Bratzillaz Repaints

Ive talked about the Bratzillaz doll line on here before


These are my original three; Ive shown you the photos of my Angelica Sound ‘repaint’ before, and Yasmina and Meyghana have both got new lips. I also went over Megs eye makeup with green. However, this was in the early days of my doll customising attempts, and they’re all done rather clumsily with sharpie. I particularly like how Yas’s lips turned out, but, they aren’t really something I can be proud of.

Lately, a lot of Bratzillaz have been showing up in my favourite doll-spot, TKMaxx. I most wanted Sashabella Paws, the animal lover of the line. I love her look, but I never see her. The others from the original main line are quite common in toys’r’us, and Ive seen them around all over. But, even when I started seeing the others recently, she was nowhere to be seen. There was, however, the midnight beach and magic night out versions of her. They weren’t really what I wanted, but I decided to go for it and get magic night out Sasha, rather than have no Sasha at all. I wouldn’t have got the midnight beach doll as a substitute, because those dolls have glow in the dark, green-tinged skin, and part of Sashas look is her darker skin, combined with her white hair. But magic night out does basically have the same look top her, even if I don’t like her outfit as much


Its a bit dull. That’s the sleeve of her fur jacket poking in from the side. Like, its ok, but one of the things I really like about Bratzillaz is the outfits. They aren’t all to my taste exactly, but they are all interesting and different. Magic night out also has this weird mechanism where you twist the dolls waist and their arms sort of flail, but its not got in the way. The only other issue is her hair

DSCN9434 DSCN9447

Theres a before and after from a boil wash. She came with a section of really curly hair on top of her regular straight hair, which at first I thought was a factory error, til I realised she even has it in the promo pictures. It looks so odd! A boil wash didn’t totally do the trick, but its a start. THEN, however, original Sashabella appeared! Just the one doll, compared to the stacks of Meg and Jade on the shelves, and I haven’t seen her again since, but I absolutely had to get her. I did a repaint on the first Sasha I got, but I wasn’t very careful taking her factory paint off, and I got acetone in her eyes, which made them look sort of cloudy. Plus, I did really want the original


Here they are, with magic night out wearing originals cloak. You can see how much more there is to the original outfit


The cloudiness is particularly prominent in her right eye


By contrast, the originals eyes are very clear, and I think it does make a big difference to her face overall.

Now, Sashabella was not the only doll I bought when I saw what was going on in TKMaxx. As if! I didn’t actually remember to take photos of them all before I got started, but heres the ones I did


Yes, I did buy another original Meyghana. Whilst I don’t want to redo my first one, as I do like her (and anyway getting sharpie out is a nightmare), I felt like I could do more with her. That red hair and pale complexion is bound to be fun. Theres also back to magic Jade J’adore in that photo. I do have an original Jade, who’s halfway through a major makeover that isn’t going well, so I wont bother sharing that. Back to magic has more interesting two-tone hair, and a really cute outfit, compared to the originals weird vinyl/ pleather type deal, and I fancied starting over with her. I also bought, but forgot to photograph, the two dolls introduced in back to magic, Victoria Antique and Iliana Honesty, as well as midnight beach Cloetta Spelletta. These purchases and repaints are spread out over a reasonable length of time, but Im posting them all at once, in a collection together

Heres Cloetta


I wanted one doll with the midnight beach skin tone, and I also felt like if I was gonna get every single other character I could get my hands on (just missing two more), I might as well get her, though she does bother my love of symmetry a bit.


Heres a closer look. I wanted to give all of my repaints a more natural look, which took a bit of thought for a green-skinned doll, and I couldn’t even really go off her hair colour either. Shes wearing her swimming costume in these photos, and Megs cape, because I don’t much like hers, and I cant find it anyway, but after I took these, I realised that I had a really good outfit option for her:


This is a Sparkle Girlz dress. Ive recently been finding individual outfits in ASDA for quite a good price, and this dress looks a lot like a beach cover-up, fitting in with the dolls original look.

Heres Victoria



I redid her hair into a much simpler version, she originally had an odd multi-plaited style. She has the strongest makeup going on of all of my recent repaints I think, but her general aesthetic is very goth, and I think she looks good.

Next, Iliana



I looooove her outfit! She came with gold tinsel in the front of her hair, but I pulled it out, and gave her a lower down plait. I also took a bit of inspiration from her presumably indian culture in her makeup. I gave her the bindi on her forehead, which in modern times has come to be used as a fashion thing. However, in hindu culture, traditionally married women would wear a red bindi. Iliana is young to be married, but nowadays the red bindi is the most well-konown, and young women are traditionally free to wear any colour, according to my research. I might well be wrong, and Ill accept correction, but that’s how I understand it to be.

Then, Jade



I like her new hairdo. Very cutesy, which is a look I do like for dolls. I don’t think these photos quite do her justice, actually, and you cant see that underneath her fringe she has somewhat raised eyebrows. She’s a bit of a cheeky one!

Finally, Meg



These photos make her expression look a bit odd, and you cant entirely see her extensive freckles, but Im incredibly proud of her. Her hair is crazy! She’s had about 6 boil washes and its still really wild, so Ive had to tie it down. I hope you like them!


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