Ebay shopping- Part 1

As the title suggests, I have been on ebay. It was actually about a week before christmas that I ordered stuff, but obviously post was pretty delayed, and then I was away at my parents house, and so only got my hands on them around a week ago. Not that this has any relevance, but I just want to point out that Im posting this pretty promptly for me. Cos I can be proud of that if I want to. During the time of exams and essays, its nice to feel like Ive accomplished something!

Ive split my stuff into three parts, although there were actually five parcels, because there wasnt much in some of them, and they kind of go together anyway. This first part is just one parcel, because the doll I got is completely different- she’s a Liv doll


Im gonna be honest, I have no idea which one. Im not sure how to work it out, since I have no idea what, if anything, that she came with is originally hers. I mean, when you can even change the hair, I just dont have a lot to go on. I feel bad about that, I normally try to know a bit about a doll before I write about it, but I have no clues. I know I didnt know who that Barbie was the other week, but I did really try to find out. I think she might be a university Barbie now, anyway. Its so awesome to finally have  Liv though. She’s bigger than I expected. Even though Ive seen photos and videos where Liv dolls are pt next to others, I still didnt seem to get a grasp of her size or weight, she feels really substantial. She makes me want to sew her practical clothes, rather than pretty dresses. Its such a shame they dont make Liv any more, because although she’s still a bit proportionally iffy, I do think that they make a nice alternative for the “barbies and bratz make girls anorexic airheads” brigade type people. Or, just less hysterical people who want a more active toy for their child I guess


She did come with a wig. Is it her wig? I honestly dont know. Cute, anyway, though it does require a bit of arranging to keep the cap hidden. She also came with a whole array of other stuff




Theres random scraps of clothes, I think most of them arent hers because the fit isnt great. The hairbrush is Bratz, and the blue thing seems to be a wig stand. Thats why I wonder if the hair is hers, because I believe that when you buy the hair separately it comes on one of those.

I did wonder if her ginormous earrings might be a clue as to her identity


They didnt seem to want to come out, so I figured maybe they’d been there all along. However, it turns out that the reason that they were difficult was because they were never meant to be there in the first place


They’re just human earrings that are bent a bit wierd, which is why they wouldnt come out without some firm tugging.

Now then, the interesting thing about this slightly random selection of stuff, is that it isnt a random handful from some childs toybox, but put together in a set by an adult. The ebay seller had a few similar sets, dolls with an array of stuff, and each doll had a name, as they had all been used in photography. So, I got Scarlett. She is apparently a ballerina


The other dolls that they were selling were Barbies, and I wasnt at all interested because their faces looked to have been altered with paint (thats not a problem but I didnt like how it looked so why would I buy them). I was really excited by this seller, thinking it was so awesome to find this interesting, UK-based(!!!!) doll photographer. But, when I tried to look into this person, I could find no pictures of dolls at all. Their website is czemunie.weebly.com, so you can go look if you want, but that is your decision. Its not doll stuff, I didnt particularly want to link to it because it has nothing to do with my blog, I just wanted to give them the credit for what they have done. They sent that nice photo with her, and I couldnt very well include it without. Anyway, thats part one. The other two have nothing to do with Liv dolls whatsoever!


One thought on “Ebay shopping- Part 1”

  1. Nice new doll! I’m pretty sure she is Daniela, not sure which release. It really is too bad they stopped making LIV dolls, I really like them! They fit some Barbie clothes.


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