Barbie doll dress project

I actually finished something! 

I made a dress for this giant Barbie doll Ive had a little while. Its in 3 parts, kind of inspired by how dresses used to be made up of a shift and a corset etc

The shift was easy, i used elastic and didnt make it to ft especially closely

Oh, and the underskirt bit too! I forgot that, it was a last minute thing. I wanted a bit of volume to the skirt. Then I made the bodice and over skirt more carefully

The skirt was fairly straightforward, just a rectangle gathered onto a waistband. The material is actually a pair of leggings I found in a charity shop. Are they leggings when its not stretchy material? They’re shaped like them anyway

The bodice was the hardest bit. I tried this technique Ive seen on youtube for the first time, where you wrap the body in clingfilm and tape, then draw on a pattern. Cut it off, and you’ve got a fitted pattern. Theres loads of tutorials on it. I did the clingfilm and tape thing over the shift, since it was meant to fit over, and there it is

I like that technique, Im going to use it again I think


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