Crochet Monster- not exactly a doll!

Something a little different. My friends son just turned two, and I made him a large cuddly monster toy as a present.


The basic patterns are from a book called Edwards Crochet Imaginarium, but I tend not to follow instructions exactly, and it doesnt look all that much like the photos in the book. I made it using chunky yarn, and its nearly as tall as the aforementioned two-year-old. I think using that yarn made it a little floppy. In all the photos in the book, features like the wings stand up reasonable well, since a fabric made of double crochet is usually a bit stiff, but thanks to the weight, all his parts that arent very firmly stuffed have a tendency to flop.


There are the wings. Another difference from the books recommendations, is the yarn types and colours I chose. The designer had all the monsters looking quite nice in all one colour, or a couple of coordinated colours, and they are all made with natural yarns in slightly more muted colours.


All my yarns came from my stash. I deliberately used yarns of different textures since toys for younger children often seem to do that, so I figured its probably something that they like. I also chose lots of bright colours, and didnt worry too much about if they went together. I mean, its a monster!


A lot of the yarns I used were multi-coloured. For one thing, a lot of the yarns in my stash are multi-coloured, because those tend to be the ones Im drawn to when shopping. Plus, I thought it was just fun. The body is probably the most boring bit. What I was trying to do, was create a tummy patch like some animals have, using a particularly soft and fluffy cream yarn. However, the book didnt have any tummy patches in the patterns, so I just guessed when to switch from one yarn to another, and it ended up a little bit wonky. And, then I ran out of the brown I was using, and decided to just finish the torso off in the cream anyway. I still like it


The book also provided instructions for a fairly simple, minimalist face, but I wanted the monster to look really happy, so once again I improvised. Embroidering on crocheted fabric is hard, because there are gaps, which are sometimes exactly where I want the needle to go, so I end up having to compromise. I still dont think that the face is too bad though.

The two year old wasnt especially impressed with it, but thats because immediately after opening it he was given a light-up, noise-making dinosaur toy, so it was a bit overshadowed. His mum liked it though, and he might be more into it later, once the novelty of the dinosaur has worn off!


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