Deco Desi Again

I found some more of those deco desi dolls. Like, a month ago. Whatever, december was a busy month. I found them not long after I’d given up checking back for them, when I popped into that shop for something else. I want to share the final two sets I have because these two sets have beds in them. I also found the titular Desi, although that doesnt seem to make any difference to what the set contains, its just the same as all the others.


Its still the same basic sets


Here is Desi, with a bed, chair, TV, and entertainment centre-type set up


I cant remember what this girls name is. I just remembered Desi because she’s the ‘main’ character, as far as there is one. She also has a bed, a table and two chairs


So hard to photograph stuff thats this small, but that purple thing is actually a teddy bear. I want to briefly summarise the beds


The cover is removable, and the doll can lie in it, so despite the tiny size, there is still the play value, which is what I admired so much about the other sets.

The other thing, is the variety. Now that I have so many sets, I have come across some repetition in the wallpaper stickers


Although, even then, they’ve not used the same print on the same shape of wall. But everything else is unique! At a casual glance it looks as if they’ve reused molds in different colours, but they are actually all different


One of the tables has curved legs, the other straight


And the beds have different headboards! Everything is like that. The chairs are different shapes, its all individual. I love that attention to detail in such an inexpensive set. I do think that when it comes to toys at the cheaper end of the spectrum, you do only get what you pay for, but with these guys I definitely got more.

One last thing, is something I think is a bit funny. Obviously, I did a whole review on the other sets I got, in more detail than this. One of the things I talked about was how you could make them ‘sit’ in the chairs and things, although they were actually just standing, but their stubby legs meant it looked alright. Well…


Yeah. Their legs do bend after all. I managed to set them all up, have a play with them, and do a the photos for the post, without realising. They actually have a hinge under their dresses, though I struggled to get a good photo of it


I know I suck at this. You can kind of see, I think. Im holding two of them in that photo, one standing and one sitting, and the different position is sort of there. Why cant I get my photos to come out better though, seriously? Is there a trick Im missing? Anyway, happy new year!


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