Frozen ripoffs?

Going back about a month, I found a doll, very cheap, who I fancied repainting


Its not a particularly special face, I certainly had no problems with removing it, and so for a low price too she was ideal for messing around with. The line is not one I know, called something like dolls world, or doll world. There was some other stuff by them on the shelves, all baby dolls and accessories. Interestingly, this girls packaging described her as a princess. Now, I cant see anything much about her to identify her as a princess. She isnt a named character with a story, and I might expect a generic princess doll to have a tiara or something.


So, heres her outfit. Looking at her, I was beginning to think I could maybe see where the princess bit comes from.


Look familiar? I mean, maybe its just me, maybe its a coincidence. I certainly wasnt convinced by it. Then however, when I was passing again, I discovered that they had another doll in that line, too


So, now Im pretty convinced. A single blonde plait, and an icey-blue type colour scheme, Im definitely getting an Elsa vibe. I dont blame the manufacturers or anything. Frozen is super popular, so it makes sense to try to use their aesthetic. The actual frozen toddler dolls come for over £20, and these versions are a lot more accessible. £6, I believe they were, is pretty much a pocket money toy for a child who couldnt have the other version. Its not like they imitated the packaging or tried to pass them off as the real thing.

Anyway, I repainted them both. I decided that for a challenge, Id try and give them both a very different style of face


Even though they have the same mould for the face, I gave ‘Anna’ much bigger eyes, and very pouty lips, and she’s all cutesy. I think I need to redo ‘Elsa’ though. She’s meant to look a bit toned down, but she also looks a bit spaced out 🙂 Whatever, its all a bit of fun for me, I enjoyed doing both of them.They both have a different style of pupil too, I didnt want them to llok like they came from the same line at all.


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