Ebay Part 3- Babyz are here!

After setting up that little lot, I thought that was it. A massive amount of stuff seemed to have arrived, and seeing as I didnt actually stop to count the parcels, I just assumed I was done, even though I was a bit disappointed that no Bratz Babyz turned up. I thought Id ordered some? Well, I was tired and on the tail end of a cold, ok. The next day, while I was out at the shops, my poor housemate had to answer the door to another parcel for me however, and when I opened that one, feeling vaguely puzzled…


Looks like I did buy some Babyz! Sadly there were a few casualties from the journey


Sadly, I couldnt just pop her head back on, because the peg is actually broken, and there wasnt enough left to get a purchase and glue it on, without her head having to sit all the way down on the neck. I guess I could have worked something out, but with a huge pile of other dolls needing cleaning and hair TLC, I honestly wasnt that up for it.


And, this charming cutie, who I really like, has a head full of water. Like, it sloshes when I shake it. Everywhere I put her she leaves a little trail of water. I dont know how to dry that out properly, and I dont want her to go manky and smell, so I got rid of her too. Sad though, but I think the whole pile cost me about a tenner. I just wasnt that invested.


There were two Bratz Kidz in the bundle, including a boy, so those are a cute bonus


There are two other, non-water containing Babyz with no actual hair, just the moulded plastic.


They have little holes where Im guessing you would put removable hair, like the cutie pops or Pinkie Cooper, but the holes are different shapes, so I guess that means no hair swapping? If thats the case, then why make them removable? I dont quite get that.

There are two other dolls which differ from the majority


These two have a side-to-side waist joint, and the same in the neck, so that they can sort of wobble.


They also both have what looks like an electrical contact in one foot, so I suppose they dance. And, unfortunately one of them has dark blue stains under her armpits, which wont come out. These two are my least favourites. They’re harder to photograph because they have a shinier complexion, and their legs dont actually move, so its a little limiting. I guess this is a downside of buying bundles of stuff, its cheaper per doll, but it is a little hit and miss.


And, four regular Bratz Babyz. Neatly,it seems to have worked out that I almost have one each of the main four.


Just lacking a Jade. I think that the girl on the far left, and the one with the popped off head, may have been the twins Nita and Nora. Im gonna make them some cute little dresses, its gonna look so sweet. Also, for a bonus


I washed their hair using a jug of water. This is what it looked like afterwards. I wouldnt really have said that they were particularly dirty dolls, but its amazing what came out of their hair, and they do feel a lot nicer now too. Overall, Im pretty happy with the stuff I bought. Im pretty certain I didnt spend any more than £50 on the whole lot over these three posts, including p&p, so thats awesome. Just that last parcel did disappoint me a bit, with two dolls I had to throw. I mean, I didnt have to, I could have tried to salvage them, but I wasnt so confident of managing it. And even if I had, you dont want stuff to arrive broken, unless its explicitly advertised as such


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