More DC superhero girls

So, yeah, still none of the promised customs for you. Im much better at starting them than finishing them. I’ve finally caved and decided to buy some Mr Super Clear, because the sealant Ive been using was ending up with a sticky finish. They started alright, but then after a week or so the doll ends up with a sticky, shiny face. I was determined not to buy MSC, because I cant believe that the only good sealant is the one I have to spend loads of money shipping from another country, but I found a seller on ebay where its only £10 to ship from belgium, so that’ll have to do. Still cant believe im shipping from blooming belgium, but there you go. Ultimately, I care enough about doing this that its worth doing it properly.

In the mean time, I have had a birthday, and my family bought me DC superhero girls Harley and Ivy. (Since then I actually bought Bumblebee too because I really really like these dolls). I went to visit my parents for a weekend, sadly my brother is working away, and we went out for lunch to a stately home near to where they live, and walked around the gardens as my birthday outing. We had such a good time, just being together as a family, although we all did miss my brother, and Harley and Ivy came along too!


Ivy really enjoyed the varied plant life


And of course, she gave a bit of TLC to anything that she felt needed it

Harley mostly saw the plants as being something to climb on, and enjoyed herself thoroughly.


Here is a brief moment they spent together, talking while Harley rests from all the climbing


But the Harley was off again, exploring everything she could find, and leaving Ivy to shake her head from the ground level



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