New camera- New doll!

Boy, is this exciting stuff! I have a camera, I bought a doll Im really happy with, and now Im trying to write a post from my laptop, instead of through the wordpress app, which is all Ive managed until now. This is pretty amazing for my normal level of functioning, honestly. Now that placement is over my expected level of activity is around one important thing per day, maybe two. Immediately after placement it was none per day, because I was exhausted and kinda down about some stuff getting reported back to uni. Not like “You’re in trouble now” stuff, more like “We’re just worried for you” type of deal, but I don’t like that a whole lot either. I don’t try to draw attention to myself for any reason other than because I did something really well.

And yet, today, I did some biology work, I had a phone call with my doctor and was mature about it even though sometimes I just want to make fart noises when Im dealing with them, I made a cake and went and bought a present for a friends birthday, and now Ive just figured out how to get the photos onto the laptop, rotated a few, and managed to locate and log into my wordpress account. Especially the bits with technology involved, I am proud of. I am going to write about dolls, Im sure that’s the only thing interesting to anyone who comes on this blog, but dammit Im proud of myself and I want to say so! Ive had some kinda rough times the last few months in terms of how Ive been feeling and dealing with stuff, Ive really slipped back into being depressed and angry and closed off, so that today was a good day is worth noting.

So, dolls. Specifically, Our Generation dolls. I bought one, as I planned to, yesterday afternoon. The incredibly lovely person who gave me Dell, and now a camera, came to visit, and we went down to Smyths together to buy her. That particular person is one of the best people in my life, and also the only one who really understands what Im on about when I try and explain about this hobby. They don’t collect dolls, but they are very into model trains, and a lot of very similar principals apply. And, so, drumroll please, I got…



That’s her pretty much straight out of the box. Honestly, I had mixed feelings about her initially.  There I was in the shop, and Id come planning to buy a doll, really wanting to take somebody home with me, but I wasn’t totally falling in love, and I did wonder if I was just getting her because I didn’t want to walk away empty handed. My opinion is pretty concrete now, but Ill take you through the process with me.

First off, I had to get her out of the packaging

Here she is in the box
Here she is in the box


I bought her an outfit too, because I thought that something a bit less dowdy might help, and I love this one, its really adorable. the packaging for the outfits is really simple, I already know I like it. everything is held in place with thread, and theres a plastic hanger for the outfit incorporated into it which is pretty nifty


I mean, I never keep the hanger, cos Ive nowhere to hang them, and space is such that Im not likely to get a wardrobe for my dolls for a long time yet. Still, its a really helpful idea, cos if you do have a wardrobe for your dolls you’ll not end up in the situation of having far more outfits than hangers.

Until now though I had no experience with the doll packaging. my heart sank when I saw these at her neck and ankles

DSCN9215 DSCN9216

The neck one especially. Theres some plastic protecting the ankles, but nothing at the neck, and the tie was sitting right in the joint, so I was a little apprehensive. I couldn’t remember any issues with any other reviewer, but still. Errors and one-off mistakes do happen, and UK-US difference do too. Normally, my approach to getting dolls out of their packaging is to leave the box alone as much as possible, and cut  everything from the front. Im not sure if its necessarily the best way, but so long as there are only thin plastic ties, thread and elastic bands I think its quicker. If there are those twist ties I have to go from the back, and I didn’t rate my chances cutting these chunky things, so first step was complete box disassembly. Surprisingly, this turned out to be rather fun. There was minimal use of tape, and much more use of clever folding, so it overall had a nicer feel to it. Sort of what I imagine it would be like to unbox a more expensive doll like an American girl, or a collectors doll. Some of the packaging on Toy Box Philosopher, with the ribbons and hair nets and things, looks a lot more enjoyable to open. This box came in two parts.

DSCN9217 DSCN9218

I opened the outer layer, to slide out the inner and get a good look at these massive ties, and discovered that instead of a set of flaps, theres these nice little triangular folds. Most people Im sure don’t care about things like that, and certainly I imagine that the target audience of young girls couldn’t care less about packaging, but I like the nice little things like that. Really, I think this might just be my inexperience with bigger dolls showing. Im absolutely delighted with the argos DesignAFriend packaging too, although that has an unfair advantage because it doesn’t have to stand up to being prodded at on a shelf like most toy packing does. The inner layer was also an interesting lesson in origami


The whole thing opened up totally flat. That would have been really convenient if there’d been masses of plastic ties to cut. As it was, it was just pretty cute. Then I turned to the back, hoping to find an easy answer to those zip ties imprisoning my poor girl

It was really hard to get a good photo of this bit. They're really shiny, and I cant figure out how to turn off the flash
It was really hard to get a good photo of this bit. They’re really shiny, and I cant figure out how to turn off the flash

DSCN9220 DSCN9221

Basically, theres no help for me there. I cut and peeled away the liberal coating of sellotape, hoping to find some sort of release mechanism, but eventually I had to conclude that the only thing I could do was break out the scissors and cross my fingers. To those with kitchen scissors or whatever it probably seems like Im making a fuss over nothing, but that’s because you haven’t seen my scissors. Im still using the kind that you get in primary schools, the lefty ones with the green and yellow handles. My mum brought a couple of pairs home from the school she worked at at the time years ago, and so far Ive really had no reason to change, because they work for thread and wool and paper just fine, which is all I normally need to cut. As it turned out, they actually handled these really well too, I needn’t have worried. It just seemed like they were punching a bit above their weight with this one.

After those were cut, all that was left was some plastic around her feet, presumably to keep the shoes on, though they fit pretty well anyway. I cant see them falling off.


And her box hair issues


Her two plaits were tied behind her head with an extra elastic band. Shes shown with her hair behind her head in photos on  the website, so that makes it seem like its more of a style choice than to keep it under control in the box, but it doesn’t look at all nice from behind, so Ive no idea what they were going for. Actually, for such a low-budget doll (£24.99. That aint bad) Im probably being too picky, but Im kind of fooled into thinking she’s worth more than that, because quality wise she’s really nice.

So, first off Ill just quickly run through the outfit I bought. I took photos of her in more detail while I was dressing and undressing her and generally having a bit of fun, but all I took specifically of the outfit were more at the business end of things. The t-shirt is super cute:


The bracelets are a nice tough, but literally wont fit on a single other one of my dolls:

Its a stretch on her
Its a stretch on her


The shoes are way nicer than the ones she came in, I think:

Her ones look like my dads slippers with a flower stuck on
Her ones look like my dads slippers with a flower stuck on

And the jacket, while cute, is a bit of a mess on the inside.



Also, it doesn’t photograph too well 🙂 I just think some lining would have been nice here. I know, I know, cheaper end of the 18″ doll spectrum, but I have a dressing gown from one of their sets and they lined that!

Now, time to get her out of those boring clothes she came in, to see if she can look as cute as Im hoping. First discovery, her jeans don’t really fit


Second discovery, bright pink underwear


Also only kinda fits


And sits really awkwardly around her leg joints, because they’re a little bulky for anything that’s too tight. On the one hand, I feel like saying well done OG, you didn’t skimp here even though with the jeans you could totally have got away with leaving out the undies. On the other hand however, why bright pink? DesignAFriend, which is the nearest competitor I have for them in terms of price, includes knickers only with dolls who come in skirts, and they’re white and not very flattering, but they fit well, and I don’t want flattering underwear for a doll that’s meant to be a child anyway. Plus, they sell a little extra set with some pretty undies if that is your thing, so I think you get the best of both worlds there. Here, all you get I feel is a win for the parents who just want something to cover that dolly-butt.

When Kit was on her way, I bought a couple of OG outfit sets so that she’d have some kind of wardrobe waiting for her, and one of them came with shorts, which did not even remotely fit her, even though everything else did. I assumed that this meant that she just had more junk in the trunk, but if the jeans didn’t even fit right on the doll they were made for, I wasn’t sure if we were looking at a Kits booty issue, or just a fit issue. Most of the outfits in this line, whether its what the doll comes with or an extra, are skirts, not trousers. they often come with tights, but that’s a much stretchier material, so fit doesn’t need to be so good. I tried the shorts on Alejandra


And they do fit better than her jeans, though they don’t stay very well when she sits down. I do think that maybe part of the problem is just that OG isn’t as good at trousers.

Also, how much cuter does she look now! The hair and clothes turned out to be a big part of my problem with this doll, because when I started playing with her that bonding moment wasn’t slow to come. And it doesn’t always happen that I bond with a new doll instantly. For the DesignAFriends, its only happened after Ive given them a face repaint, and for Noelle I wasn’t getting along with her at all well until I washed her and sorted out her hair.

Speaking of DesignAFriends… Since Audrey is a slimmer body than AG and OG, and those jeans don’t really fit either, I gave them a go on her. They are too loose at the waist


But with her top pulled down over the top you wouldn’t know it. At least someones going to get some use out of them

Dammit, the one photo I forgot to rotate
Dammit, the one photo I forgot to rotate

I put Alejandra into the full new outfit


Then we lost the hair ribbons


And finally just took the plaits out. I love her hair down


Its around here that I just went and fell in love.

I tried to do a bit of a comparison to Kit next. Not the stuff that everyone covers, but just a few things that I only found out once I got her, because I didn’t find that anyone mentioned them. First, the fabric of her body is a bit more shiny and synthetic looking. I tried to get a photo, but I don’t think it showed up well. I definitely prefer the feel of Kits


The other thing is that her eyes are much looser. I think they move a little too easily, which can give her a few odd expressions, whereas Kit doesn’t seem to really have that issue


Having established that Kit has more padding at the lower end, I decided to try and look at the chest and shoulders. I put Alejandra in a dress I altered specifically to fit Kit, doing much of the sewing while she was actually wearing it to make it sit right


Cute, but it does sit a bit funny around the neck. Nothing that would ever bother me, but it does show the slight difference


Then I put her in a frilly lilly school uniform, and just took a bunch of pictures. She doesn’t pose fantastically, but I loved her in it

DSCN9245 DSCN9246 DSCN9247 - Copy DSCN9248 DSCN9251

She looks good in plaits if the hair is pulled back a bit more off her face I think.

I reckon she’d make a great sister for Mattie, my DesignAFriend little sister doll, who I renamed from Sienna


They have the same wavy hair, though Matties needs taming, and I even think theres a similarity in their profiles


its the nose I think. The only problem is that for some reason Mattie has ended up with quite a shiny face after her repaint, while Alejandra has a very matt complexion. Im not sure why that’s happened, because Ive used the same sealant on all my dolls and no one else ended up like that.

So, I love Alejandra. However, Ive decided to rename her Andrea. I don’t really like Alejandra. Well, I do, but I don’t like the fact that it reminds me of Alexandra, which reminds me of other things, and I just want to leave that alone. Im not sure if Ill get any more OG dolls. I don’t much like the other two face moulds, though I read somewhere or other that they are planning to release an Asian American doll, so Ill see how that turns out. I think it was Kewpie83 that said that? Or someone else, who knows 🙂


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