Hasbro Princess/Barbie body swap

When I first posted about Hasbros version of Merida, I did mention that I would have liked her to have better articulation, and that I was considering getting her a new body. I quite fancied the Made to Move Barbie, but when I was thinking about it, I couldnt find anyone else who’d already tried it. Ive seen a lot of people putting various heads on the made to move body, from other Barbie faces to Pullip dolls. They’d all been successful, but I couldnt find anyone who’d taken off a Hasbro head at all, so I really didnt know what I was likely to find. I was actually pretty surprised not to be able to find anything. I remember, when Gooliope Jellington became available, repaints and customisations were appearing online very rapidly. I suppose there was a bit more excitement about her though. DSCN9796.JPG

I picked the asian made to move for Meridas new body. The skin match isnt perfect, Merida has more of a pink tone, but its the best I could do. Im hoping Mattel is going to do more made to move skin tones, I have heard rumours that they will. They’d be daft not to, because I suspect that more of their sales than usual are coming from customisers for these dolls. I intended to try and put the made to move head onto Meridas body, too, to see how it looked. From now on, Ill call made to move Lea. She isnt named on her box, but she is using the Lea face sculpt, and I do need to call her something.


Here are the neck pegs. Lea, on the left, has the usual peg that Barbie always has in my experience, but Meridas peg is a bit different. When I put the Lea head on it, because the peg is so short, it bobbled quite a lot, but Ive found that if I build up the peg with hot glue, it helps a lot. There is still a little bit of a bobble, but Merida had that in the first place, so Im fine with it. I can position her head, and it does stay, it just falls out of position a bit more easily. When I got Meridas head off, I found that the neck socket narrowed significantly, and I couldnt put her onto Leas body. I would have taken a photo to try and show you, but based on my past attempts to show you details and things, I didnt see a point in even trying. It’d just come out super blurry, and I dont have any idea of how to improve it. Anyway, I ended up taking a pair of scissors, and using one blade to carve out a wider hole. It did work, but I feel pretty anxious about how thats gonna turn out in the long term. The kind of plastic that her head is, if you get a split in it it can just spread along every time it gets pulled on. Im going to treat her head pretty gently.


Heres Merida. She’s mostly wearing Barbie clothes, but the vest actually belongs to Dexter Charming, and the scarf is Lori by OG. I actually store all of my different doll clothes together, rather than separated by doll type, because I tend to have a lot of fun when I mix it up a bit, and I get some very nice results. My Gooliope Jellington is currently wearing the giant Bratz Cloes skirt, and a Ken shirt. Its a nice casual look.


I brushed out her curls, too. I bought a second Merida for the rebodying, because I liked the original, and I didnt want to change her at all. This Merida I was free to do what I liked with, so I did brush her hair, and as I expected it turned into a hugely frizzy mess. Needs to be tied back, certainly.


And here she is with Lea. I love how she looks on this body, I think that the proportions are very nice.


I think she looks better than Hasbros Mulan with my Disney store Mulan. The head sizes are closer, and so she could be a little sister, or a daughter. So cute!


A final bonus, I had a moment of inspiration and tried a Bratzillaz dress on her, and its a great fit! So thats a new option for dressing the Hasbro girls


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