Mini Blythe loves LPS, and a few other doll buys

I found out about the Blythe/LPS collaboration fairly recently. I had seen the current Blythe doll that comes with the LPS line, but I never thought that she was particularly attractive, and had no idea where the name had come from. However, in case anyone doesnt know, at one point LPS had a miniature version of the popular customisable collectors doll, Blythe. Blythe has its own mini doll line, but these dolls dont look exactly the same. I really dont like the look of Blythe dolls at all, I totally cant see the appeal, but for some reason once I saw these little characters I was enchanted. I desperately wish that I had been aware of this whilst they were still in the shops, because they go for quite a lot of money online now, relative to what I think they are really worth. Yes I love them, but not for £40 a doll.

After a good year of looking at them online, I finally decided to pick out two that I liked, and had a reasonable price, from amazon, as I had some tokens.


I took them out of the box but left the rest of the packaging, so you could see the cute arrangements they had


I like these ones best, where the doll is dressed in a theme to match her little pet. I would have bought all of those if I could!


Here they are a bit closer. They just have shoulder and hip movement, and a decent ability to pose the head. They also come with stands. Really, they come across much more as a doll for collection and display, rather than play. Even though I dont personally like her, I can certainly see that the newer Blythe character is more play friendly, and matches in better with the line. Still, I would love to collect more of these eventually.

Ive had a few other nice finds lately that I wanted to share too.


TKMaxx had the lovely Bratzillaz Fiann Fins, and so Im one step closer to completing my collection. I dont want every doll from every single line, I dont see the point of that, but I would like to get one doll of each character, and with Fianna Im now only looking for the witchy princesses dolls. I have one of them already, but I might buy another so I can do a better job of her face. Heres a good look at her face. Much glitter!


I also found another Novi Stars doll I wanted to buy.

This is Doe A. Deer. It is her and one other, Justina Hour, who first made me consider these dolls, but I didnt buy them and they disappeared. When Doe did show up, I decided to go for it. I think she might be the most beautiful of the Novi Stars dolls. Unlike all the others, I am leaving her in her clothes and with her antennae, because I actually think that they add to her appearance. With the other dolls I felt like they were just added on for the sake of it.

Finally, I bought another Sophia the first doll on sale, a bigger one than I already had.


She’s going to be fun to repaint. I like her eyes, but she needs more eyebrows, especially. Being a bit bigger, Ill also have a good time sewing for her.

So, thats what Ive been buying lately (among others). Just little bits and bobs, filling in the gaps in what I have collected


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