So, in march, maybe? Not sure honestly. These dolls appeared at TKMaxx, aka one of my favourite doll hunting spots


I had never seen or heard of Cocodels before, but I did like their overall look. The writing on the box is all in english, which means I couldnt use it to try to guess which country they’re from, but Im sure its not the UK. Apart from the fact that Ive never seen them before, the english on the box is a bit stilted, as if its a translation. Google wasnt much help for me either, as I couldn’t find much mention of them. The main place I found them was on, which I have since started following. The writer lives in the phillipines, so I know that they were sold there at least, but Im not sure if thats all. Anyways, they were cute, so I bought one to get a look at.


The writing around that picture is in several european languages, which makes me think they might have been sold somewhere in europe. All the dolls have names which sound like months of the year, and their outfits are appropriate for the weather you might expect during that month. This matches up with the seasons in the UK pretty well, warm in August and cold in January etc, which I think matches with the european idea. If they were designed for somewhere with a totally different climate, these outfits would’t make any sense.

The boxes are cute little rooms, which I was tempted to keep for display


Each one has the same layout, with a calendar showing the matching month, and the window depicting appropriate weather

The boxes also click together to stack, but sadly only vertically


More than two stacked is going to be very unstable. Ultimately I got rid of the boxes for space reasons. There are of course twelve dolls, one for each month, and in the end I got one of each. I just really liked them, they were only about £5 each and after I got a few I kind of wanted to collect the set.


These three are the winter months


The spring girls




And the autumns, who I think are my favourites. Each group of three has the same eye colours as each other, which is why Ive sorted them the way I have. Each one comes with a fairly simple fabric outfit, removable shoes, and one accessory. Its omstly plastic hair decorations, but two have fabric hats, and theres also a handbag and an umbrella.

Their hair is removable, and their heads hollow, so you could swap that around too if you wanted. Theres actually only four hair moulds, they’re just repeated in different colours, but Im ok with that in such a cheap doll. That would only bother me if I was paying a lot more than I did


And its kinda squishy!

Now the actual theme of these dolls, apart from the seasons, seems to be that they are makeup dolls, and they each come with makeup items “For you and your doll!”, as well as a sheet of stickers


Quite a few repeats here, but then, how many different makeup items even exist? We’ve got lip stuff, eye stuff, glittery stuff… its not really my area, but I can see the pink and sparkles working for a child.

Here are two of the girls with the lipgloss on, which you could barely see even in real life, and the glitter. I decided to try it on the hair to mix things up a bit, but actually as the hair is rubbery, unlike the faces which are smooth hard plastic, I regretted that decision because it took a while to get off.

Heres a few of the products in my hands- really not much effect. Mind you, thats probably a good thing for little kids, who might well be messy with this stuff. I know I was when I had toy makeup available to me.

Heres two photos of her wearing different makeup. Can you even tell the difference? (Yeah, I know the second one is horribly blurry, sorry)


Here you can see that Ive managed to make marks on her cheeks with a bit of effort


But at least it all more or less came off.

I said that they all came with stickers, but in fact some of them came with temporary tattoos instead. I tried them out on my stomach, and they seem to be of decent quality

The stickers were probably the most promising part of this stuff. Some were just a bit odd

I couldnt find an attractive way to use them on the dolls, since the scale was really too big.

But, there were some designed to go around the eye area which I really liked the look of

They seemed quite sticky too, like they wouldnt fall off straight away.

Honestly, I wasnt really all that interested in that side of the dolls anyway though. All the makeup found its way pretty quickly into the bin. I was quite interested to explore the outfits further, and in fact those exceeded my expectations in places

I expected the dolls wearing closed jackets to have nothing on underneath, and whilst that was sometimes the case, we also had a painted on top (better than nothing) as well as some with full outfits underneath


Some of them were separate tops and skirts, and that scarf is also a separate piece. They do all have coloured legs instead of tights, but at that size I think its fine, they really arent large dolls. Even with the oversized heads they’re shorter than Barbie.


All in all I like them. They’re cute, a little different, and would be great toys for younger children as their parts are large, and they would be easy to handle. Plus, I love finding dolls that havent been sold in the UK, its always fascinating


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