New stuff from the Disney store! Lilo and Stitch, and Tomorrowland

So, Im into the Animators Collection dolls. Im really trying to hold myself back on them, because they’re pretty big, but I love them. I had an exam today, and to celebrate afterwards I thought Id go to the Disney store and pick up Merida. She’s my favourite Disney princess, but I keep getting other dolls ahead of her for some reason. So, today was going to be the day. And then, the first thing I noticed when I walked in was…


Its Lilo!!!! OMG she’s so cute and awesome and wantwantwant. As it happened, my store was out of stock on Merida, so there was no need to think twice, I bought her. I had no idea that she was even coming out! Did anyone know about this? Was it online somewhere that I missed? Who knows, Im in love. I found one other cool thing at the Disney store too (well I found lots of cool things, its the disney store, but you know)


This is apparently an action figure, though Id call her a doll, of a character from the film Tomorrowland. I spotted her online before christmas, and I liked the look of her, but I didnt want to buy her unless I saw her in person, because the Disney store website pictures just werent that good. I mean, they looked very nice, but you cant get a good detailed look at her. Usually, when I find myself in this situation, I can turn to other doll bloggers, and youtubers, to get a closer look at them, but noone seems to have done this doll yet that I can find. For instance, Im already pretty sure I want to get my hands on one of the Star Darlings dolls at some point, because loads of american collectors who can already get them have done reviews. But for Athena, nothing, and when I went to look for her in the shop, the ladies who work their didnt think she was likely to appear in shops at all, they reckoned she’d be an online only. So, Id given up on that, but there she was today for half price, so I got her too. But first, Lilo!!!!! I am so so so happy with her, she looks just like the character in the film


The risk with Lilo would be that she is young in the film, and so we already know what she looks like young. For Cinderella, for example, we never see her as a toddler, so I cant see any problem with her doll. Tiana, however, we see as a child in the film, and so when I see her animators doll, Im struck by the fact that I dont think they look as alike as they should, which really puts me off. But Lilo is perfect


Her face is so endearing, and I feel like they stayed very true to the animation rather than cutting corners, or prettying her up to a more standardised face mold with pouty lips and stuff


Even the print on her dress is positioned right, when it would probably have been easier to get fabric with that print all over it, and just use whatever placement of the leaves happened as it was cut out


These sandals are gorgeous, although they do fall off quite a bit. Elastic bands would fix that though. She came with some on, I just took them off to photograph


And then the fact that she comes with Scrump is just the icing on the cake, because Scrump actually is her soft toy. I think all the soft toys these dolls have are cute, but sometimes I find myself wondering why. When we have mini stuffed toy versions of the characters future animal companions, it just doesnt quite click for me, but of course Lilo has Scrump, that is perfectly realistic. The only criticism I have of Lilo is that she was harder to get out of the box than usual animators dolls. She had the dreaded plastic ties to the skull


I dont understand why Disney felt that that was necessary. They were already plenty secure in those boxes.

Then, Athena


Athena is a character in the film Tomorrowland. I havent seen it and dont plan to, it doesnt look like my sort of thing, but I did watch the CinemaSins to get an idea of the plot, and Athena is apparently a robot. She has two outfits, the dress which she seems to wear only in flashbacks that the hero has, and then this jacket and trousers thing which she wears in the main film when she’s being badass or something. I dont know, I just like the doll


Her face is very much more realistic than a Disney princess doll, and she does look a reasonable amount like her character. The only difference which bothers me is that the character has really awesome freckles all over her face, and this dolls are a bit more restrained


Her face has nice molded detail, like a bit of a brow bone, and eyelids that are actually a touch raised. Looking straight at her she isnt perfect, but then when I catch her out of the corner of my eye across the room, she looks exactly like she should


Under her jacket she has this two-layer top thing, which makes it look like she’s wearing four layers in total, though two of them arent real garments


The quality and detail in the clothes is very good. Seeing as she was described as an action figure, I had reasonable high hopes of her articulation. She does have elbow and wrist joints, as well as a rib joint which I wasnt expecting


However, her shoulders are pretty stiff


And theres no ankle articulation, and just a snap knee. I dont particularly know why I was expecting great things from Disney, which does always seem to have difficulties with its dolls legs, but she was sold as an action figure, which to me implies that she can do action.


Her shoes are awesome


but somehow when she’s wearing the second pair, the point of her foot and the heel of the shoes dont quite balance out, and so she cant stand flat on the floor


Heres her Tomorrowland/flashback type outfit. In the flashback scenes her hair is up in a higher ponytail with ringlets, but she come swith her hair in the later style that she wears


I tried to tweak it, but even if I got the high ponytail, Im not likely to get decent ringlets out of that. The hair is that really straight feeling fibre, which seems to go back to straight no matter what you do


She comes with a Tomorrowland pin, but its just plastic, and I feel like it’ll break with a lot of handling. Finally, she has a hat and bag


The hat wont stay on. At first I thought it was her hairstyle, but even when I took it down it still wouldnt. I really like her though, Im glad I was able to get her, and thrilled about Lilo


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