Batgirl in action!

So, its over a month since my last post. Oopsy. To be fair, Ive been busy, as usual. Shortly after my last post I moved house. Was I planning to move house? Well, no. My new place is really nice, luckily, and its cleaner, more space so I can display my dolls etc, it was just a big messy mess of circumstances. That said, I have still managed to work on doll customs in that time, so theres really no excuse. Im planning to share a lot more of my customs in the future, but in the meantime, just to prove Im still here, I’ve got some photos I took of the DC Superhero Girls doll Batgirl in my parents garden.


She’s a fantastic poser! I tried to get the perspectives so it looks like she’s in a bit of a jungle


The leaves are a bit big, but I guess they’re giant tropical plants. That mighty tree she’s in is really rather small, but I think its pretty believable

Im not sure that this works so well, I had to make her hook an arm round a plant support to stand which makes for an odd pose.


I was visiting my family for a BBQ, and whilst they thought I was nuts to whip out a doll and camera and start crawling around on the floor, they’re used to me 🙂 Im lucky that they accept my interests. They dont get it, but they get that I like it, and they try.

I even managed to get my mum and brother to join in a bit, though dad turned his nose up. These last photos are taken with the aid of my brothers super-long arms to get her right into the flower beds

Mum was getting into it with poses. I love doing stuff like that with them, just silly stuff mucking around. I know you cant see her face properly in that last one, but I still really like these photos. They remind me of a fun time with people I love



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