Novi Stars

I just wanted to share a few photos of my Novi Stars dolls. As far as I know these aren’t going to be made any more, certainly when I’ve been finding them its been in clearance, and those bargain shops that sell things after they’ve been and gone from the main shops. In fact, that’s the whole reason Ive recently got a few. I had looked at them in the past, because they are cute, but they’re also small, and don’t really do much. They all seem to have a gimmick, like a light up part, rather than much play value. They are, however, very cute as display dolls.


This is the first one I picked up, a doll called Mae Tallick, who is a robot. Shes from their ‘orbit beach’ line, which seems like an odd idea to me. I feel as though maybe they just made that line cos lots of other dolls have a beach line, rather than it making sense for these dolls. I don’t much like the packaging for these dolls, either. It proclaims that these dolls are aliens who came all the way to earth for the express purpose of updating our fashion trends, and both the profiles on the back, and the couple of webisodes I briefly checked out, they kind of come across as airheads. What is wrong with a really clever, capable doll? We are finally seeing more of these appearing, such as the Project Mc^2 dolls, which I am delighted by. However, I love the look that she has. I took off her swimming costume and sun hat, because I think she looks better without them. She isn’t a human, and she doesn’t at all look indecent with no clothes on. I also removed the silver antennas from all of my Novi Stars dolls. They seemed quite fragile, and I did damage one by accident, but I think they look fine without. The plastic was that stuff where the finish comes off at the drop of a hat, and then it just looks really scruffy.


Here are two more from the orbit beach line, and again, Ive got rid of the swimming costumes, hats and antenna. I wasn’t as instantly keen on them as the other, as the contrast between their heads and bodies is very pronounced, and kinda weird-looking. They are, I think, called Tula Toned, and Ari Roma.

I also found two original dolls


Allie Lectrick, and another Mae Tallick. I thought she looked different enough to have two though. Both of these two had an electronic gimmick, which I straight away removed the batteries for. The clothes they came with were really not that interesting, and I just think they all look great as they are. These two really confuse me. I didn’t realise when I was buying them, but Mae has a removable wig- the only one out of my collection to do so


I love her pointy head shape. The wig doesnt stay on great, but it’ll be fine for display. In addition, whilst Mae has strung joints, giving her the greatest range of motion of all the dolls


Allie has no hip joints at all


Basically, there is everything to suggest that these two dolls are from totally different lines. But, I cant find anything that suggests that there were two ‘basic’ lines. There were lines where new dolls were introduced, but not loads of versions of Mae and Allie. Suffice to say, I am not surprised that the line isn’t sticking around. The dolls are really cute, but there doesn’t seem to be the kind of focus and coherency that you get from the more successful doll brands. The final thing that I love about these dolls, is that their general body and limb shapes, and limited articulation, means that they constantly look like they are posing for a photo shoot. In all of my photos they are lying down, because I don’t have stands for them, or a good flat surface to put them on, but just to finish heres my photos of them basking in the attention of my camera

DSCN9459 DSCN9460 DSCN9461 DSCN9462

No matter what I do, they just looks super sassy! Like, I think Bratz could probably learn a thing or two from these guys. also, excuse the mucky sheet. Its got stained with coffee, and I haven’t bothered to replace it. It still does the job, after all. The only issue is that I often use my bed sheet as a photo backdrop, because its a nice big plain surface, but I usually manage to stay on a clean patch


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