Alice in Wonderland- customised Elsa doll

So far, so good in my resolution to post more. Its not as if I dont have anything to say after all, I am FULL of opinions.

Today I want to share one of my few finished customs. I have tons that are repainted, but waiting for an outfit so I can properly present them to the world. I finished this outfit on sunday night, and promised myself I could write about it once Id done a certain amount of my uni work. Since its been a fair while since I shared a custom, Im hoping you’ll be able to see some improvement on earlier work. I feel like recently I’ve made a bit of a skills breakthrough with the faces, and this doll is from the early stages of that breakthrough.

So, this doll was a Disney Animators Collection Elsa, that I bought on ebay for fairly cheap due to her condition

These photos are from after Id spent a bit of time with her hair and done a clean up. I mean, she’s hardly trashed, but you’d be a bit cheeky to charge much for her when she can be bought for around £20 new, sometimes less if there’s a sale on. I’ve wanted to repaint an animators doll, but they are a little expensive to buy new for that reason, and also, they are so gorgeous in their own right I dont really want to take off the original face. However, Elsa wasn’t a favourite of mine out of the dolls, and I decided to go for it.

First of all, her face was actually kinda hard to get off. The eyebrows really wanted to stay. I left her actual eyes as they were, because I liked them, taking off everything else includng the thick black lines, which Im not sure if they are eyeliner or lashes. I think she’s too young for eyeliner, but then you cant see the individual lashes. Whatever, all that was left was the pupils, irises and sclera.

Then, I had to decide what to do with her. I dont always go into these things with a character or look in mind, but I wanted to make her into someone specific. I considered a bunch of different blonde characters (rerooting isnt really my forte), like Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls, Harley Quinn, Alice, Tinkerbell, and one of the blonde sailor scouts. Then the actual Animators Collection Alice came out, and I didnt really like her. I think her face looks a tad derp when I’ve seen her in person. So, Alice it is! Or my version of her, at least, I dont find making carbon-copies very much fun.

Here’s the new face

I struggled to get a good close-up shot, as usual. Im not sure if I need a new camera, since mine is old, second-hand and lacking instructions, or if Im just bad at it. Anyway, she does have freckles, which you can only sort of see. I also made the whole outfit from scratch

No pattern, I just fit it to the doll as I went along. The dress and apron are separate, although I sewed a petticoat/underskirt directly to the dress instead of making that separate. She still doesnt have any shoes currently


And, the back. That giant bow is sewn, with metal snaps underneath. I tend to favour snaps as fastenings rather than velcro because they are easier to sew by hand. I do use a sewing machine sometimes, but I like to take my sewing about with me, so I still do a lot by hand. The apron is supposed to be longer than the dress skirt, which I know is a bit unusual. Not quite as much as this picture makes it look though, its only a little shorter. The lace is from my mums stash, and I think is quite old, whilst the underskirt, which you can just about see here, is recycled from something else too, making it old-ish. Finally, here’s some more photos of Alice, just because

Im pleased with the fact that Ive managed to make her look different to Elsa. A frined of mine, one who does know her princesses, didnt even realise that was the sculpt til I’d told her, which seems like an indicator of success. Im also fairly happy with the outfit, there are a few fit issues but the overall look is good and the issues are only small ones. For instance, I think I made the neck of the apron too wide, but i dont know if anyone else would even notice that one. Im also please with how the hair turned out. It was just a trim and a brush, but it’s sitting exactly how I wanted it to.

I hope you like her! Its kinda nerve-wracking sending my little baby out into the world, open to criticism. I mean, people have seen her, but my mum and my friends aren’t very well going to say they dont like her, are they


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