I made a sofa!

Damn, that photo came out fuzzier than i expected. Anyway, I made it. My mum gave me some scraps of foam, because she’s been reupholstering some real-sized furniture, so I made this.

Heres my foam rectangles laid out; a back, two arms, and two seat pieces. That makes the seat high enough, and I wanted to have it fold out.

I scaled it to my famosa hello kitty dolls, because Im feeling very inspired by them right now. 

I kind of rounded off the arms and back, but only roughly, because I figured it wouldnt show once they were covered. Then I made each piece a little pouch out of my fabric (its a scarf, by the way. I thought the texture worked quite well), basically just by wrapping them in it, tacking it on, then taking it off and running the sewing machine over the tacks. Once each piece was encased, I just stitched them together at the edges. Ive no photos of those bits because I was taking it about with me and doing bits of sewing whilst I was out, which isnt ideal for photos

So, it works as a sofa

Then folds out into a little bed (also, I made the bedding)

When its folded out, its just long enough for her to lie flat. Obviously, a bigger doll isnt going to fit on it like this, but I think they can get away with using it folded up

Gigi looks pretty natural on it, I think. The proportions arent perfect, but I honestly think they’re better than some Ive seen on factory-made stuff, and overall Im really happy with it. Its a lot more robust than what could make using cardboard, cos if you step on it, it’ll just bounce back. It could probably even survive a gentle trip through the washing machine if it really had to. I want to make some more, though Ive only got so much leftover foam. Id be tempted to make one for an 18″ though, and Id need to buy new for that. Maybe one day 🙂

Hello Kitty Club dolls by Famosa

Once again, TKMaxx has proven a goldmine!

I picked this little cutie up a couple of weeks ago. At the time I didnt know anything about her except that she was cute, and Id just got payed after being kinda broke and not able to buy dolls for a bit. That photo is rubbish, even by my standards, because i quickly snapped it on the pavement before ripping into the box. I was on my way somewhere else, and the packaging was super bulky, compared to the contents. I took a quick photo reminder, got rid of all the excess packaging, and then she fitted into my bag nicely. 

She’s cute, if a tad cross-eyed. But then, whilst unboxing her, I discovered her articulation. Its fabulous! I didnt expect anything from such a small doll, and you couldnt see it in the packaging, but she has double knees, and elbows

Girl can touch her face! It was love, and I promptly got on with the repaint I was now certain she needed

Im really pleased with it. I think it suits her really cute look much better

And she poses so nicely! I immediately want to make her a bedroom, with lots of pink and frills 🙂

I wanted more of these dolls, so I went online. The shipping was kinda ridiculous, as well as the range being super limited, but I had the inspiration to look on amazon.es. id looked on the uk amazon with no luck, but not only were there loads on the spanish version, but they were relatively cheap, and I think the shipping was too. I say I think because my spanish is quite rusty. So I interpreted it as that the shipping for quite a few dolls was like €6. Hopefully Ive not goofed and spent way more than I thought! 

Now I can put a direct face comparison. Some faces were better than others. This was one of the better ones, and this

Was definitely the worst. Yes, her irises are that light in real life, and both her lipstick colour and placement really stand out as being particularly bad. Her dress is no great shakes either. Quite a few of the dresses were a bit odd, but thats fine, because I have sewing plans for them. Repainting plans too, though those will have to wait cos Im out of sealant. Im smitten though, these little guys really inspire me to create for some reason

Another strange dora the explorer

I found this doll in a charity shop. She’s a bit odd-looking, but she also looked like she might be big enough to wear some of my 18″ clothes, and I do have a bit of a thing about ugly dora dolls

When I got her home, I realised Id estimated her size wrong. She’s actually a fair bit smaller than 18″, but I think the weight is misleading, she feels heavier than Andrea.

I dont really like her face, and the sculpt would make it difficult to really change her expression. But, I do enjoy working with different sculpts, so here we go

I managed to find some stuff in my stash that sort of fits her. Its a little bit loose, and I think its supposed to be for a soft toy, because it has no fastenings. You’d be able to squish a teddys head through the neck of the t shirt, but I had to cut down the back and sew in velco so dora could get it on

Im pretty happy with how her face came out. I think it looks softer and a bit less vacant and staring. Plus, visible eyebrows tend to make a difference. She pretty much had her mouth sculpted open too, so the teeth fit really nicely. I think she looks more like a kid having fun playing around, and more in the spirit of the character at least, even if she isnt a total likeness of the cartoon. She is an odd size though, I cant really pose her with anyone else in my gang. 

Hasbro Moana doll repaint

I picked her up on sale. Loved the film, this doll… not so much. The thing is though, the art of the doll on the packaging makes it so clear what could have been, and its really only a slight difference

Just the tilt of the eyes, and the eyebrows really. So I decided to try and recreate the doll on the packaging

Heres what I managed. Its not really the same as the box art

I think its mostly the eyebrows, which is annoying, because I put quite a lot of effort into trying to match those. Moana is such a determined character, those eyebrows are a big part of that, but for some reason they just insisted on coming out softer. The disney store doll is much better

But I was never going to match that, she’s so good. In the end, I might have the hasbro doll be a different character. She does fit some Barbie clothes

I dont think trousers would work, because her feet are a lot bigger, but the stretchier skirts and tops work great

I think she’ll be cute as a modern girl! Though possibly not in that blue dress 🙂

Barbie doll dress project

I actually finished something! 

I made a dress for this giant Barbie doll Ive had a little while. Its in 3 parts, kind of inspired by how dresses used to be made up of a shift and a corset etc

The shift was easy, i used elastic and didnt make it to ft especially closely

Oh, and the underskirt bit too! I forgot that, it was a last minute thing. I wanted a bit of volume to the skirt. Then I made the bodice and over skirt more carefully

The skirt was fairly straightforward, just a rectangle gathered onto a waistband. The material is actually a pair of leggings I found in a charity shop. Are they leggings when its not stretchy material? They’re shaped like them anyway

The bodice was the hardest bit. I tried this technique Ive seen on youtube for the first time, where you wrap the body in clingfilm and tape, then draw on a pattern. Cut it off, and you’ve got a fitted pattern. Theres loads of tutorials on it. I did the clingfilm and tape thing over the shift, since it was meant to fit over, and there it is

I like that technique, Im going to use it again I think

Epic doll house project

Look at what I found in a charity shop! Only £9.99!

It’s huge, I don’t really have the space, but it’s gorgeous. I’m guessing it’s someone’s half-finished project

Half of the front opens, as does one side and the roof

I’m going to repaint it, and then it’ll be the home of my sylvanian families guinea pigs. I love guinea pigs, so I always wanted the family,  and once I found them I wanted to give them a really great home. Here’s there current place for comparison

The new house is a bit tall, but I think that works, for a high-ceilinged old house. I’m gonna cut some more windows, or maybe even completely take off a wall, to let a lot more light in for photos, too. The guinea pig family are really excited!

Alice in Wonderland Red Queen doll repaint

Sometime last year, I bought the Red Queen doll from the recent Alice in Wonderland films, when she was on sale.


She was originally a pretty expensive doll, and certainly the detail in her dress reflects that, but I was really quite fascinated by her face.


It’s very striking and unusual, but most of that is in the paint, not the sculpt, and I wanted to have ago at making her into someone different. I dont quite know why, she just sort of caught my eye.Once you take the dress off, her body honestly feels a little bit cheap. She only has limited articulation, and there’s a bit of a hollow plastic feel to her


Thats about all the posing that she can do. In terms of her size, she’s very similar to Barbie, with most of the difference being in the oversized head, so I was hoping there could be a biit of clothes sharing.


I did her repaint when I was using my old sealant, and I think that my faceups have improved quite a lot since then, but I do still like how she turned out, I think she looks like a totally different person now.


You can see the slightly dodgy finish from my cheap sealant here, and, as always, the camera makes the colours look a little different. Her lips are red, but not quite that flourescent in real life.


I think that angle is a bit closer to what she actually looks like in person. Her hair brushed out of the original crazy style quite nicely, although it sits better if I tie it back, because it does still have a bit of a tendency to poof out.


I picked her a new outfit out of my stash, because although I do want to sew for her, I’ve been doing repaints faster than I’ve been sewing, so theres a bit of a queue. The vest is from Lori by Our Generation, the trousers are kens (and too loose), and the jacket belongs to Dexter Charming. Bit of an odd mix, but I like how it looks on her!

So, heres the before and after, since I was organised enough to take one for once

You really wouldnt know that she’s the same doll. I might redo her at some point, because I think I can do better now, but I am pretty happy with her. At the time I was very pleased

Compulsive doll buyer