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Cool doll clothes

So I found this ugly bug in a charity shop recently

He was actually in his box, so I know that he’s from one direction. What I liked about him was his clothes.

His trousers and jumper are a great fit on my action style doll, a get real girl. And I love the jumper!

Even his shoes fit her when she has her socks on. Its great, because she doesnt fit a whole lot of fashion doll stuff, her body is more athletic.

He also had this stripy top under the jumper. I decided to try it on my EAH hunter huntsman who didnt have a top. Its a little tight, not sure its his style, but I was getting a bit of a hipster vibe so I put it with dexters glasses.

Ive already sent the doll back to the charity shop. Hes of no interest to me, but I think his clothes were really nice, especially that lovely jumper. I like that because its something Id find quite tricky to make.


Strawberry dress for famosa hello kitty dolls

Just finished it

Im feeling so inspired by these dolls, so its going to be the first of many. 

I took a couple of photos of her in the room set-up Im making for them, which Ill share more photos of once its done

I am just so desparate for my sealant to arrive so I can repaint the rest of them! Definitely got to be organised and order more before I run out next time

‘Lolita’-style doll dress

So I made this last month

Gonna start off by just saying, that I do not know a lot about lolita. Ive seen photos and liked it and thats about it. I understand that there are rules about what counts as lolita, and which type etc, at least according to some people. Seen big ol’ arguments in comments section! So yeah. Im not trying to say that this dress is lolita. But, photos of lolita stuff was where I got the inspiration.

Anyway, I chose the blue scheme because of the dolls purple hair

She’s actually a hybrid doll. I found a basic, fairly modern Barbie doll with the purple hair, and switched her onto a body with knee and elbow joints. Its actually one of my favourite Barbie bodies because of the larger, flat feet. I related to those a lot as a kid! I wanted to do this cos although I like the body, a lot of the dolls that have it seem to look pretty similar terms of face and hair, so this gives me some variety. Plus, its one of the older bodies with the more exaggerrated waist, which I think works with this dress style. And, obviously, I did a repaint. Not totally happy with the eyes because I accidentally splodged the paint a bit when I did the whites of the eyes, and didnt want to take it all off and start over

The skirt has four layers, I wanted it super poofy

Theres two layers of white, which is actually one strip of fabric folded in half and sewn on. I added lace to one of the white layers. I was going to do both, but the skirt was probably big enough. The only thing Im not happy with is the sleeves. I used a stretchy lace for the lower part so that I could get them over her hands more easily, but it really hasnt held up very well

You can see theres quite a big hole there in the right forearm? The left is the same. And thats after really gentle use, I only put it on and off her maybe 3 times max for the fitting, and then once when it was done, and we got these giant holes. 

Apart from that though, Im really pleased with her!

Another strange dora the explorer

I found this doll in a charity shop. She’s a bit odd-looking, but she also looked like she might be big enough to wear some of my 18″ clothes, and I do have a bit of a thing about ugly dora dolls

When I got her home, I realised Id estimated her size wrong. She’s actually a fair bit smaller than 18″, but I think the weight is misleading, she feels heavier than Andrea.

I dont really like her face, and the sculpt would make it difficult to really change her expression. But, I do enjoy working with different sculpts, so here we go

I managed to find some stuff in my stash that sort of fits her. Its a little bit loose, and I think its supposed to be for a soft toy, because it has no fastenings. You’d be able to squish a teddys head through the neck of the t shirt, but I had to cut down the back and sew in velco so dora could get it on

Im pretty happy with how her face came out. I think it looks softer and a bit less vacant and staring. Plus, visible eyebrows tend to make a difference. She pretty much had her mouth sculpted open too, so the teeth fit really nicely. I think she looks more like a kid having fun playing around, and more in the spirit of the character at least, even if she isnt a total likeness of the cartoon. She is an odd size though, I cant really pose her with anyone else in my gang. 

A few repaints and charity shop finds

I am finally starting to make progress on the backlog of things that I want to write about, although unfortunately, I come up with more stuff all the time. Today, I just briefly want to share some work Ive done, and some rather cool finds.

First, I have the latest addition to my wierd Dora the Explorer dolls collection


Yeah, she’s kinda funky looking. I was drawn to her because her face sculpt is pretty unusual, and I thought it would be a nice challenge to make her look completely different.


Just want to point out right now that I never said pretty, just different! I actually want to redo her eyes, because Ive improved a lot since I did this one, but I am still fairly pleased with it because I feel like Ive managed to give her some character, whereas before she looked very bland.

My next repaints are part of another accidental collection, dolls from Sofia the First. I found them in home bargains, the same place as that Dora, and like her they seem to be a low-budget version of the dolls, when compared to what else is out there.


Here we have Sofia and her sister Amber. They have quite sweet faces, although again without a lot of character


And Amber has some serious wonk-eye going on. I actually think that it looks quite cute, gives her a sort of adorable lop-sided smile, but I assume it is an accident. In the TV show, Amber often has a bit of asymmetry going on, because she’s often sneering or being sarcastic, but this doesnt really look anything like that. If that is what they were going for, they failed.


When it came to Sofia, I was quite happy with my first attempt at a repaint. I kinda had a hard time with getting her mouth just right, but Im very pleased with the eyes.


Amber however, I dont know…

Her face mould is different to Sofias, with much wider eye sockets, and as I generally use those as a guide when painting the eyes, my first attempt looks a bit like an insect.


For my second attempt I tried to make the eyes smaller, but it is tricky, because my brush really wants to follow those socket lines. Also, now that Ive got the eyes to a better size and shape, her gave has gone to pot somewhat, and she’s kind of looking in two different directions. Eventually Ill try again I think, but she isnt too bad for now.

On to charity shop dolls!

They’re all from the same shop. I have no idea who this doll is, cant figure out anything about her other than that her face is hard to photograph, but I though she was cute so for 25p I just picked her up.


I first spotted this girls hand and elbow poking out, and decided to investigate, although I feared it would just be an action character like a toy wrestler or something. The combination of such good articulation for such a small figure, but the attention to clothes and feminine face and hair of a play doll, not an action figure, immediately gave me a clue about her identity. One reason, I’d say the most obvious, why a play doll would have this kind of robust articulation and hands that can hold things, is that she is designed to ride horses. The outfit kind of goes with that theory too, with those boots. It was certainly enough to take a gamble on.

As I started to undress her, I discovered little elastic straps holding her trousers inside her boots,


And her shirt is actually more of a leotard to stay tucked in, both of which suggested to me that my theory was right. When I got her completely undressed, as well as a bit of staining on her legs, I discovered that she had Breyer written on her back, too. I didnt photograph that because you’d never have been able to see it, but seeing as Breyer makes model horses, that would seem to be case closed. Ive seen dolls like this plenty of times, and I suspect that she originally came with a jacket and a riding hat. Also, probably tied back hair!


My next find was a cause of much excitement


A Bratz Big Babyz doll. She seems to be Sharidan from a line called Forever Diamondz, or Diamondz, or something like that. She’s obviously missing her shoes, and I think she should hae had a jacket, but I like her a lot


Her face is really sweet. Big Babyz are a thing of my childhood, and I never had one, so it was nice to pick her up. However, she needs renaming, because I dont like Sharidan at all. I feel like when Bratz was going through that phase of adding mountains of new characters for no clear reason, they seemed to go for the most unusual names they could. I dont mind unusual names, but when they all have unusual names, or unique spellings, it gets a bit annoying.

In the first photo of her, you may notice a certain bush-like quality to her hair. That photo is in fact taken after I washed her hair, and spent nearly two hours trying to detangle it. Its so thick that it just seems to tangle right back up again. Tying it back is definitely a good plan, but my hairstyle ability pretty much stops at plaits. Its not my fault, I have no hair to style! With her big head, thick hair, and general look, I was at a loss to come up with something for her that would look nice, and then I realised; she’s not a current doll. Bratz came out during my childhood, and so I could use that for inspiration, changing the rules somewhat


Lots of plaits hanging down all the way around. I remember pop stars doing this when I was younger, and it goes with her outfit style somewhat.

I had to clean up her face a bit too. She was a little bit dirty, and one issue that she had as a decent sized black smudge on her cheek. It did come off with nail polish remover, but now she has a spot with no blush on it. It is still more subtle than the black smudge though.

Finally, I would like to introduce you to a rather special doll. I would like to explain that my childhood Barbie dolls, whilst much beloved, are no longer with us. I have no idea what possessed me, I think I was trying to be grown up or something, but I got rid of all my old dolls in my teenage years. I think it probably took me all of a year before I found myself buying dolls anyway, and nowadays I really wish I had kept them, although they had sustained significant wear and tear that is the sort of thing that’d put me off buying them now if I saw them. Still, I missed them, and one of my favourites was my Workin’ Out Barbie doll. She had a neon pink outfit, tape player for her and matching tape for me, a water bottle, and some articulation that was incredible at the time. Ok, so its not a big deal any more, but she had hinge joints in her elbows and knees, a ball joint in her waist, and she could do side splits, which was a fairly novel thing to do. Modern Barbie Style dolls could out-pose her in a flash, but it was a big deal. The other thing about that doll was that because she was exercising, and stood up and stuff, she had flat feet which were noticeably larger than usual. As a child with big, wide feet that made shoe-shopping difficult, that was a trait I could totally identify with. Like me, she couldnt fit into any of her friends pretty shoes, and instead had to stick to her own somewhat clunkier, less elegant ones. I got so much play out of her, and now she’s gone. However…..


I found a doll with the same body style!


And that face, with the blue eyelashes, and the soft, poofy hair, the fringe that went wild and wouldnt be tamed, the hourglass shape. Talk about nostalgia! She isnt the exact same doll, but she is defibitely a 90’s girl. Sure enough, her back says 1993. I actually cant seem to figure out who she is. I know the year she was made, but I dont really have any other clue, since she came with no clothes or accessories. Her earrings are white (my dols were pink), and Im reasonably confident that they’re original because I remember them being difficult to get in and out. Dolls with this body time were often active characters, like horse riders or gymnasts, but U cant find a single doll like that with white earrings and the same face paint. I feel like somewhere in the world of the internet there’s a list of all Barbie releases by year, which would be super helpful, but I cant seem to find it. If anyone reads this who recognises her, I would love to hear any suggestions.

Im now hapily engrossed in sewing her a new wardrobe, since she cant share with my modern Barbies. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of those dolls that gets far too spoiled in terms of clothes. I wan to sew for her so much, because she just makes me so happy!

Doll head swaps time!

This is a super, super late post. Bad Felix! Ive made posts about more recent stuff, whilst these photos have been sitting on my laptop for a good month Id guess. Uni and work has just really hotted up, and Ive found it easier to write about the more recent things, on the few times I have managed to write.

So, some time ago, I went on a little adventure a bit further afield than I do regularly, to get to a toysrus. I like to go for a good look around, but I do need at least half a day free to manage it. In a way thats a good thing though, because it makes it more exciting. I could go to my local toy shops less often, and make a treat of that, but then I might miss stuff, particularly with TKMaxx. On this occasion, I found a bunch of individual Barbie outfits, and two fashionistas dolls that were on offer.


I went a bit nuts with the outfits. A lot of Barbie stuff is dresses, which look nice, but you cant mix them up so much. Individual pairs of trousers and things like that are a huge bonus to my doll wardrobe. Although I do have quite a lot of doll clothes, I think that a good two thirds of the bulk is made up of princess dresses, which arent super versatile.

I would only ever buy the Barbie fashionistas dolls when they are on offer. They can go for as much as £25, and I only use their bodies, to put my Ever After High doll heads on. This was like a two for one, or for half price or something offer, and I did have two dolls in mind. A few months back now I bought the disney store Merida doll, who Ive wanted for ages, but I think we all know what the disney store bodies can be like. This was one of the ones with pretty much the least articulation, but even the ones with more articulation are pretty flimsy, so I had my eye out for a good body for her. I’d also been eyeing up one of the newer Ever After High dolls, Rosabella Beauty. I really liked her look, and it was pretty distinct from the dolls I had already.


Id been waiting to pick her up until I could find a new body for her though, because not only do I not like the EAH body much, but Ive rebodied all my others onto articulated Barbies, so she wouldnt fit in otherwise.


These are the fashionistas I got. Barbie usually matches EAH ok for skin tone, except Raven and Apple being a bit pale, and Cedar Wood is a bit dark. Rosabella looked pretty standard, so I thought that should work. I took a gamble on Midge and Merida, given they’re both red heads. This was the only was I would ever have bought that Midge doll, because I really dont like her face at all


And, just as a side note, look at what they did to the back of her head!


There really isnt any way that that was necessary. Five plastic ties.


Still, the skin tone match looks pretty good. The contrast makes Midge look even less appealing though. Meridas face is just so sweet and charming. Although it is obviously different, I do think her face shape is similar to my EAH dolls, and I think she’ll fit in just fine living with them in their room (which I still havent finished).


I love Rosabellas glasses. I did nearly buy Ginger Breadhouse, with her glasses, but I wasnt totally sold, and once Id seen Rosabella I was glad I hadnt


The glasses wont sit totally straight on her face, but even so, she is just amazing. I cant put my finger on it. I have the same love for her that I had when I got my first dolls, and was totally enchanted by their different look. My fist EAH was Maddie Hatter, with her really quirky look, and I followed her up with Cerise and Raven, as well as Dexter, my one boy. Cerise, Raven and Maddie all look very different, they have a different face sculpt, hair texture, everything. Rosabella is different again, she will stand out with the others. Even though I love these dolls I dont want them all, I think they start to blur into one a bit.

DSCN9443 DSCN9444

Here they are immediately post body swap. I wanted to have a mess around with the outfits, and I decided to restyle my other three EAH girls. Dexter doesnt get anything new to wear because I dont have anything else for him.


This is how I had them before. I knew exactly what I wanted their style to be, but I wasnt quite happy with these versions. Im much happier with what Ive got them in now.

DSCN9467 DSCN9468

Heres Maddie. I want her to keep with her fairly eclectic, bright coloured look, which she’s had from the start. Stuff like leg warmers, and the flower watch, seem like the really random things Maddie might shove on. I also gave her a bow in her hair, which is actually a collar from a LaDeeDa, because Maddie always needs to have something on her head, being the mad hatters daughter. I dont think a hat would have really worked with the rest of the outfit, and anyway, I dont have vast quantities of doll hats!

Heres Raven


Shes got the fashionista jacket and top, and a tutu skirt from the individual fashions. I also gave her a bit of flowers for her hair. I think this outfit looks a bit more scary, I guess than her old one. I know Raven isnt actually evil, but she can be scary at times. Its a bit like the descendants Mal dolls look. Not evil, but you dont want to mess with her either.


Ive kept Cerise in the cloak she had on before. Its not hers originally, its from a Bratzilla, but I think its a nice take on the red cloak, without the hood getting in the way of her gorgeous hair. The rest of her outfit is in the same style as before, sporty and easy to move in, very casual. Cerise wouldnt wear something sas fancy and fussy as the other girls.


Rosabella is also a bit more casual than Maddie and Raven. Ive kept her hair exactly as it was, because it was gorgeous, and put her in patterned jeans, but her top and shoes are a bit fancier. And she gets a puppy, because she loves animals. Thats a big part of who she is. Likewise, the animal print on the top. And flowers on the trousers are a bit of a reference to the roses from the beauty and the beast story too.


Finally Merida, also in jeans. She looks so cute in her new outfit, and she can pose better now. Its a pretty good outfit for running through the forest, and riding horses and what have you.


And here they all are relaxing in their almost finished room.

First post!

So Ive decided to start a doll blog. Share my customisations and the things I make, all that malarkey. I dont know how consistent Ill be with posting, but when Im too busy to post I probably wont have time to do anything worth posting about anyway, so I dont suppose it matters 🙂

Currently I have a very sporadic collection, based more on what catches my eye than a particular brand, and I suspect thats how it will stay. Right now I have a lot of disney princesses, La Dee Da, Steffi, Jolina, Barbies sisters (but no Barbie), Ever After High and Monster High (but not on their original bodies), one lone Bratzilla, and a few other random bits.

I make dolls clothes, Im getting into making furniture and things like that, and. Im trying to learn how to do repaints too. Heres a few of what Ive got so far

My part-finished Juicy Crush Cyanne custom
My part-finished Juicy Crush Cyanne custom
Maddie on a Barbie body, in a new outfit
Maddie on a Barbie body, in a new outfit
Juicy Crush Tylie in one of her new outfits
Juicy Crush Tylie in one of her new outfits