Alice in Wonderland Red Queen doll repaint

Sometime last year, I bought the Red Queen doll from the recent Alice in Wonderland films, when she was on sale.


She was originally a pretty expensive doll, and certainly the detail in her dress reflects that, but I was really quite fascinated by her face.


It’s very striking and unusual, but most of that is in the paint, not the sculpt, and I wanted to have ago at making her into someone different. I dont quite know why, she just sort of caught my eye.Once you take the dress off, her body honestly feels a little bit cheap. She only has limited articulation, and there’s a bit of a hollow plastic feel to her


Thats about all the posing that she can do. In terms of her size, she’s very similar to Barbie, with most of the difference being in the oversized head, so I was hoping there could be a biit of clothes sharing.


I did her repaint when I was using my old sealant, and I think that my faceups have improved quite a lot since then, but I do still like how she turned out, I think she looks like a totally different person now.


You can see the slightly dodgy finish from my cheap sealant here, and, as always, the camera makes the colours look a little different. Her lips are red, but not quite that flourescent in real life.


I think that angle is a bit closer to what she actually looks like in person. Her hair brushed out of the original crazy style quite nicely, although it sits better if I tie it back, because it does still have a bit of a tendency to poof out.


I picked her a new outfit out of my stash, because although I do want to sew for her, I’ve been doing repaints faster than I’ve been sewing, so theres a bit of a queue. The vest is from Lori by Our Generation, the trousers are kens (and too loose), and the jacket belongs to Dexter Charming. Bit of an odd mix, but I like how it looks on her!

So, heres the before and after, since I was organised enough to take one for once

You really wouldnt know that she’s the same doll. I might redo her at some point, because I think I can do better now, but I am pretty happy with her. At the time I was very pleased


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