Ebay part 2- mostly Bratz Kidz

This stuff and the next post I actually ordered on a separate day to my Liv doll, but everything arrived at the same time. Ive really been getting back into Bratz lately. When I was younger, and had Bratz, I wasnt super into them because I already had a well-established Barbie doll collection, and the two brands weren’t super compatible. However, I am loving the relaunch, and Ive been finding lots of pictures and videos of the older Bratz and really liking them. I decided to look for bundled lots of Bratz dolls, especially the Bratz Kidz, which Id never had. I didnt care if they were a bit ratty and needed some love, Id much rather get a handful of dolls with no clothes and tangled hair than pay the same price for just one doll in pristine condition with all her accessories. I mean, making clothes for dolls is a big part of what I like about them!


This is actually the first parcel, just the one doll. She wasnt exactly the kind of bundle that I had in mind, but the price was right.

The next package I found by accident, seeing as I was looking for Bratz Kidz


Its Bratz Genie Magic Meygan!. Her face is a bit messed up


The white bits came off fine, but I could tell just looking that the pink stain wouldnt, and she had more of the same on her legs


Those arent such a big deal to me though, you can cover those. Her hair brushed out really nicely, if fluffy


And I managed to at least improve her face too


I tried to mix a paint to match her skin tone and just went over the stain in thin layers. Face-to-face you can still completely see that she has something there, but it stands out a whole lot less. She’s a really pretty doll, and now I feel like I could display her on a shelf without it bothering me.

She also came with her second outfit


I assumed initially that this dresser had come with her set, the style really matches, but it looks like its from a different set in the same line


The drawer was full of tiny random accessories


Im not sure if they’re all originally Bratz, but they are all in the right scale to use anyway. She also had a bunch of other clothes with her, which is one of the things that drew me, since I already have a couple of the older style Bratz.


Heres all the trousers/leggings. Jeans are a really handy purchase, because Im not great at making them so that they sit right. I also recognised the leggings straight away. They’re from the wintertime wonderland Jade doll, which was my first ever Bratz doll. I wish I still had her, I did manage to not lose much of her little accessories so I practically had the whole set.


Im pretty certain that these two bits are part of the same outfit, they look it


Then, two more tops, which might go with some of the trousers, Im not sure, a bag which I think is nothing to do with Bratz but it is cute, and a scarf. The scarf is interestin because I had one that looked almost the exact same for one of my mini Bratz dolls, I think it was a Cloe


And a few other bits. The bag is also from that wintertime wonderland Jade, and although I never had those exact shoes, I had that mould in a different colour Im almost certain.

Now, the final parcel! This is what I had in mind when I was looking for doll bundles


Its a pile of dolls in bags. First bag:



Im not convinced that thats actually a Bratz shirt. If anything, it has a home-made vibe to it, if very well home-made.


Id guess that this is Yasmine. However, the dress and shoes are from a regular Bratz, not a Kidz doll


She’s got some wierd marks on her legs, but they came off


Jade, just needing a bit of time with the hair brush. And once again, I do not think that those are her shoes. Cute though

Two mini Bratz. I think Jade again, but Im not sure about the blonde. Normally I would guess Cloe, but she has green eyes and brown streaks in her hair. They arent really what I bought the bundle for, but I dont have a problem with them.

Next bag!


The coat is definitely home made, and the fur had a really awful texture, so I just binned it. I cant even describe it, I just didnt like it. And thats the same bag from the lot with Meygan


These shoes look completely like Bratz shoes, but Im not sure if they are because they dont have the peg attachment bit inside, and there is a slit down the back to allow a doll with feet to get into them, so Im a bit confused by that


Here’s a better look at the doll. I really dont warm to her face, there’s something about the eyes I think. Comparing her to Meygan, she has a bigger gap between her iris and the bottom of the eye, I think her pupil is a bit small, and I would actually also have liked her to have a bit more eye makeup. I mean, I went looking for older Bratz for the look thats typical of them. But, I felt sufficiently confident in my painting to have a go at sorting her out. I know I risked ruining her, but since I didnt like her anyway, thats not a problem


I am really happy with it. You can completely tell its an amateur job, but I like how it turned out anyway.

Final bag:


Theres a little paper shopping bag with fake flowers in, which seems flimsy, and I just binned it.That fluffy coat is again from the wintertime wonderland Jade. I guess both of these sellers must have had her. None of these three dolls have their own clothes or shoes either. One of them seems to be wearing Bratz boy shoes, and I dont think that the stripey green onesy deal is anything Bratz at all


This looks like another Jade, but with a cute little sideways fringe thing going on. For some reason, Bratz fringes seem to be immune to the issues that plague Barbie, which I am very glad of


Im certain that this is a Cloe, although lord only knows what that outfit is


And lastly, a Yasmine. I put all the clothes in the washing machine (risking shrinking, but it was fine), washed and brushed their hair, and Im very happy with them. The only remaining issue is that of shoes, since in all of this lot, and my final parcel I havent shown you yet, I found two pairs of Bratz kidz shoes. Might have to try moulding them some feet a la tree chage dolls, though I dont really like the way those look to be honest. Ill have to think about it


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