How its made- Circular armchair

I made an armchair for my dolls

Im going to kind of explain how i made it. This isnt meant to be a tutorial, if you’re wanting step by step instructions then a lot of peope have made those who are much better than me. I reccommend MyFroggyStuff, on blogspot or youtube, and if you just search for tutorials you can find loads. Im just showing its construction as an idea share. Ive executed it quite poorly I think, compared to how I think it could be done, but. I think a more skilled or neater crafter could take this inspiration and run with it 🙂
So, first I used:

A paper plate cut into three like in the photo, and I also trimmed the edge of another one to get a circle of card, but you could cut a circle out of any card.
4 bottle caps
A circular sponge, and some fabric to cover it all

And also a bit of loosed wadding of some kind, to pad out the arms and back. My way of working is waste not want not, so i used the bits I trimmed off Megs hair the other day.

Im guessing most people wont have a pile of dolls hair lying around, and to be honest it was pretty messy to work with because it didnt really stick together, so id suggest using something a little more traditional.
First, I glued a square of fabric to my sponge. Apply the glue to the fabric, not the sponge, it goes on more evenly

I glued in the straight sides, leaving to corners loose

Then flattened the corners down making little pleats on either side. I put glue in the pleats, trying to keep it from being visible

Now it kinda looks like a little parcel. I trimmed off the bits sticking up, and glued the card circle on top


And glued the bottle caps to this for legs.

These are actually the tops of little pots of toothpicks, not bottlecaps, but I would have been using bottle caps if i had four that matched, and you’re more likely to have those around the place

So heres the base. I glued the back of the chair to some more fabric

With a pretty generous margin around the curved bit. Then i started to glue in the edges, before adding some of my stuffing

I glued down the rest of the edges to contain the stuffing- this bit was super messy, my glue gun now has a ginger wig! Then glued it to the base

I had to add a few extra bits of glue to the edges to stick it down all the way around, it wouldnt do it in one go because of the curve.
Then i made the arms in a very similar way, from the smaller bits of plate

Only for these I didnt do it all in one piece of fabric. I glued one all the way around, then cut another piece shaped like the plate, glued it down by two sides, then added the stuffing before glueing down the third

Finally, I made a cushion in a contrasting colour and stuffed it with the last of the hair

The last step for me, was sitting down and cutting off all the little strings of glue that had got everywhere. Im not the neatest worker, so im not sure if everyone would have to do this bit. I think the chair looks really nice, if you get up very close you can see the glue at the seams, but its not apparent from a distance. And i could probably put some little strips of fabric over all the seams, to hide it, if i wanted to. Its also the teensiest bit wonky, but that doesnt bother me at all. The girls all love it, and thats whats important


Quick Post on Face removal

This is just a bit of information about taking the paint off your doll, because. I learned this from trial and error. I mean, Id read and watched other peoples information, but so far I havent encountered any brand recommendations, or anybody having the same problem as I had, so as far as I know this is filling a gap.
The first time I took some paint off a dolls face, it was a bit experimental, obviously. Im not someone that owns stuff like nail polish remover, so. I borrowed a bit that someone else had left in the bathroom of my shared house, on the logic that there was no point buying my own until I knew it worked how I wanted it to.

This is the polish I used that first time, and the paint came off super easily. I was really thrilled with the result, I took the little grape detail off LaDeeDa Juicy Crush Tylies face with it and now I dont think you’d ever know there was anything there. Ill show you a photo of that when I do her post.
So then I went and bought some of my own polish remover, since its one thing to borrow a tiny bit of someones nail varnish remover, and Im sure noone would mind that, we do share quite a bit, but its another to take the whole bottle. This is what I got:

I couldnt get the same brand because i was in a different shop. Also, everything Id read and watched seemed to say that the difference was in how much acetone it had in it, not the brand, and neither of these bottles specified.
Since then Ive been having lots of trouble with the paint smearing, and not coming off properly, so the features are still faintly there and the doll seems to have a dirty face. I did consider if it was the remover I was using, but also, since that first success Id become a lot more confident, and was trying to remove much more ambitious things. Plus, looking at video tutorials, people kept talking about the technique you use, so i needed to test it out. I took off Angels face with the original remover, to find out, and it was so much easier. So thats the story. I recomment the first remover, basically. Brand does make a difference!

Bratzillaz again! (Angelic Sounds)

So, I like Meg. A lot. And proportionally, she doesnt really fit with any other doll line that I have. She can share furniture and accessories, but clothes arent going to work, and they’d look kinda odd in a scene together………. And Im pretty sure any other doll collector can see where this is going. I decided Id better get her a friend, of course :). I looked at the other main characters in shops, but I didnt really warm to any of them. So many of the dolls in this line have fringes, and when the hair is a bit cheap, or just well loved, the fringe looks much worse than the rest of the hair once its gone messy. And Ive certainly found it harder to sort out too. Thats not to say I wont have any dolls with a fringe, not at all. But when I see a fringe on a doll, I do always think twice. And if I know the hair isnt great quality, or the fringe has a curl to it, or if what Im planning for that doll will make things worse, I dont go for it. So I have a Cerise Hood doll, but she’s more for display than anything. Im planning a more active life for my Bratzillaz though.
On top of that, I didnt like the strange pupils that Jade and Sashabella have, and Yasminas hair makes me suspect bald spots, if taken out of its original style. So that was that rather, for the basic dolls. I then turned to the two other student dolls, Im not sure exactly where they come in, I think they might be exchange students? I did think about Victoria Antique, but she still didnt quite grab me. And finally, the witchy princesses, where I decided that Angelic Sound is the one I like best besides Meg. And here she is!

She arrived this morning, another one to come out of my christmas tokens. In the first photo she’s on a stand, but that isnt her stand, just to be clear. I borrowed it from Meg because her dress is so tight she cant sit down properly. She has the same body as Meg, but i think its slightly better quality, none of the joints seem loose and she doesnt have the problems in her wrists. And heres a better look at her face:

And her socks and shoes:

I love those socks, though I was surprised by how little stretch they have, and her dress is fantastic too. Its much better than. I expected from the creators of Megs outfit, which whilst not bad, per say, isnt exactly inspired either. Her cloak and earrings I can take or leave, but I usually put doll earrings in a safe place instead of leaving them in all the time. I do like her quirky headband, but I thought it might sit better without those twists. I had a check and she does have a centre parting rooted in, so I knew that taking them out wouldnt be a total disaster. I actually ended up taking a photo halfway through the removal, because she did look sweet

Of course, I had already planned to redo her lips, the same as I did Megs, and for some reason she has much thinner eyebrows, which I wanted to fix too. And to be honest, I thought her eye makeup is too heavy.
Sooo, I basically ended up taking her whole face off and starting over. I really dont know when to leave stuff alone, I never have. But in this occasion Im super glad. I did it, because look at her now!


The photos havent really captured her sweet new expression, but im very pleased with how she turned out. She looks much friendlier now, typical Bratz makeup can look kinda agressive. Her headband sits better on her now, too. I like how she looks with a headband in, but I reckon Im going to find her something plainer for day to day, the bird cage is a tad impractical. Finally, I refuse to have a doll called Angelic, so she’s going to be Angelica, or possibly Angel from now on. At least those are names.
And to say goodbye, here is Meg, who has claimed Angels shoes to go with the new skirt I made her 🙂


Newest Arrival!

And the post keeps pouring in. I got a lot of tokens for christmas, so Ive been adding various dolls to my collection, as well as a glue gun for their furniture, and some liquitex gesso so. I can use pencil on their faces. But todays star is Emma

She’ll get a review once she’s settled in a bit. And Im going to do a bit of work on her, now that i have the gesso. I dont much like the eyebrows, or lashes

She’s pretty exciting because I finally have an 18″ doll! Ive been eyeing up the out generation accessories in shops for a while, and reading peoples blogs Ive seen how much potential this doll size has, so I wanted in. I really want the our generation camper van, it looks like so much fun for a doll:

But. I dont really have the space for something that big, I already have two room boxes for my 12″ and a little house set up for the smaller dolls. Id like Emma to have her own setting, but Ill need a bigger setting for me first! Im also expecting one more Bratzilla, after I loved Meg so much. After that Ill probably work my way through the rest of my collection, theres plenty to write about without buying anyone new for a while now 🙂

Pinkie Cooper (in london)

I wandered down to my local smyths today, as an essay writing break, to take a look at their sale situation. There were quite a few discounts, but also a smaller range of stuff, with a lot of bare shelves, which I guess wasnt exactly a surprise. I had a hunt for toys which fell in the crossover between good deal, and stuff I actually liked and wanted, because obviously this hobby costs money, and Im not made of the stuff. But I know I can afford the odd purchase if its something I really like, so. I keep up with whats going on, especially in the sales. Anyway, on a slightly jumbled looking bit of shelves, which I think was housing the last bits of almost sold out lines, I found just one Pinkie Cooper doll.

Isnt she a cutie! Out of all the outfits Ive seen her in, this is definitely my favourite, and given that theres a sale on, I went and asked at the till how much she was, as she was label-less. It took a while to even find her on the system, which makes me think she really is the end of the line, but eventually two guys working together came up with a price of £3. £3! Obviously, she had to come home with me. I cant resist a price like that, and she looked a bit battered and lonely, so Id have felt pretty bad leaving her behind. Her box had taken the brunt of the wear and tear

Im pretty sure it was supposed to have a handle on top, and all the corners were pretty scuffed. Plus, apart from Pinkie herself, everything else inside the box had come out of the plastic that had been holding them, and fallen down to the bottom of the box

Poor Lil Pinkie, faceplanting the floor!
I did actually like her box though. I normally couldnt care less about dolls packaging, but I think this one was worth mentioning. First, it was really easy to get her out. None of those irritating plastic ties that twist in the back, and her head wasnt attached to the box either. The inside of the box just slid out, after only cutting one piece of tape, and just a bit of manouvering got her limbs out too. Plus, I just though the box was really sweet!

It was kinda understated compared to some packaging, the colours were soft, and with more cardboard, and less plastic to it, she seemed less exposed in there. Now Ive got her out of it Im going to use it for something else, because its nice and sturdy. It’d make lovely furniture, and I wouldnt even have to cover it with those stripes. The only downside to her packaging was her hair/ears, which were secured with strips of tape

Just strips of normal sticky tape wrapped around them. They were a bit of a pain to get off because they stuck all the way around. i couldnt get scissors in between them and the hair because hair was stuck to the whole surface, I had to kind of wriggle it off. The hair itself seems none the worse though, it has a lovely soft texture and Ive seen dolls hair come out of the box looking in much more of a state, it only had a couple of tangles. The ears/hair are on pegs which come out, so you can swap them over and give her different coloured hair

Which is pretty neat, although just the swapping around I did to take these pictures was enough to leave it kinda dishevelled, I think in the hands of a child they’d get ratty pretty quickly. Pinkie comes with her dog, Lil Pinkie, an umbrella, and a camera


The camera is amazingly detailed, with buttons and a little screen on the back, but I dont really have a good enough camera to show it. Lil Pinkies dog coat matches Pinkies dress, and it comes off, as do her ears. They also can swivel, as can her head


And here they are together, to show the scale. I think they seem quite in proportion with each other, though the fact that Pinkie, a dog or dog-person, has a pet dog, is a bit odd

Pinkie has decent motion, though her knees only bend a tiny bit, and her wrists have no motion at all

Still, not bad! She’ll pose pretty well. Her hands are kind of paw-inspired, but her feet are just regular feet


Actually, her feet look pretty familiar. Heres a comparison with Steffi, a doll who is very similar to Barbie

And Steffi fits Pinkies shoes just fine, even though she’s much taller

They cant share clothes though, Pinkie is much too small. I had her do a few clothes swaps though, and shes not going to go short of outfits in my dolls wardrobe!

She fits into ever after high clothes, though it was a squeeze getting her paws through the sleeves, and it looks a little bit odd with her flat chest.


She looks lovely in Staceys romper too, and Skippers top makes a cute dress. They are both a little bit looser fitting on her, but as they fit their owners very closely it doesnt look bad. She can even pull off the shoes!

From the front at least 🙂 I imagine she’d fit Barbie size shoes, but I dont put anybody in those shoes that often, because they fall off pretty easily, and I dont want to lose them. Her own boots look like they’ll stay on fine, so she can stick with those.
Unfortunately, these outfit swaps dont work both ways:

The dress wont even go over Staceys shoulders. I didnt bother trying on anyone bigger. And as Stacey and Skipper have flat feet, they cant wear Pinkies boots either. However, I did find one taker for Pinkies dress- La Dee Das’ Tylie. She’s got such a thin body she can get into it easily, and its loose fit looks intentional

She can even wear the shoes. They’re a bit big, but they’re so long that they stay on well

This is Pinkie next to the two dolls I reckon are nearest in size, Stacey and Skipper:

I really like her smaller size, I think she’d be the ideal doll for someone to take about with them, either a child for play or someone a bit older for outdoor photos. Her hat is secured to her head by her hair/ear pegs, so its unlikely to come off, same as her boots. And in that sweet little outfit she just looks so adventure-ready! Id like to take her for some photos on rocks by a beach maybe, or if I could figure out a way for her to hold her camera she could come and take photos of her own of things that interest her. That’d look adorable, if I could get the perspective right.
I think she even looks great without her ears in

Shes got a very nicely done face. Quite subtle makeup, which I think is good given that she’s a dog. And the creators have definitiely managed to stay on the right side of the cute/creepy line, which I think is often a risk with things like this. Ive seen anthropormorphised animal toys before which I really wouldnt want in my bedroom, although I suppose thats personal taste.
Her eyes have an inset look to them, and that combined with the rooted eyelashes make her look particularly lively, I can imagine that she’s going to blink or sneeze any minute as I look at her. Overall I love her, I can think of so many things I want to do with her. Lots of outdoor photos, and I ve had an idea for a whole bunch of pet-themed furnitue, like a bed thats a crossover between dog and person. Maybe even a house thats decorated a bit like a kennel, if Ive got a lot of cardboard and Im feeling ambitious.
Bye for now!


Bratzillaz (meyghana broomstixx)

Meg is actually my newest doll, theres a 50% off all toys offer at the wilkinsons up the road from me and Im having a hard time tearing myself away. Dolls, like meg, who I only kind of wanted to have, suddenly become irresistable when they are that cheap. She only cost me a fiver, and one of my two juicy crush La Dee Das was only £3.25! I actually went up there for the wilkinsons own brand kitchen set, which I really want, its incredibly sweet and actually quite realistic. Most furniture sets for dolls around Barbie size seem to be pink, which I dont think looks great in a doll room set up. But it was all gone, and somehow I ended up leaving with yet another doll :/
I had Bratz when I was younger, so I was curious to see where they’ve gone with them in over a decade. I had five Bratz, two Jades, one Yasmine and two of the boys, but I have no idea what they were supposed to be called. They werent a doll line I was ever much into, so I think they were pretty much all gifts from people who just kinda went ‘Present for small girl? Random doll!’. Im not at all ungrateful that relatives and family friends who didnt even know me that well went to the trouble of buying me gifts anyway, but I did get quite a few that didnt make a lot of sense. My aunt who lives down south, and who I totally adore, once sent me a pair of jeans which was too large, and somehow went straight from that to too small, without the period of being the right size that you’d expect in the middle. Shame, cos I thought they were pretty cool, they had red stitching on them.
Anyway. My first Bratz was a winter version of Jade, I dont remeber the actual name of the line but she had a sled, a couple of warm outfits, actually pretty good by the standards of a doll set. The main things that stopped me really warming to them was their ridiculously unrealistic proportions (I mean I know Barbies not exactly little miss good example, and she was worse then, her proportions have definitely got better since my childhood, but Bratz were a whole other level), their stupid snap on shoes/feet, the makeup, and also the characters themselves. I find that when I get a doll with a preexisting character its difficult for me to get away from that character completely when working out their personality. The fact that they couldnt share clothes with the Barbies annoyed me, because that would have hugely increased the range of stuff they could wear, and the feet thing meant they couldnt always even swap shoes with each other. Yasmine had much more tan skin than Jade, so they couldnt wear each others sandals which showed the skin of their feet.
So first of all, they now have real feet!

I like these a lot, they look more realistic to me than a lot of dolls feet. They’re pretty good proportionally too. My feet are a pretty odd shape, so it really softens my heart when a doll doesnt have perfect tiny pretty feet.
Second, poseability:

Thats not a bad range of motion. Her limbs are pretty interesting, they’ve got a rubbery feel like a lot of dolls without any joints except the bend and snap knee, rather than the harder plastic that seems to come with this style. Some joints are much looser than the others, which would make some poses difficult to hold for a photo, and Im not inclined to mess with her wrists much at all. When I bend them, they deform a little which makes me think they might actually break after much use.

See that little bend at the side of the joint nearest her thumb? It deforms more every time I mess with it, and its actually getting a tiny split, though I doubt that’ll show up on camera.
Her body is more sensibly proportioned with her head than the old Bratz, though she still basically cant wear anyones clothes but her own. I can put Barbie-size clothing on her, and it looks less ridiculous than it used to, but its still too loose. Ill make her some though, that’ll be fine. I dont exactly love the ones she came with.

Theres nothing wrong with any of them, theres just not much scope to them. I want her to have a bit more style options than rather peculiar fashion victim/modernised mini witch. I wish Bratz hadnt clung to the fashion thing, I know its even in their motto but when they’ve expanded into a line as different as this, I think they could have dropped it. Theres enough about her that still identifies her as Bratz, like the face. I think a witch whose power is flight might not choose to wear a short pleated skirt. With the pleats it’ll never stay put in a breeze. Plus, I swear that skirt is made of the exact same material as one my Yasmine had, which is kinda odd.
On the positive side, i love her hair colour, its such a nice red. Its not ginger-orangey, but its not actualy little mermaid style red. I gave it a trim cos the ends were in a terrible state already, I think they were meant to be curls or waves but it was just frizz. And when its as thick as it is and nearly down to her knees theres too much of it to do any styles that look natural. Now its nice and smooth, and reaches to the middle of her back, which looks great.
I did make a few other changes too

She came with blue eyeshadow, which I went over with a yellow sharpie to make it look green. Her eyes are a kind of greeney-blue, but around her eye was just plain blue. Ive always had a soft spot for green eye make up, and never been fond of blue, so it just made sense. I also removed her trout pout lipstick, and repainted it in a slightly softer colour, and with less full lips. Its the same colour I used to just tint on a bit of blush, because I think with her colouring she’d go pink in the cheeks at the slightest thing. I was tempted to do freckles, I saw a lovely faceup online that had them but I think they’d only have worked with softer eye makeup, and based on previous experiences, I didnt want to mess with her eyes unless I was really unhappy.
Unfortunately, close up the original shape of her lips is still pretty obvious:

Im wondering if I can file that down, but Im not sure what the finish would be. I can borrow some really fine sandpaper from one of my housemates, but even so Im concerned the difference in texture will end up being more obvious than the current shape. Ill update on that.
Oh, and I took the tattoo off her arm too. I just didnt much like it. I think its actually the same logo-type thing her original Bratz character had, though Im not totally sure, I kinda thought it was Yasmine that had the wings. Its definitely the same style. I dont think any of the original girls actually had it as a tattoo though, just on bags and stuff. Much as I disliked the actual style, i like that she has a tattoo. I remember a big furore about a Barbie doll with tattoos when I was in secondary school, so its nice we seem to have got past that.
Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this doll. To me, at least, she’s a massive improvement on most of the issues I had with the old Bratz, and even though there were things about her I didnt like, thats the same with any doll for me. Im not sure if the ‘perfect’ doll exists, or ever will. Ive not talked in much detail about her articulation, because I know many others have, but I liked her waist movement, Ive never actually seen it there before. And her inset eyes are just gorgeous, its a feature that I love when its done well, and none of my other dolls have it. Im not too sure about the others though. Jade has heart shaped eyes now, which I feel a tad iffy about. Still, i dont regret the purchase, and Ill post updates on how I go with her new clothes, and those lips 🙂


First post!

So Ive decided to start a doll blog. Share my customisations and the things I make, all that malarkey. I dont know how consistent Ill be with posting, but when Im too busy to post I probably wont have time to do anything worth posting about anyway, so I dont suppose it matters 🙂

Currently I have a very sporadic collection, based more on what catches my eye than a particular brand, and I suspect thats how it will stay. Right now I have a lot of disney princesses, La Dee Da, Steffi, Jolina, Barbies sisters (but no Barbie), Ever After High and Monster High (but not on their original bodies), one lone Bratzilla, and a few other random bits.

I make dolls clothes, Im getting into making furniture and things like that, and. Im trying to learn how to do repaints too. Heres a few of what Ive got so far

My part-finished Juicy Crush Cyanne custom
My part-finished Juicy Crush Cyanne custom
Maddie on a Barbie body, in a new outfit
Maddie on a Barbie body, in a new outfit
Juicy Crush Tylie in one of her new outfits
Juicy Crush Tylie in one of her new outfits

Compulsive doll buyer