Who is this doll?

I went charity shopping a couple of weeks ago, and I was delighted to see this girl sitting on a shelf


A BFC Ink doll, I assumed. She looks just like one


She has all the articulation, she’s the same size, and the face looks right. And, she did come in that outfit. However, when I was looking her over after I got her home, I spotted that she had one odd thing. She has molded on underwear, with a print to it, and the print is the word Missy, in a repeating pattern. Why Missy? I didnt get it. I cant find anything linking that name to BFC Ink, and googling the name didnt bring up anything useful- there are tons of dolls with that name! My other BFC Ink doll, and any photos Ive seen, have painted on white underwear. Finally, when I started looking at pictures of all the different BFC Ink dolls I could find, I cant find one that exactly matches her. Her hair is a little redder than it appears in these photos, and I cant find a doll online with that hair colour, and style, and the same eye colour and skin tone. It might be that the photos Ive looked at have a similar issue to my photos, and that if I saw those dolls in person the colours would match, but given the underwear mystery, Id like to be sure.

I still love her, but Id love to know if she’s just a BFC Ink, or something different. She seems to have all the same molding except the underwear. Does anyone else hhave a BFC Ink doll with Missy underwear?


2 thoughts on “Who is this doll?”

  1. I’m nearly positive that what you’ve got there is a BFC ink doll, maybe Alisha. I really like how posable these dolls are ( I think if I ever got a doll in the this scale it would be one like yours!) Congratulations! She is a beauty. I’m not really sure why her undies would say Missy though :s


    1. I cant see who else she would be, BFC Ink dolls are so distinctive. But I really want to get to the bottom of the underwear thing! She’s my second BFC Ink, and I love them, they pose so well. I wish they were sold here


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