room set, and they like it well enough

But right now its all they have. The drawer units they are sitting on are borrowed from larger dolls. Seeing as I got this:

For much less, which suits the same scale dolls, but with more storage space, its not worth it. I like the wood look better than the plastic, but you could put scrapbook paper over the plastic one, if you have it, or newspaper and paint it, which I would do. Whenever I get the bus I pick up the free newspaper, so thats one resource I dont have to worry about. Anyway, not reccommended.

Random round-up

Theres a few things recently that dont really warrant their own post, but at the same time, i quite fancy putting up. Firstly, i want to share two more usueful finds from poundland. These socks are fantastic for doll clothes


Ive already used some of them to make clothes for Emily, and theres plenty left for my smallr dolls too. The lacy socks, I actually got four pairs for £1, which is excellent, because they’re knee highs, so theres a lot of material in them for that money. I also found these little draw units


I think the size is about right for dolls. The scale is a little off for Barbie-size dolls….


But they’d be fine for dolls any larger than that, and i think that for Barbies you could incorporate them into a piece of furniture. For instance, about three in a row with bedding on top would be perfect for a bed with storage underneath.
Speaking of furniture, I finished a sofa. Its straight from a froggy stuff tutorial, so Im not bothering with photos of the process


I think I might have got a but carried away. I was aiming for it to be a big sofa, so it could be in the family rooms of even my largest doll families without a problem, but I was sort of envisioning about a four-seater. That is a lot more than four. It works for dolls on a bigger scale though, which is nice


Here are my Jolinas taking advantage of it in a rehearsal break


Its only a little bit small for Emily, and its so long that she could sleep on it.


Which will come in handy until I get around to making her a bed, at least. Like her pjs? More designafriend offerings. I went down to smyths with the intention of buying her something from our generation, maybe the sleepover set, and a new outfit, but I think Ive gone off them. The outfits arent completely enclosed in plastic so you can feel them, and the fabric felt like much poorer quality than Id expected. Ive not encountered anyone mentioning that in a review, but for twice the price of the superior quality designafriends, Im not going to bother. Theres a lot more range, so Ill keep an open mind to them, but Im quite put off. Still drooling over the camper van though.
Ive found one mention of the Emma Loves doll, on toyboxphilosophers blog, where she did manage to find out the company name, but she describes the doll as being 14″, and didnt buy it. Emily is definitely bigger than 14″! But if you want some better quality photos of her, and to see her in box, the post is I believe called toy box tourist. I would put a link to it, but I honestly dont know how. My relationship with technology is a bit of a rocky one.
In TKMaxx the ither day I saw a completely new LaDeeDa doll, which seems a bit odd. Im pretty sure that line is dead and gone now, so they shouldnt be bringing out new stuff. Its a make clothes for Dee type set, which I nearly bought, but I didnt need it at all. Wish Id taken a photo, but i had no camera. I am curious about that one though

How its made- Circular armchair

I made an armchair for my dolls

Im going to kind of explain how i made it. This isnt meant to be a tutorial, if you’re wanting step by step instructions then a lot of peope have made those who are much better than me. I reccommend MyFroggyStuff, on blogspot or youtube, and if you just search for tutorials you can find loads. Im just showing its construction as an idea share. Ive executed it quite poorly I think, compared to how I think it could be done, but. I think a more skilled or neater crafter could take this inspiration and run with it 🙂
So, first I used:

A paper plate cut into three like in the photo, and I also trimmed the edge of another one to get a circle of card, but you could cut a circle out of any card.
4 bottle caps
A circular sponge, and some fabric to cover it all

And also a bit of loosed wadding of some kind, to pad out the arms and back. My way of working is waste not want not, so i used the bits I trimmed off Megs hair the other day.

Im guessing most people wont have a pile of dolls hair lying around, and to be honest it was pretty messy to work with because it didnt really stick together, so id suggest using something a little more traditional.
First, I glued a square of fabric to my sponge. Apply the glue to the fabric, not the sponge, it goes on more evenly

I glued in the straight sides, leaving to corners loose

Then flattened the corners down making little pleats on either side. I put glue in the pleats, trying to keep it from being visible

Now it kinda looks like a little parcel. I trimmed off the bits sticking up, and glued the card circle on top


And glued the bottle caps to this for legs.

These are actually the tops of little pots of toothpicks, not bottlecaps, but I would have been using bottle caps if i had four that matched, and you’re more likely to have those around the place

So heres the base. I glued the back of the chair to some more fabric

With a pretty generous margin around the curved bit. Then i started to glue in the edges, before adding some of my stuffing

I glued down the rest of the edges to contain the stuffing- this bit was super messy, my glue gun now has a ginger wig! Then glued it to the base

I had to add a few extra bits of glue to the edges to stick it down all the way around, it wouldnt do it in one go because of the curve.
Then i made the arms in a very similar way, from the smaller bits of plate

Only for these I didnt do it all in one piece of fabric. I glued one all the way around, then cut another piece shaped like the plate, glued it down by two sides, then added the stuffing before glueing down the third

Finally, I made a cushion in a contrasting colour and stuffed it with the last of the hair

The last step for me, was sitting down and cutting off all the little strings of glue that had got everywhere. Im not the neatest worker, so im not sure if everyone would have to do this bit. I think the chair looks really nice, if you get up very close you can see the glue at the seams, but its not apparent from a distance. And i could probably put some little strips of fabric over all the seams, to hide it, if i wanted to. Its also the teensiest bit wonky, but that doesnt bother me at all. The girls all love it, and thats whats important