Shriek Wrecked Gooliope Jellington

I am so glad Gooliope Jellington made it through the reboot! She was my gateway doll, which led to me buying all the rest of the frightfully tall ghouls, and eventually developing a full-blown MH obsession. Not only am I glad to see a new version because I like the character, but because Im hoping this bodes well for future larger dolls. Though, then again, the more they make, they more I’ll end up buying. This doll cost me £29.99, which I kind of didnt want to pay because Im hoping her price might end up coming down. Recently I found the original Gooliope selling for £16, which I think is less than half of what I spent when she was first released. You cant necessarily predict these things though. I spent months waiting for the frightfully tall Elissabat to appear in UK shops, and it was only after Id given her up for a lost cause and payed for shipping from the US that I finally found her. Sometimes, I wait for the price to go down and there’s no stock left by then, which I didnt want to risk. So, here she is


I do like her. Im gonna do a quick comparison to my first Gooliope, and while I do that Ill talk about what I like and dislike.

First, here’s how my original Gooliope is looking these days


Since living with me, a personality has definiteley shone through for her, and she’s stopped wearing her own outfit in favour of something more casual. The t-shirt is from a Ken fashion pack, the skirt came with my giant Bratz chloe doll, and I made the leggings. She doesnt wear shoes because they get in the way of her scrambling about and having fun. Plus, she’s still very much an acrobat, and high heeled shoes just get in the way. Likewise, she wears leggings so she can hang upside down or do a flip at a moments notice, and keeps her hair tied back, with no jewellery. She’s a very sensible, practical ghoul.It remains to be seen as to who the new girl is going to be, but she will certainly be needing a new name.


Starting from the top, their hair is very different. I didnt take out that plait because it took me quite a lot of work to get her hair into it- its quite frizzy and wild- but you can still tell that the new ghoul has much longer hair, as well as the totally different colour. New Gooliopes hair is smoother and straighter, but it has quite a cheap feel to it, and I think it might not look so nice after a bit of time has passed by. It also has some of those horrendous tangles you sometimes get in new doll hair that look like its been knotted in some machinery.

Now, we’ll move on to the main thing I have an issue with about the new doll, which is that she isnt very original. Obviously, first Gooliope had a circus theme and this one has a nautical theme, but it does sort of feel like they still arent too different.

Both dolls have gold hoop earrings, and a gold headband with a big decoration sitting sideways on. I like the first headband better, because it actually has some painted detail, and its a bit less random. Its called a calliope, a musical instrument which seems to be where the inspiration for Gooliopes name comes from. Plus, just randomly having a gold boat sitting on your head looks a bit odd. I cant see myself using that headband again, pretty much for any circumstance.

Obviously, the two dolls have the same body and head mould. They also have very similar paint

One of the things I think MH has been really good at is changing up the looks of characters by changing the makeup, but I think that this id the same design, with a couple of the colours changed. Also, my new Gooliope has one eye slightly off.

Even with the dresses I feel like theres some recycling


On the face of it they are quite different, but I just feel like the ideas are the same. No sleeves, busy prints, bright colours. It would have been cool if she could have had trousers, or a jacket or something.

I cant find a handbag for my old Gooliope, though Im sure she had one, but the new Gooliopes bag has the same problem as the headband- when am I ever going to use this?


And then, the first Gooliope had those attractive shoulder things, which Im not sure what to call


Unlike the boat-hat and anchor-bag, I think I could well end up using these with other outfits. They arent so outlandish as to be unusable, and I reckon they’d look good with a goth-type jacket. Does anyone remember the black parade ones? Like that style. New Gooliope also has no booklet or diary or anything, though I get the impression that MH is kind of not doing those so much, only for new characters maybe.

Good points! She does come with a stand, which Im thrilled by. Stands are another thing MH seems to be doing a lot less of. And I do love her shoes

They are definitely different in design from the first version, they actually have some painted details, and I like the fact that they have some dripping goo at the top, given that they are for the goo monster. Plus, at the end of the day, I am very pleased to get another larger doll, and very pleased to get another Gooliope. Ive been wanting to repaint one for a while, but I like them all too much to take off the factory paint. This doll being so similar in face to the other means I feel much happier to do it, and Im looking forward to working with her unusual skin colour. Im also thinking about having a go at body blushing, seeing as she has all that dripping goo texture on her. And Ill sort her out a new outfit. She’ll be a fun project (cos I totally dont have enough doll projects on the go right now)


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