Lil Woodzeez Bakery!

I had never heard of Lil Woodzeez until I started watching and reading other toy reviewers. Apparently they are a common line in america, a competitor to the more expensive Sylvanian Families (called calico critters in america). It wasnt long after I discovered their existence that a few of their products started to show up in Smyths. Their presence was seemingly short lived, because when they were sold they didnt seem to get restocked. Recently all they’ve had was a couple of the doctors surgery and bakery playsets. I did like the look of them, and a little while ago when I was feeling a bit down in the dumps I decided screw it, £20 or thereabouts isnt too bad. The bakery has loads of food, which is very versatile, I knew Id get use out of it. However, on paying, I was charged only £5 for it. Im not sure if it had the wrong label on it, because that seems like an insane discount, but I was certainly not going to argue. A sylvanian Families set of this size and with this many pieces would easily go for £30-40, and this set originally cost I think £23.




There’s so much stuff! We know that this set will fit the Lil Woodzeez characters, obviously, and also the very similar Sylvanian Families, but I wanted to know who else could use it


So, I recruited LPS Blythe, small Princess Sofia, and a magiclips Cinderella. They are all a similar height, but different scale, so I wanted to see how that would work.

The packaging on these sets is quite different to the Sylvanian Families, which come in completely enclosed boxes, where the only way to tell what is inside is looking at the pictures. Im not such a fan of that, because I find that its not always clear exactly what is and isn’t included in the sets. With this set, the whole thing is laid out right in front of you, and just secured down with a whole lotta plastic. So I guess thats the downside, less recyclable.


The accessories are all attached to a cardboard floor cover, so you can lift most of it out. However, some things are attached to the walls with zip ties. Very, very thick zip ties that are an absolute menace to cut.


It doesnt help that they were all pretty tight in, and surrounded by bits of the set that I didnt want to scratch with my scissors. In the end I found that I had the best luck with nail clippers.


This is the vast stack of plastic that was holding all the little bits. Definitely Sylvanian Families win in the sustainability stakes, and in the ease of getting everything out.


However, I was able to get all of that out of the cardboard piece with minimal damage, so now I can reuse this as a floor in something I make. I know I often dont bother with discussing the packaging, but I thought that this was sufficiently interesting to bring up.


Here’s the gang in the empty building. Only Cinderella and the actual littlest pet would actually fit through the door, but I think that Blythe is definitely in scale apart from that, probably because a lot of her height comes from her large head. Sofia, it isnt looking so good for.


To start with in the accessories, I want to look at the chefs hat, apron and oven gloves. The bear can only wear the hat, but looks damn good in it.


Blythes head is a touch big for the hat, and the glove is definitely on the large side, but the apron is a pretty good fit, although the strings are quite long. Also, Ive got the major furniture pieces from the set arranged in the background so that you can see how that fits. Obviously, the littlest pet is on the small side, but in a cute way, and Blythe is a good fit


Also, thats a pencil case 🙂 Im using it to keep all the little bits in


The hat and gloves work pretty good for Sofia, although the apron pulls in her full scarf, which is a big problem for her when it comes to standing up. Again, she’s a little tall for the furniture.


It is all too big for poor Cindy, although the scale to the furniture is pretty good. I also tried one more thing


Merida (on a style barbie body), can wear the oven glove, and the fit is almost perfect, although its a bit of a squeeze to first get the hand in. She’s also holding a doughnut, from the set, which again is perfectly in scale for her. I can definitely use the food n with much larger dolls. If its big enough for Barbie, it will be big enough for MH, EAH, and a whole bunch of other brands.

Now, Im going to give a run-down of what comes in the set. I tried to group things together in the photos, but I kept finding things that I had missed, and adding them in to later photos. So everything is there, but its not all organised. I just want to show you how much there is!


Theres an open and closed sign for the door


Worktop, table, display case and cake stand (also shelves in the windows)


The cake stand disassembles


Baking trays, bun tray, wicker tray for display, and a bin for bread


So much bread. I think that the round ones are bagels. At first I wasnt sure if they were meant to be doughnuts, but there are doughnuts in the set which definitely look like them, so Im gonna go with Bagel


Cakes and pies!

DSCN9603Baking accessories; milk, flour, measuring jug, bowl, etc. Also I found another croissant


Doughnuts! Two of each type


Decorated cupcakes, and also little buns which fit in the tray. They might be cooked or uncooked, I think that the interpretation is up to you


Biscuits do sit on the baking tray, but some of them look like they’ve already been decorated


Cake slices on plates. And, my part


A piece of dough with a cut out gingerbread man


The cut out piece, which fits back in, and a rolling pin


Theres a little dint so that the rolling pin sits there and doesn’t roll away.

And a cooked gingerbread man, with a cookie cutter it can sit in. So cute!

The final thing I did was to try and arrange some scenes with my different characters


I think that when they are in there, Blythe and the bear look pretty good, even though she is a little tall really. Its not the first thing you’d notice, anyway


Being realistic, Sofia is a little tall. She could use all the accessories, but the counters dont come high enough on her.


Cindy looks really cute, and with the stability her dress gives her, I feel like a population of Magiclips would really work with the Lil Woodzeez stuff. Although she isnt my favourite of the dolls, she does win this one I think




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