Hasbros Princesses Jasmine and Merida


They really are here now! Smyths had all of them on display on friday. The website says that they’ll be available from feb 1st, and they wouldnt actually scan on the till, but the staff just scanned something else of the same price so that I could buy them anyway. With these two, there is a very apparent difference in height.


Jasmine is definitely the shortest, and I love her face as well.


But even with Mulan and Merida there is still a subtle difference.


Here is Jasmine with the Disney version. I think they look better together than the two Mulans did, because they match better in the large head


My Disney Jasmine usually lives in Rapunzels wedding dress, because it looks gorgeous on her. I think that thats the main disadvantage of the Hasbro dolls, their clothes sharing options are limited. Disney store princesses, mattel princesses and Barbies can all share clothes reasonably well. Its not perfect, but it mostly works, and Hasbro princesses are quite different in body shape. When Jasmine is wearing her own outfit, however, the two could be sisters


Its perfect, because they look similar, but not identical, like real family members would be.


Their skin tones arent quite the same, but again, I think that thats realistic. My brother doesnt have skin anywhere as fair as mine. And, Disney Jasmines body looks more developed and mature. As well as being shorter than the other Hasbro girls, I think Jasmines body is a bit younger looking over all.


Its quite subtle, but Mulans arms are slimmer, for instance.

I also dug out my Mattel princesses for this review, now that I have a few of the Hasbro girls as well for a comparison.


Here are my three Mattel girls (As I mentioned previously, Im not bothering with my mattel Merida because she’s very customised). They are all from around the same time period, as Im sure you can tell.


Despite the differences in the sleeves, you can see that the skirts are basically variations on the same design


Faces are pretty similar too. None of the character that the Hasbro girls have, and Snow White in particular really looks nothing like the film character. I keep her hair tied back because its incrediby unruly otherwise.


Bodywise, well. Jasmine can get into Belles dress, but its definitely too long, and Belle cant even pull Jasmines dress over her hips. I definitely like the Hasbro girls better than the Mattels. Apart from the fact that they even made the characters I like most, they have so much more character.


Here are my two Meridas. Disney store has more detail in her face, but Hasbro Merida has better eyes. Almost all of the Disney store ones seem to have a bit of ‘derp eye’.


In terms of hair, which is one of Meridas most dominant features, Disney does look closer to the film. But, that said, its kept that way by a massive load of hair product. Hasbro has lovely soft, product-free hair, and it does still look nice even so. Both of them, I think would be ruined by brushing it unfortunately.

Heres Merida in two of my Mattel dresses. They look nice without being a perfect fit I think.


And she does look nice in the Disney store dress, even though its far too long


I tried an outfit swap between Merida and Jasmine, to see what difference the heights make. They can pretty much swap. Jasmines top is a bit of a tight squeeze on Merida, but I love this dress on Jasmine.


And Disney store Merida can still wear her dress, even on Barbies body, so I can get a nice little line up of blue dresses going. I love these new Hasbro dolls, can you tell? And of course I adore Merida in general


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