Custom Gooliope progress- the repaint

I finished the face on my shriek wrecked gooliope! I still havent decided what I want to do in terms of clothes for her, and I wasnt going to share her until Id sorted it out, but if I only share stuff once Im totally happy with it, Ill never share anything, so I decided to put up photos of where I’ve got to. Be warned, naked dolly, if you’re one of the people who doesnt like that. Though y’know, she isnt actually a naked person. And even if she was, there isnt anything inherently wrong with the human body, but whatevs.

Sadly, I still havent quite figured out photography. I have no idea whats wrong with what Im doing 😦


So, here is how she was.


And, here she is now. I had a go at blushing her goo drips, but it is quite subtle in real life, and isnt showing up well in the photos


I was having trouble with what the flash was doing to the effect, but when I tried without it didnt work at all


Yeah, thats pretty fuzzy.


With the flash the details are clearer, but it does something a bit odd to the colours.

Anyway, thats my work. I did her faceup with my new Mr Super Clear, and I have to admit, I do like it a lot more than my old sealant, even if it does cost a bit more.

Also, as an experiment, I decided to have a go at colouring the whites of her eyes using only my watercolour pencil. The colour is slow to build and I usually resort to a layer of paint to help me out, but this time I made an effort to add to the white with every single layer of sealant. However, it still just wouldnt build nicely for some reason, and I did end up using paint to finish it off



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