OMG Giant Bratz!

After that bummer, I want to write something more positive, and that positive thing is a huge bratz doll. I know they’ve done this in the past, but not with the new release, and I was completely taken by surprise to find this girl in Smyths.


Here is fierce fitness Yasmin sitting on her box. So far I’ve only seen a Cloe version of this larger doll, although I hope more are to come.


Look how big she is! The first time I saw her I just sort of went “Ooh, big Bratz doll” and moved on. The next time I was there I spent quite a length of time looking at her, weighing up all the reasons I should get her (she’s a GIANT BRATZ, and she’s pretty, and I can customise her, and she’s giant, and I really want her) vs the reasons I shouldn’t (she’s expensive, and as with many big dolls, her rooting isn’t great). So, you can see which view is winning there. And then, mid-September, Smyths had a sale, and that was that rather. Mine all mine!


The box has a picture of Cloe and Yasmin, so Im hoping that she will be coming too, I really want more.


Here she is. She definitely has the Bratz look, although I think you can see how flat her hair is, there are a lot of gaps in the rooting pattern.


One last size comparison for you. Cloe could genuinely use a regular Bratz doll as a doll for her, and it would work.

As I was unpackaging her her earrings both fell out, and wouldn’t really go back in


The posts are really tiny. I don’t care, they’re pretty boring. She comes with a brush, like pretty much every doll ever, but this doll has one that actually  looks like it might work well for once.


That almost looks like a real people brush. Here’s a look at that rooting job:


Those gaps wouldn’t be so bad on a smaller doll, but when they’re scaled up to the size that she is, they are very prominent, and I do feel like it would have been easy  to root her a little better.


She still has peg feet, but the design is slightly different. Im not sure if her shoes were supposed to come off, honestly, they don’t seem to stay on very well now, but as far as I was concerned they definitely had to come off so I could change her clothes and what have you. With the huge Bratz foot style you cant really work around them.

Finally, heres a close up of her face


Take a good look, because it all came off after this. You can see that her mouth has a sculpt that looks like its open, but they’ve just painted solid lips over. I feel like a doll this size needed more lip detail, I’ve seen small Bratz with quite good detail so theres no reason why not.

Oh, and I took a photo of her without her jacket, so you can see her t-shirt.


The sleeves aren’t hemmed, which again, I think is fine for a smaller doll, but on this size, you don’t have an excuse to not just hem them.

Immediately after this, I took her face off for a repaint. I think its interesting how it looks when you can just see the shape, without the heavy paint over the top


Her eye sockets look smaller, and you can very clearly see that her mouth looks open. The cute little snub nose is very much in line with the Bratz look, but the open mouth isn’t something Ive noticed on any dolls before, or the well-defined sockets.


And heres my version of her. It sort of looks like I gave her wonky eyebrows. Its meant to be a raised eyebrow, like a bit of a sassy, sceptical expression, and from some angles that’s exactly how it looks, and from some angles it just looks wonky. I might redo just that eyebrow, but I feel a little nervous that it wont be an improvement.

I want to make her some new clothes too. I found some fat quarters and black net at Hobbycraft to mess around with


But also, I had a mess around with the clothes I already own. As I painted her and handled her, I had the feeling that she was similar to Emily, my Giochi Preziosi Emma Loves doll, but they aren’t as close as Id thought


Emily has a more realisitically proportioned body, but their shoulders look to be a similar width, so I had a go


Emily can wear the top, but not the skirt


Gooliope fits into both, but the t-shirt is obviously too loose. The skirt is a fantastic fit, its definitely getting added to my large monster high dolls wardrobe.


Cloe can wear Emilys stretchy top, though it looks a little stretched over the bust. This skirt that fits Emily is very loose on her though. After that I just had a mess around with all sorts of different doll clothes, just to see what fits.

Jakks pacific toddler rapunzels dress
Jakks pacific toddler rapunzels dress
DesignaFriend dress
DesignaFriend dress
Giant Sparkle Girlz princess
Giant Sparkle Girlz princess

Cloe is the only other doll who can wear the sparkle girlz dress, although she wouldn’t be seen dead in it really, likewise with the Rapunzel dress. That one is a bit short for her, the proportions are weird, but she can wear it. I think the designafriend dress looks pretty good. Not everything in that line would look right proportionally, but this one looks nice a bit on the loose side, kind of like a flapper dress. None of them really fit the look I have planned for her, I want her to wear darker colours, a bit of an emo/hipster style, I repainted her shoes red, and also used layers of pva glue on her foot pegs and inside the shoes to make them stay on better


Watch this space! I love it!


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