Barbie House repaint

Going a little while back, I picked up a Barbie winter house-type set at TKMaxx. I just thought that it would be a fun little scenery backdrop, for various dolls, and it certainly is.


The scale works well for quite a range of dolls; Novi stars are quite a bot shorter than monster high, but it does still work for both.


It comes with a cute little table with plates and stuff, and theres this relatively new system for Barbie where there are little slots to put them in so they dont fall off too easily.


I like the little sofa, and theres a bit of a kitchenette area, its like a little holiday cabin or something, but it also very pink. Typical for Barbie, but not very versatile or realistic, and certainly doesnt work for monster high (and yes, I now have some monster high dolls.We’ll discuss that another time)


All I did was make everything a more realistic colour. I tried not to do anything too ambitious, because I honestly didnt want to ruin it, its a nice house.


I love how it looks now, Im definitely going to use it again and again for photographing my dolls. Adding more wood colours makes it look more rustic, which I think fits with the overall shape of it all.

Just wanted to share!


2 thoughts on “Barbie House repaint”

  1. I like what you did with it, especially the fireplace. It definitely looks more realistic and easier on the eyes, too. Mattel should take a hint!


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