Im sorry!

I’ve not posted in ages 😦 Like, I couldn’t even remember how long it had been. Life has been doing that thing again. My degree has had me really busy, and Im working a lot of shifts because I really want to be able to afford to live on my own as soon as possible. Plus, both of my grandads have been unwell. My beloved grandad Derek, who I was especially close to, became ill fairly suddenly, and passed away in may after around a month in hospital. My dads father has also been in and out of hospital, and although that isn’t really new for him, we know that he is getting worse too.

However, not blogging doesnt mean that Ive not been doing stuff with my dolls, because I totally have! I have loads to share, and hopefully Ill manage to get more posts up about what Ive been doing. I’ve got a lot of new customs, and Im really starting to get the hang of it I think, so thats going to be fun to share.

Here are a few photos from when I was down south visiting my dads dad in hospital, as a bit of an apology


There was a community event happening for Easter, and half the pier was covered in knitting and crochet. Some of it was incredibly creative, and it really made us smile during a less than happy visit.

I took my two Hasbro Disney dolls with me that Ive put on made to move bodies, mostly as a comfort thing. I wasnt anticipating having much time for them, and in fact these are the only photos I managed, but I just wanted to take someone with me.


Whilst grandad was having treatment and we couldn’t be with him we visited, which is a wonderful wildlife park dedicated entirely to conservation. Every time we go down south we visit, and at one point I was sponsoring their polecats. Its a lovely place, and I would recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to go. I took some pictures Im quite proud of, considering the subjects were moving, and not very nearby. You cant get right up to the enclosures, sensibly, and they’re also nice and large, so I used a lot of zoom to get the animals visible in the shots


Thanks for reading my little ramble. Im going to go back to talking mostly about dolls now, and hopefully a bit more often than Ive been doing too.


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