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Dolly Holiday part 2

So here is the second part of my photos of Cassie. Her other main trip out where I took photos was at an old castle with a very fancy garden


It was quite a hot day, and we were all pretty tired, so the day went at a pretty slow pace overall



Mostly we looked at the plants, rather than the castle, since my mum has a particular interest in them




Since it was a fancy garden, instead of the woods, Cassie had to be more respectful and not just climb on everything, but she wasnt exactly dressed for it anyway. And she did make an exception for the pumpkin/gourd thingy, since it looked sturdy enough (I dont speak plant)





It was a nice day out, although much calmer. The only other place she went out for photos was on the beach. Cassie was pretty excited for that, since we found a deckchair she could use


Here she is testing it in my kitchen/ the half of my bedroom with tiles (studio flat)


However, I meant to make a new seat for the deckchair, which would have been pretty easy, just a fabric strip, and I didnt manage to finish it. The reason I wanted to was because the deckchair is actually a phone holder given out as a promotional item for a company, and as such has their logo on the current seat. I didnt really want to display their logo on my blog, thereby associating it with me, and I doubt that the PR team of that company would be thrilled either.


So, I didnt end up getting any good beach photos of her sitting in it in the end. I was just too busy having a fun holiday to sew


The other fun feature of my holiday was that Cassie did get to make a whole lot of new friends!


My parents like car boot sales and charity shops, which is totally fine by me. I found a couple of bags of doll clothes as well as the dolls, and so I was able to put clothes of some form onto everybody, even if it didnt exactly all fit. Everyone looked cute though 🙂



Hasbro Princess/Barbie body swap

When I first posted about Hasbros version of Merida, I did mention that I would have liked her to have better articulation, and that I was considering getting her a new body. I quite fancied the Made to Move Barbie, but when I was thinking about it, I couldnt find anyone else who’d already tried it. Ive seen a lot of people putting various heads on the made to move body, from other Barbie faces to Pullip dolls. They’d all been successful, but I couldnt find anyone who’d taken off a Hasbro head at all, so I really didnt know what I was likely to find. I was actually pretty surprised not to be able to find anything. I remember, when Gooliope Jellington became available, repaints and customisations were appearing online very rapidly. I suppose there was a bit more excitement about her though. DSCN9796.JPG

I picked the asian made to move for Meridas new body. The skin match isnt perfect, Merida has more of a pink tone, but its the best I could do. Im hoping Mattel is going to do more made to move skin tones, I have heard rumours that they will. They’d be daft not to, because I suspect that more of their sales than usual are coming from customisers for these dolls. I intended to try and put the made to move head onto Meridas body, too, to see how it looked. From now on, Ill call made to move Lea. She isnt named on her box, but she is using the Lea face sculpt, and I do need to call her something.


Here are the neck pegs. Lea, on the left, has the usual peg that Barbie always has in my experience, but Meridas peg is a bit different. When I put the Lea head on it, because the peg is so short, it bobbled quite a lot, but Ive found that if I build up the peg with hot glue, it helps a lot. There is still a little bit of a bobble, but Merida had that in the first place, so Im fine with it. I can position her head, and it does stay, it just falls out of position a bit more easily. When I got Meridas head off, I found that the neck socket narrowed significantly, and I couldnt put her onto Leas body. I would have taken a photo to try and show you, but based on my past attempts to show you details and things, I didnt see a point in even trying. It’d just come out super blurry, and I dont have any idea of how to improve it. Anyway, I ended up taking a pair of scissors, and using one blade to carve out a wider hole. It did work, but I feel pretty anxious about how thats gonna turn out in the long term. The kind of plastic that her head is, if you get a split in it it can just spread along every time it gets pulled on. Im going to treat her head pretty gently.


Heres Merida. She’s mostly wearing Barbie clothes, but the vest actually belongs to Dexter Charming, and the scarf is Lori by OG. I actually store all of my different doll clothes together, rather than separated by doll type, because I tend to have a lot of fun when I mix it up a bit, and I get some very nice results. My Gooliope Jellington is currently wearing the giant Bratz Cloes skirt, and a Ken shirt. Its a nice casual look.


I brushed out her curls, too. I bought a second Merida for the rebodying, because I liked the original, and I didnt want to change her at all. This Merida I was free to do what I liked with, so I did brush her hair, and as I expected it turned into a hugely frizzy mess. Needs to be tied back, certainly.


And here she is with Lea. I love how she looks on this body, I think that the proportions are very nice.


I think she looks better than Hasbros Mulan with my Disney store Mulan. The head sizes are closer, and so she could be a little sister, or a daughter. So cute!


A final bonus, I had a moment of inspiration and tried a Bratzillaz dress on her, and its a great fit! So thats a new option for dressing the Hasbro girls

A few repaints and charity shop finds

I am finally starting to make progress on the backlog of things that I want to write about, although unfortunately, I come up with more stuff all the time. Today, I just briefly want to share some work Ive done, and some rather cool finds.

First, I have the latest addition to my wierd Dora the Explorer dolls collection


Yeah, she’s kinda funky looking. I was drawn to her because her face sculpt is pretty unusual, and I thought it would be a nice challenge to make her look completely different.


Just want to point out right now that I never said pretty, just different! I actually want to redo her eyes, because Ive improved a lot since I did this one, but I am still fairly pleased with it because I feel like Ive managed to give her some character, whereas before she looked very bland.

My next repaints are part of another accidental collection, dolls from Sofia the First. I found them in home bargains, the same place as that Dora, and like her they seem to be a low-budget version of the dolls, when compared to what else is out there.


Here we have Sofia and her sister Amber. They have quite sweet faces, although again without a lot of character


And Amber has some serious wonk-eye going on. I actually think that it looks quite cute, gives her a sort of adorable lop-sided smile, but I assume it is an accident. In the TV show, Amber often has a bit of asymmetry going on, because she’s often sneering or being sarcastic, but this doesnt really look anything like that. If that is what they were going for, they failed.


When it came to Sofia, I was quite happy with my first attempt at a repaint. I kinda had a hard time with getting her mouth just right, but Im very pleased with the eyes.


Amber however, I dont know…

Her face mould is different to Sofias, with much wider eye sockets, and as I generally use those as a guide when painting the eyes, my first attempt looks a bit like an insect.


For my second attempt I tried to make the eyes smaller, but it is tricky, because my brush really wants to follow those socket lines. Also, now that Ive got the eyes to a better size and shape, her gave has gone to pot somewhat, and she’s kind of looking in two different directions. Eventually Ill try again I think, but she isnt too bad for now.

On to charity shop dolls!

They’re all from the same shop. I have no idea who this doll is, cant figure out anything about her other than that her face is hard to photograph, but I though she was cute so for 25p I just picked her up.


I first spotted this girls hand and elbow poking out, and decided to investigate, although I feared it would just be an action character like a toy wrestler or something. The combination of such good articulation for such a small figure, but the attention to clothes and feminine face and hair of a play doll, not an action figure, immediately gave me a clue about her identity. One reason, I’d say the most obvious, why a play doll would have this kind of robust articulation and hands that can hold things, is that she is designed to ride horses. The outfit kind of goes with that theory too, with those boots. It was certainly enough to take a gamble on.

As I started to undress her, I discovered little elastic straps holding her trousers inside her boots,


And her shirt is actually more of a leotard to stay tucked in, both of which suggested to me that my theory was right. When I got her completely undressed, as well as a bit of staining on her legs, I discovered that she had Breyer written on her back, too. I didnt photograph that because you’d never have been able to see it, but seeing as Breyer makes model horses, that would seem to be case closed. Ive seen dolls like this plenty of times, and I suspect that she originally came with a jacket and a riding hat. Also, probably tied back hair!


My next find was a cause of much excitement


A Bratz Big Babyz doll. She seems to be Sharidan from a line called Forever Diamondz, or Diamondz, or something like that. She’s obviously missing her shoes, and I think she should hae had a jacket, but I like her a lot


Her face is really sweet. Big Babyz are a thing of my childhood, and I never had one, so it was nice to pick her up. However, she needs renaming, because I dont like Sharidan at all. I feel like when Bratz was going through that phase of adding mountains of new characters for no clear reason, they seemed to go for the most unusual names they could. I dont mind unusual names, but when they all have unusual names, or unique spellings, it gets a bit annoying.

In the first photo of her, you may notice a certain bush-like quality to her hair. That photo is in fact taken after I washed her hair, and spent nearly two hours trying to detangle it. Its so thick that it just seems to tangle right back up again. Tying it back is definitely a good plan, but my hairstyle ability pretty much stops at plaits. Its not my fault, I have no hair to style! With her big head, thick hair, and general look, I was at a loss to come up with something for her that would look nice, and then I realised; she’s not a current doll. Bratz came out during my childhood, and so I could use that for inspiration, changing the rules somewhat


Lots of plaits hanging down all the way around. I remember pop stars doing this when I was younger, and it goes with her outfit style somewhat.

I had to clean up her face a bit too. She was a little bit dirty, and one issue that she had as a decent sized black smudge on her cheek. It did come off with nail polish remover, but now she has a spot with no blush on it. It is still more subtle than the black smudge though.

Finally, I would like to introduce you to a rather special doll. I would like to explain that my childhood Barbie dolls, whilst much beloved, are no longer with us. I have no idea what possessed me, I think I was trying to be grown up or something, but I got rid of all my old dolls in my teenage years. I think it probably took me all of a year before I found myself buying dolls anyway, and nowadays I really wish I had kept them, although they had sustained significant wear and tear that is the sort of thing that’d put me off buying them now if I saw them. Still, I missed them, and one of my favourites was my Workin’ Out Barbie doll. She had a neon pink outfit, tape player for her and matching tape for me, a water bottle, and some articulation that was incredible at the time. Ok, so its not a big deal any more, but she had hinge joints in her elbows and knees, a ball joint in her waist, and she could do side splits, which was a fairly novel thing to do. Modern Barbie Style dolls could out-pose her in a flash, but it was a big deal. The other thing about that doll was that because she was exercising, and stood up and stuff, she had flat feet which were noticeably larger than usual. As a child with big, wide feet that made shoe-shopping difficult, that was a trait I could totally identify with. Like me, she couldnt fit into any of her friends pretty shoes, and instead had to stick to her own somewhat clunkier, less elegant ones. I got so much play out of her, and now she’s gone. However…..


I found a doll with the same body style!


And that face, with the blue eyelashes, and the soft, poofy hair, the fringe that went wild and wouldnt be tamed, the hourglass shape. Talk about nostalgia! She isnt the exact same doll, but she is defibitely a 90’s girl. Sure enough, her back says 1993. I actually cant seem to figure out who she is. I know the year she was made, but I dont really have any other clue, since she came with no clothes or accessories. Her earrings are white (my dols were pink), and Im reasonably confident that they’re original because I remember them being difficult to get in and out. Dolls with this body time were often active characters, like horse riders or gymnasts, but U cant find a single doll like that with white earrings and the same face paint. I feel like somewhere in the world of the internet there’s a list of all Barbie releases by year, which would be super helpful, but I cant seem to find it. If anyone reads this who recognises her, I would love to hear any suggestions.

Im now hapily engrossed in sewing her a new wardrobe, since she cant share with my modern Barbies. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of those dolls that gets far too spoiled in terms of clothes. I wan to sew for her so much, because she just makes me so happy!

Barbie House repaint

Going a little while back, I picked up a Barbie winter house-type set at TKMaxx. I just thought that it would be a fun little scenery backdrop, for various dolls, and it certainly is.


The scale works well for quite a range of dolls; Novi stars are quite a bot shorter than monster high, but it does still work for both.


It comes with a cute little table with plates and stuff, and theres this relatively new system for Barbie where there are little slots to put them in so they dont fall off too easily.


I like the little sofa, and theres a bit of a kitchenette area, its like a little holiday cabin or something, but it also very pink. Typical for Barbie, but not very versatile or realistic, and certainly doesnt work for monster high (and yes, I now have some monster high dolls.We’ll discuss that another time)


All I did was make everything a more realistic colour. I tried not to do anything too ambitious, because I honestly didnt want to ruin it, its a nice house.


I love how it looks now, Im definitely going to use it again and again for photographing my dolls. Adding more wood colours makes it look more rustic, which I think fits with the overall shape of it all.

Just wanted to share!

Doll head swaps time!

This is a super, super late post. Bad Felix! Ive made posts about more recent stuff, whilst these photos have been sitting on my laptop for a good month Id guess. Uni and work has just really hotted up, and Ive found it easier to write about the more recent things, on the few times I have managed to write.

So, some time ago, I went on a little adventure a bit further afield than I do regularly, to get to a toysrus. I like to go for a good look around, but I do need at least half a day free to manage it. In a way thats a good thing though, because it makes it more exciting. I could go to my local toy shops less often, and make a treat of that, but then I might miss stuff, particularly with TKMaxx. On this occasion, I found a bunch of individual Barbie outfits, and two fashionistas dolls that were on offer.


I went a bit nuts with the outfits. A lot of Barbie stuff is dresses, which look nice, but you cant mix them up so much. Individual pairs of trousers and things like that are a huge bonus to my doll wardrobe. Although I do have quite a lot of doll clothes, I think that a good two thirds of the bulk is made up of princess dresses, which arent super versatile.

I would only ever buy the Barbie fashionistas dolls when they are on offer. They can go for as much as £25, and I only use their bodies, to put my Ever After High doll heads on. This was like a two for one, or for half price or something offer, and I did have two dolls in mind. A few months back now I bought the disney store Merida doll, who Ive wanted for ages, but I think we all know what the disney store bodies can be like. This was one of the ones with pretty much the least articulation, but even the ones with more articulation are pretty flimsy, so I had my eye out for a good body for her. I’d also been eyeing up one of the newer Ever After High dolls, Rosabella Beauty. I really liked her look, and it was pretty distinct from the dolls I had already.


Id been waiting to pick her up until I could find a new body for her though, because not only do I not like the EAH body much, but Ive rebodied all my others onto articulated Barbies, so she wouldnt fit in otherwise.


These are the fashionistas I got. Barbie usually matches EAH ok for skin tone, except Raven and Apple being a bit pale, and Cedar Wood is a bit dark. Rosabella looked pretty standard, so I thought that should work. I took a gamble on Midge and Merida, given they’re both red heads. This was the only was I would ever have bought that Midge doll, because I really dont like her face at all


And, just as a side note, look at what they did to the back of her head!


There really isnt any way that that was necessary. Five plastic ties.


Still, the skin tone match looks pretty good. The contrast makes Midge look even less appealing though. Meridas face is just so sweet and charming. Although it is obviously different, I do think her face shape is similar to my EAH dolls, and I think she’ll fit in just fine living with them in their room (which I still havent finished).


I love Rosabellas glasses. I did nearly buy Ginger Breadhouse, with her glasses, but I wasnt totally sold, and once Id seen Rosabella I was glad I hadnt


The glasses wont sit totally straight on her face, but even so, she is just amazing. I cant put my finger on it. I have the same love for her that I had when I got my first dolls, and was totally enchanted by their different look. My fist EAH was Maddie Hatter, with her really quirky look, and I followed her up with Cerise and Raven, as well as Dexter, my one boy. Cerise, Raven and Maddie all look very different, they have a different face sculpt, hair texture, everything. Rosabella is different again, she will stand out with the others. Even though I love these dolls I dont want them all, I think they start to blur into one a bit.

DSCN9443 DSCN9444

Here they are immediately post body swap. I wanted to have a mess around with the outfits, and I decided to restyle my other three EAH girls. Dexter doesnt get anything new to wear because I dont have anything else for him.


This is how I had them before. I knew exactly what I wanted their style to be, but I wasnt quite happy with these versions. Im much happier with what Ive got them in now.

DSCN9467 DSCN9468

Heres Maddie. I want her to keep with her fairly eclectic, bright coloured look, which she’s had from the start. Stuff like leg warmers, and the flower watch, seem like the really random things Maddie might shove on. I also gave her a bow in her hair, which is actually a collar from a LaDeeDa, because Maddie always needs to have something on her head, being the mad hatters daughter. I dont think a hat would have really worked with the rest of the outfit, and anyway, I dont have vast quantities of doll hats!

Heres Raven


Shes got the fashionista jacket and top, and a tutu skirt from the individual fashions. I also gave her a bit of flowers for her hair. I think this outfit looks a bit more scary, I guess than her old one. I know Raven isnt actually evil, but she can be scary at times. Its a bit like the descendants Mal dolls look. Not evil, but you dont want to mess with her either.


Ive kept Cerise in the cloak she had on before. Its not hers originally, its from a Bratzilla, but I think its a nice take on the red cloak, without the hood getting in the way of her gorgeous hair. The rest of her outfit is in the same style as before, sporty and easy to move in, very casual. Cerise wouldnt wear something sas fancy and fussy as the other girls.


Rosabella is also a bit more casual than Maddie and Raven. Ive kept her hair exactly as it was, because it was gorgeous, and put her in patterned jeans, but her top and shoes are a bit fancier. And she gets a puppy, because she loves animals. Thats a big part of who she is. Likewise, the animal print on the top. And flowers on the trousers are a bit of a reference to the roses from the beauty and the beast story too.


Finally Merida, also in jeans. She looks so cute in her new outfit, and she can pose better now. Its a pretty good outfit for running through the forest, and riding horses and what have you.


And here they all are relaxing in their almost finished room.

Skipper doll with (marginally) better articulation

Barbie dolls aren’t really my main thing. Although Ive borrowed bodies for my Ever After High gang, I don’t have an actual Barbie doll proper right now. I do, however, have a bit of a soft spot for her sisters. Mainly Skipper and Stacey, I find Chelsea to be a bit small to do much with. I had two excellent Stacey dolls growing up, one that rode a skateboard, and incidentally had some of the best articulation of any of my dolls at the time, and the other one could throw a bowling ball. At the age I was then, I got a lot of enjoyment out of toys with some mechanical function like that. As I got older and my play changed I started to find the ball-throwing arm a bit limiting to other things, but I still loved the look of them both. I broke the skateboarder eventually, and without a friend her own size the second one left with the others when I decided I was too old for dolls. I think she was one of the dolls that helped me develop a passion for well-articulated dolls. I had one Barbie who was meant to do aerobics, and came with a tape and headphones for her and a tape for me, who had waist, elbow and knee articulation, as well as unusually large feet which I adored.

I think the best doll however was a ballerina Barbie, who had ankle and wrist articulation too. I loved her so much that even after her head came off and had to be glued back on with no movement and a visible crack in the neck, she was still the main character in most of my games thanks to her unusual gracefulness.

Currently, I have one each of Barbies younger sisters, who have turned up on this blog in my family portrait. I only really have Chelsea because she came in a set with Skipper, as often seems to happen. Stacey came in a set alone, with a large accessory, so I payed more for her than I would have liked, but again, that is how she often does seem to come. I wish Stacey and Skipper came together more often, but its actually pretty irrelevant, because Id not buy multiple versions of them anyway, unless they looked significantly different, and at the moment all the one they put out look alike in a lot of ways. Fashion packs for them would be nice, and I would buy some of those, at least. Really I think I spend so little money on Barbie products of any kind, my opinion in the matter isn’t really valid anyway.

The point of this rambling? I did buy another Skipper! And another Chelsea, since those two always seem to get paired together.


She has full arm articulation! Its a pretty lame set otherwise, if you ask me, its not exactly versatile. The only play option it seems designed for is recreating one specific episode of Dreamhouse. All the other sets advertised on the back were bits from the same episode, or loosely based around it, by the look of things. It didnt matter with some of the others, because they could be a more adaptable beach game, but I don’t know what else Id do with hula dancers. For only around £10 though, I was willing to pay to get the actual doll, and redress her in my existing Skippers stuff. I figured Id do a brief one over of the two sets. My original Skipper and Chelsea set was supposed to be at the fairground, and again featured the two dolls in themed outfits with an accessory or two, but the outfits could be for any occasion really, which I like better. Ill start with Chelsea, since Im not very interested in her generally


This is what I mean about the outfit. Where else could she be wearing a grass skirt and coconut bra? Also, small child in a bra! I know its over a swimming costume, but Im still not mad keen on it. Outfits aside, I planned on picking the doll I liked best, dressing her in the nicer outfit, and giving my second favourite to a friend who wants to have a go at repaints. So, we got them undressed, for a fairer playing field


So, the body is very similar. I like original Chelsea’s (on the right here) hair better, new Chelsea’s yellow tint isn’t as nice, and her face appears to have makeup on it- again, small child, no need for it! So, original Chelsea gets to stay. The new Chelsea did have one interesting difference to her arm articulation, though I had a hard time photographing it


My camera wasn’t focussing well on her arm, but you can see a white dot in the middle of her shoulder joint, which is a metal pin, giving her arms the ability to move out to the sides, as well as just backwards and forwards. The one nice thing about her, is that this lets her strike pretty endearing poses with her arms closer together


But, those pins aren’t too pretty, and the rest of her really isn’t as attractive to me, so off she goes. I already knew I wanted to keep better articulated Skipper, because she doesn’t have as much difference in the rest of appearance, but I figured Id cover them both anyway, mainly because it strikes me as quite odd how very, very similar all the recent Skipper releases seem to be. I think they’re focussing on making Skipper, Stacey and Chelsea pretty much exclusively as portrayed in Dreamhouse and Barbie films, but when Barbie doesn’t have this restriction, and can also just have furniture sets she comes with or be a basic doll, or whatever else, I think it makes the others look limited, and less exciting. Id have found it frustrating as a child not having dolls to be friends to these dolls in the same size, for outfit sharing. Chelsea has them, though Ive seen some recently with painted on outfits which would stop sharing anyway. I remember I lost a lot of interest in my bowling Stacey when she ended up being a different size to every single other doll I owned once her skateboarding friend was gone.

Anyway, here they are


Apart from the outfit and arms, they pretty much look the same from any distance. If you’re close enough you can see that their fringes sweep in different directions, but that’s it.


Up close their faces aren’t quite identical, but its close enough that the differences could probably pass for factory variation, instead of intention. The lips are slightly different shades of pink I think.


Lower bodies, absolutely identical as far as I can tell. Id hoped that the articulation improvement might extend to the knees, since I wasn’t sure when they were covered up in the packaging, but theres no difference.


Of course, the big difference are the arms. That was the whole point, and theres not a whole lot else to say about it. The joints aren’t very good, they feel quite flimsy, and she only holds some poses, but I don’t really have the interest level to mind. I just don’t think that Skipper or Stacey have been worth much attention to me for a long time. Im sure some people like them as they are now, but Im so underwhelmed that Ill take this articulation and be grateful, even though I know Mattel has done much better jobs with Barbie dolls, now and in the past. Honestly, bigger dolls are more my thing anyway. I just retain this childhood fondness for Barbies younger sisters. I liked Barbie, but she was so far from relatable for me.

Any articulation is fun anyway, so overall Im happy.

Maggies Closet Review

Never heard of that toy before? Im guessing you wont be the only one! The story behind this purchase is very much one of random chance. I first saw the set sitting on a shelf in smyths at some point over the summer

There was just the one, and it looked to already be discounted, but I felt pretty meh about it. Id just discovered that shop, and it sold a whole bunch of dolls i hadnt been seeing in my other regular shops, so that one didnt stand out much. It was still on that shelf for a few months, and at some point i picked it up to take a look at the back, and saw what was included

Then i figured it might be kinda cool for my smaller dolls, at that point I had Chelsea, Evi (steffis little sister) and my two ty lil ones, but i still didnt think it was really worth what Id be paying, to me. It actually seemed like a good value toy for a small child, but given that I wasnt sure if it would fit anybody, it could be a complete waste of time.
Then, on one of my recent trips to smyths, nosing through the sales, I had a look in the discount bin and saw that box, super discounted, amd thought well why not. It was really cheap by that point, and I felt like the fun value Id get from messing with it for a bit would be worth it even if nothing fitted anyone.
First off, when. I opened it this is what I got

I think this is slightly more stuff than was shown on the back of the box, Im not sure if thats a mistake or if the picture was never meant to show everything. Im not going to bother with a picture of the doll because she is pretty boring. Just wood, with string limbs, like you get in childrens doll houses. Plus, I opened the box and brought her out while I was out with friends, and a particularly artistic, talented friend drew all over her. She looked awesome, but then the ink didnt dry properly, so now she just looks smudgy :/
Anyway, on with the trying on fest! My first guinea pigs were Chelsea, Jade from a princess Sofia set, and ty lil ones Sally. Thats not the name she came with, but I renamed her that. I think she came as Sydney, but Ive also seen her as Sophie I think.

I had a feeling everything would be too big for Sally, but I brought her in so we could establish a cut off point

Yeah, that skirt is never going to stay up, and she’s pretty much drowning in the top. Hats cute though. I tried the trousers on her too

Theres enough of them that she could wear them without a top on, and be totally covered up!
So next in line was Chelsea. Shes taller, and also thicker, but proportionally I think shes a bit thinner relative to her height

I think this would work in the dressing up box, though its not a regular outfit, and I cant get the hat to stay on her head. Because the elastic is quite strong it has to be pulled so far down it covers half her face, or else it pings off again.

One of the tops has a flower design that reminds me more of a jumper for some reaons, so I wondered if that might look a bit better being so loose. It kind of does, I could see her wearing that, though it’d have to be with some trousers of her own that fit. Those dont look right at all.
So Jade has a smaller, and much skinnier body that Chelsea, so I didnt hold out much hope. But her head is quite a bit bigger and I wondered what that would do to how it looked proportinally

Apparently, make it much worse! So the little dolls might get some limited use out of the set, but not a whole lot. Time to go up a size, and bring in Stacey and Skipper

They thought the hats were fun, though Skippers was too small. But Staceys sat much better on her head than it had on Chelsea. Overall, the clothes kinda fit Stacey

The skirt is a bit short, and the sleeve length is only sort of working, but shes wearing them, not swimming in them. The set had some little pinafore things, which overall I thought were stupid because they need a shirt under them, and with the coulors everything is there isnt a shirt that will look good under either of them.

Because Stacey is a lot taller than Maggie, she can carefully wear the pinafore as a summer top, and just about get away with nothing underneath. Her favourite item was the rucksack

It opens with a velcro closure, and the scale is spot on. I wasnt sure how this stuff would fit Skipper. Shes nearly as slim as Stacey, so I wondered if stuff might work as cropped tops

Alas, puberty has foiled that one. And the skirt is definitely too short for her!
My last idea was La Dee Da. Their bodies are so tiny and out of proportin I find it quite difficult to predict what they might be able to wear. I was very surprised to discover how good Tylie looks in EAH clothes, for instance, with the only real fit issue being the tights.


I think she looks kinda cute in this stuff. Being less realistic right fome the start helps I think because if the fit is a little strange that isnt going to stand out next to the fact that her eyeballs are bigger than her hand 🙂
I dont know about her wearing an ensemble made of just these clothes, but I think mixing them in with better futting outfits frim other sources will work out quite well

That was a whole lot of fun! It wasnt a great success in terms of usefulnes, but I think that complaining about something not being useful is pretty ironic from the point of view of spending my money on childrens toys for my own amusement 🙂
I do like the box. It has a magnetic close, so Ill probably repurpose it to some sort of cupboard for somebody