Our Generation Lori Dolls

So I did mention previously that I was looking forward to the UK arrival of the Lori dolls, OGs new version of the mini dolls. Well, I don’t know if that’s exactly what they are. The original mini dolls are just that, miniatures of the regular sized ones, and although these new ones have the same size and shape, and also by the looks of it face sculpt, the characters I think are unique to the Lori line. The Lori line has individual outfits, and also accessories, furniture sets and stuff. Its not all here yet, but I spotted three outfits, two doll-and-dog sets, and a ballet studio in Smyths. More are supposed to be coming I think, too. I bought one of the dolls, and all three of the outfits, because I was way excited, and I wanted to mix all the clothes up, and get some on my Dora dolls that I’d established could fit into them.


Here’s Ayla, looking over her new wardrobe. I just think the packaging is so appealing, its the sort of box I hoard for months in the hope that I can find a way to reuse it.


Just such a nice way of setting it out, although I don’t know about the thing of leaving the package open at the front. There were some boxes in the shop where the stuff inside was kind of messed up or damaged.


The outfits come on these little plastic bodies, and again, I just want to hoard them and find a way to reuse them. Paint them into little characters or something.

The doll I got is called Hazel, with a dog called Happy apparently


She has a jacket, but I took it off so I could pose her with the dog. I think that the dog is really too small, Hazel is supposed to be a child, and he only comes up to her knee, but he looks like one of the larger breeds, a retriever or Labrador. I put her hair into the bunches, because it came really nicely parted in the box, and I wanted to preserve it, not let her hair get all messy.

The next thing to do was play dress up! I was gonna do a proper comprehensive look at all the stuff later, once I’d had a play, but I sort of lost enthusiasm, you’ll see why.


Ayla joined in, and the first thing I did was try her cardigan on Hazel, because I thought it would go better with her dress. However, as I was doing that, I discovered some damage to the cardigan.

DSCN9508 DSCN9509

I could barely photograph it, with all the colours involved being very pale, but one of the knitted edges of the sleeve came out of the seam, and started to unravel. Im pretty annoyed, because I only had that cardigan for a few weeks, and I have barely done anything with it, I certainly haven’t been rough. Situations like this where the knit is unravelling are very hard for me to fix in a way thats neat. The other big disappointment was that the clothes don’t fit! Obviously the dress Hazel arrived in fits her, because she was wearing it, but the trousers and shirt that Ayla has on are both too tight. I tried to console myself with the fact that my Dora dolls would fit, since they are slimmer, Aylas stuff is too loose for them.


But, some stuff didn’t even fit them! The blue blouse that doesn’t fit Ayla is ok on them, once you get the sleeves over their hands, and the trousers are fine too, but one of the skirts actually wont even close at the narrowest point on Doras waist. It doesn’t stand a chance on the actual dolls it was made for. The glasses that came with outfits don’t sit right, its very hard to actually come up with outfits for my dolls, and I just gave up. I was going to show you all of it, and talk about the accessories and everything, I started out so positive about them, and within about twenty minutes I was really quite sad about the whole thing. Totally discouraged, I don’t think Ill buy anything from them again. Maybe if I see the furniture sets and like them, but definitely not the outfits


Heres Hazel wearing the skirt that fits no one.

I looked at other peoples reviews of these dolls and pretty much everyone was really positive about them, I feel so let down. I know Ive had trouble with the fit of the OG trousers in the past, but not like this, I would normally consider them to be a really strong doll line


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