Deco Desi dolls

Yes, another post today! Ive been storing up things to write about, and since right now I have the time Im going to bash a few things out, clear my to do list just a little. Im thinking that once christmas is done, I will have a lot more to do. Im planning on picking up as many shifts as I can manage in the run up, so that when the sales come around I have a bit of freedom if there is anything a bit pricier that I want.

DSCN9571These little guys, however, would scarcely make a dent in the budget! Just £1 each, at one of those lovely budget type shops, I didnt have any problem taking a risk and getting theme even though I knew nothing about them. A bit of research uncovered a lot of the adverts for these were not in english, and I think they may be a european line. I liked the look of them, with the detailed little mini furniture, and they would have been worth the money just for that. Each set had different stuff, so I bought all of the one they had.

Deco Desi is one of these toys where decorating and making the house is a big part of the attraction. There are stickers for the walls, and you can arrange things in a few different ways. It has to be said, I didnt have high expectations of that feature. Ive seen toys like this before, and what seems to usually be the situation is that the stickers peel off easily, and the things you build fall apart at a touch. I wanted the furniture mainly, as it was better than anything Id be able to make, to be toys for my dolls. I liked the little dolls in there as well, for the same reason. However, I was completely surprised by these toys, in a very good way.

When you buy a toy for very cheap, you kind of dont expect a high standard,  and so Id had even less faith that these stickers and buildable rooms would work well. First surprise, the stickers are very sticky! Im not planning on peeling them off and re sticking them, as the adverts suggest, because I think that might be a bit much for them to survive, but if I leave them alone, I expect them to stay in place. Theres a variety of prints for wallpaper, and also extra decorative stickers


You can add shelves, a pot plant


A photo, a chandelier


Big TV, clock


A decorative strip Ive used as a skirting board, but I think might have been meant to go on the top of the wall, and also some slightly random things like bows and hearts. They dont look quite as well, but Id got so into sticking things down by that point that I put them all on anyway. The sets each came with a couple of extra wallpaper stickers, since they reckon that you can swap them over, but since I dont want to do that Ive used them as carpets.


Here are the three little characters in the sets. They have a bit of an anime look to them, especially the two on the left, with their hair styles and everything. Inexplicably, the third one has a tiara on. Why? I do not know. She came with a hat as well, in place of one of the accessories the others had.

The little furniture is amazing


Theres a tiny laptop, and a pot that has a removable lid


In fact, everything that should open, does open. The doors also stay shut really well, with just a tiny little catch.


They can ‘sit’ on the chairs, although they dont actually bend at the hips


And the adorable little claw-footed tub.

Each of the sets works independently, and here are some photos of them assembled as an individual house




I havent put the furniture all with the right houses, because I honestly just couldnt remember. Each one had an equivalent amount of stuff, anyway.

However, the sets do also have the ability to combine. I decided to add it all together, and make the biggest house I could that still actually looked good. Heres the bits I left out


And heres what I made

It is a bit more fragile than the smaller houses, but it does still stay together reasonable well. Better than some more expensive sets Ive seen.


You can see theres a little bit of a gap there, where it doesnt quite sit straight.

Theres three rooms on each floor. No bedroom, because I dont have a bed, so the whole floor is devoted to beauty, effectively. I dont care, its still cute.

I like the bottom floor better though, because Ive managed three distinct functions to the rooms; a living room, kitchen, and a study.

I wish I had more of these sets, so that I could get more furniture, but I think combining the three is the maximum Id want for a building. There are larger sets however, with bigger base components, so it would be stronger


The other arrangement recommended in the set is a one-level house. Ive made one of these to test how well these toys do work for my larger dolls, and I think its a great success. Merida is a little bit of an awkward poser at times, as the Barbie fashionistas body she has is quite stiff in the joints. But I think you can see how the scale works. A bigger doll could probably use these as well without it looking out of place, such as the Frightfully Tall Ghouls, and probably even one a bit smaller like one of Barbies sisters. In that case, it would just look like a huge toy


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