Disney Animators Collection Merida Custom

I continue to be bad at doing this whole blog thing. Life goes on I guess, and I’ve got other stuff to be doing. I think it would help if there were less steps to the process. At the moment, I take the photos on the camera, then transfer them to the laptop and make the post from here. If I had one of the fancy phones with a good camera and internet access, I could do both the photos and the writing from the same device, plus, I could do some writing on the move. I am starting to think that switching to a smart phone is inevitable, eventually. Everyone just seems to assume that you have one, and so it causes problems when I cant answer emails until I get home or whatever. The expectation is that you can always check your emails, and I think people rely on that. I get emails or facebook messages about last minute changes of location, for example, after Ive already set off, and so I miss them. Anyway.

After christmas, I went around some charity shops with my family, and one of the things I found was an animators collection Merida doll. Im always excited to get second hand animators dolls, because I really want to customise them, but I dont want to do that to a doll that I’ve bought new. Merida is especially exciting, because she is my favourite disney princess, and so I was especially looking forward to doing her. She’s actually my third animator custom doll, but I havent shared the second one just yet because although her face is done, she still needs a outfit. She cam naked, and I wanted to make her into a totally different character. Merida, on the other hand, came full dressed down to the shoes, and I didnt want to change her anyway. I just tried to redo her face to make it look  closer to the animated character, using stills from the film as a reference


Im not totally sure how I feel about the finished result. As I was working on her I was quite happy, and still from some angles I like her, but I feel like from most angles she looks a bit cross-eyed.

Not sure. I might have another go at her in the future. As well as looking different from different angles, she also looks different in the photos I took. In real life her eyes are darker than that, but for some reason they photographed a much lighter shade of blue.

Another problem I had is that working from a reference picture meant that I had to deviate from my usual style, which is usually an upwards gaze with big pupils, so I wasnt as comfortable working with her as I might have been. But, lets face it, a cutesy look like I often do is totally not appropriate from Merida. She needs a lively face, with lots of cheeky expression


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