Bratz Sleepover Party Dolls

So yeah, this happened;

The ASDA exclusive (walmart in the US) Sleepover Party dolls. All four of them. I say that like it was a total impulse,  but I knew that I did really want them, and today I found all of them, on sale for £15 each. Now, I know that thats £60, which is a touch over-budget, but Im not convinced that Id ever get them cheaper, and this was actually the first time Id even found Yasmin in a shop at all.

I think that the Bratz dolls have been priced pretty high ever since the re-launch. I wouldnt consider £15 to be a good sale price on an ever after high doll, I would probably hang on in there and hope for it to get lower, but for these dolls I thought it would be worth it. I try to keep an eye on prices when Im interested in dolls, and Ive noticed something of a pattern when it comes to the Bratz. Not counting the two-packs, or that one five-pack, which are kind of different, theres three different types that have been released, roughly. The basic ones, which are the hello my name is, fierce fitness, selfie snaps. Just the doll, and a few small accessories. They’ve been priced as high as £20 early on in the release, and now they’re dropping down I’ve seen them as low as £9.99. Then there’s what you might call the deluxe ones, glam night out and study abroad. Two outfits, but still only pretty basic accessories. I know that study abroad has the suitcases, but those are pretty plain. I’ve seen them for £25-30 , and now they’re going down to below £20 quite often. However, the sleepover dolls I think are a step above that, in terms of the accessories. Its not number, or size, I think that its more play value. I mean, dont get me wrong, Im not dismissing the other lines, and I know I would have got plenty of fun out of any of them when I was younger, but I think that these accessories really add to the experience. Handbags and jewellery are nice, but all you can really do is put them on and take them off, you can get a whole scene going with this sort of stuff. You’ll see what I mean.

Anyway. The first thing I just briefly want to mention is the packaging. I can be a bit sporadic about mentioning packaging, but one of the nice things about these new dolls is that they all have different handles.


These ones have little fuzzy sleeping masks over the plastic handle, and I’ve actually removed them all to keep. They’re too cute to throw, and anyway, the size is actually just right for an 18″ doll to use


I just need to sew some elastic onto the sides. Now, onto the dolls!


Heres Yasmine in the outfit she wears in box.Cute, girly matching pj’s set. Not to my taste, but it matches the character they’ve established for her.


I like her second set better. The dressing gown is nice, although I dont think it’d be that warm, but the whole thing looks like its for warm weather. She only has the one pair of shoes, her fluffy slippers, but I mean, who has different pairs of slippers to match different pjs?


She also has a really cute crown of plaits which I like. I guess they’ve been messing with each others hair during their sleepover.

Accessories-wise, there are some things that all of the dolls have in common.


For some reason, they all have a large plastic animal. Yasmines is a frog. They all have a cartoonish animal mascot in the webisodes, but I dont know why its been embodied in this way, with this line. Maybe a soft toy, but these dont look like they are supposed to be cuddly at all.


Each doll has an overnight bag. Yasmines was the hardest to get a clear photo of, but there’s a raised design on it. The two sides of the bag are actually moulded together, and the hinge is part of them, which I think will help it last better than a hinge made of multiple components, for repeated opening and closing. It would be harder for small hands to dislodge it


It also holds all of her extra stuff. There are a few other things that all the other dolls have


Everyone has a sleeping mask, and they seem to all be in the same colour. I think that actually the colours are all just very muted.


Every doll also has a glittery moulded diary, toothbrush and toothpaste, and a nail varnish with a removable lid and moulded brush. The only difference between each doll is in the colour of the plastic, they each have the same mould.

However, on top of this they all have totally unique accessories too


Yasmines are all makeup. They’re nicely detailed, but the eyeshadow is one of the things that prompts me to say that the style of hinge in the suitcases is more reliable, because it came apart whilst getting it out of the packaging, and again nearly every other time Ive touched it. Im considering glue, as Id rather it be unable to function than lose a piece. Its not like the makeup can be used, so the look of it matters more to me.

So, thats everything for Yasmine. And, they all come with the lips shaped brush, which I have binned cos they’re pretty useless. Ive bought a wig brush to use on all of my dolls.


Jades first outfit. She was wearing a hoodie in the box, which is her dressing gown equivalent. I like that, its nice and casual and suits her character. Id also like to point out that her slippers have smiley faces and socks. Some people might think that socks to bed are an odd choice, but I like it because it means that any doll can wear those slippers. When there is skin showing in the shoes, they cant be as easily shared because the dolls have different skin tones.


Second outfit, not such a fan. Its… odd. Like, Im not sure exactly what it is. It doesnt really look like pjs, but neither does it look like anything else particularly.


Jades pet is a cat. Again, why?


The bag is really cute, and its not the same design as Yasmines, which is nice. It feels like some thought went into it, I wouldnt have been that surprised to see the same bag moulded in different coloured plastic for each doll.


Again, the same accessories in different colours. I think its fair that these have the same mould for each doll, because how many different designs of toothpaste are there?

Unique to Jade, there is what I think is a hairdryer


Considering the detail in Yasmines makeup, it looks a bit lame.

She has a camcorder. Its hard to show clearly, but it has the little fold out screen like a real one.

Finally, there’s a laptop or something. Im not totally sure, because Ive never seen a laptop with a fold up disc compartment like this, and it doesnt seem to have a keyboard. I like it though, it reminds me of one of the things I liked the most about my old bratz dolls, which was a laptop, more realistic than this, with a little slot in the side to insert a CD. Thats all that Jade has. She’s got less items, but they’re bigger, so it works out.


Here’s the firs Chloe outfit. I cant help but thing that these trousers look more like jeans or jeggings. No bad thing, it means they’re more versatile for other uses. The dressing gown is a bit more traditional, which I like.


These pjs are interesting. The shirt could so easily be used in a day time outfit though, even if Im not sure about it in this combo. And here, you can see what I mean about the slippers. If I put these on Sasha or Yasmine, it would be very noticeable that the feet were a different colour to the legs.


And, a flying pig. What.


Chloe has the biggest case, but even so, she can barely fit any of her unique accessories in it, because they are all food

I like them all, but the white thing, which I think is a carton from a takeaway, is a bit plain. I dont think that in the grand scheme, a little painted design would be hard. Might do it myself actually, but thats not the point. The carton handle is another one of the bits that makes me doubt the two-part hinge system, because thats always falling off too.


Another traditional dressing gown for Sasha, which I like. I like the little vest and shorts combo too. I feel like thats what Chloes second set was going for, but this does it better. I feel like Id see this on a real person.


I adore her other set. The trousers are looser, and with the baggy t-shirt it looks by far the most comfortable, and closest to something I would actually wear.


Her hair is also cute, with a little twisty thing going on, which I dont want to ever take down, because Ill never get it back again (fyi, Im not showing you the other hair because  theres no little detail to it that you need to see up close).


And, Sasha has a rabbit with a hair bow and twisted ears, because why on earth not? I dont quite like these pets. They could have made them to look like soft toys, in terms of size and shape, and given them a fluffy looking texture, which I would have liked more. Even made them actually be soft toys, though I imagine that that would be a bit much to ask. You could just print the image on a little cushion I guess. In my dream world, they would all come with a pillow and a sleeping bag, but I know I can make my own with little trouble.


Sasha has the smallest bag, it wont even fit her diary. Again, though, I like it, because its the most like something that I would use. A shoulder strap is much more practical.


She has three magazines, which are some sort of decal onto plastic moulded with pages. Having had toys magazines which are just folded card, I appreciate how sturdy they will be.


Finally, a stereo and microphone for karaoke.

Ive found the variability through this line to be quite interesting; I dont usually get the whole of a line ever, let alone in one go. Some accessories have really impressed me in the level of detail, but then some have just left me a bit underwhelmed. I felt like Chloe and Yasmine both had a clear theme to their accessories, Chloe had brought the snacks, and Yasmine the makeup. But then, Sashas magazines and karaoke dont make quite as much sense. I guess, she couldnt very well just bring one or the other. And then Jade, who is a character I normally identify with quite strongly, has the weirdest accessory mix if you ask me. According to her box, she’s all kitted out for sleepover selfies, but Im not totally convinced by them, and even if I was, the selfie thing has rather passed me by. Im in the right generation for it, it became a thing whilst I was in school, but Im an old grump at heart, and Ive either been slow to pick up, or refused to pick up, most innovations in social media and related technology.

One more thing I want to bring up about the new Bratz release is their interesting faces. With some dolls, it can feel like when you’ve got one, you’ve got them all in a sense. However, even though I now have two of each character, there’s really no doubt that they are different dolls.


Obviously, the two Sashas have different hair, but their makeup is also very distinct.


I know that the most glaring thing is the fact that Chloe has pink hair in one of my versions. But, her face mold is actually different, with an open and closed mouth being the most obvious. I think that theres more than that though, its in the jaw perhaps


I think that there’s something in the two Jades face molds too, and of course the makeup and eyebrows are different too.


My too Yasmines are the most similar, as they are both from lines which have a minimal makeup look, but even then I think theres something. The pink eyeshadow on the right doesnt count, because I actually added that to soften her face, it was a tad severe.


Anyway, thats the dolls. I really like them, even though I have been a touch critical. Im so glad I bought them, I think that the price was worth it, and Im definitely going to make them bedding, and hopefully at some point set up a sleepover room scene, although lord knows when Ill find the time for that. I swear, the busier I get the more ideas I seem to get for things to make!



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