My birthday doll stuff- and Sapphire

My birthday is very much in the past now, but Ive been meaning to do a post about some stuff that lovely people gave me, because I did get some doll clothes. The doll who is going to model them for me is one that you haven’t met yet, and who I’ve been meaning to introduce, and so Im going to do both in one. There isn’t going to be as much talking relative to the amount of photos in this post, unless I go off on some sort of tangent, so it still shouldn’t be too long Im hoping, just lots of photos. I’ve found a new place to take them, which I hope will look a little bit nicer.

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Sapphire


She’s from a website called,uk. Well, actually, I bought her from a doll shop, but that website is her origin, that’s where to go if you want one. They have quite a range of different hair, skin tone, and eyes etc., and are mostly named after gems. Sapphire is my birth stone, and so I was drawn to her the most from the start. After Id looked at all the others, I still liked her the best, because I didn’t want to have to manage curly hair, gorgeous though it looks


Her face is gorgeous, very serene. In this photo she looks a bit scary and wide-eyed, but there are some much nicer photos on the website, and she’s beautiful in person. Her outfit reminds me a bit of the My American Girl meet outfit. Obviously it isn’t the same, but there’s something about it, with the colour scheme; pink on top, grey on the bottom. The shoes are totally different, the actual items of clothing are different, but that’s just what I thought the first time I saw it.

She’s gorgeously detailed, with blushing on the limbs and painted finger and toe nails


They were, however, very hard to do a decent photo of them that wasn’t blurry. Overall, I’d say that is a very good competitor to American Girl. The size is very similar, they can definitely share clothes, but Sapphire is around half the price, and some of the little details like the nails are better I’d say. Plus, its a UK brand, so I don’t have to pay the ridiculous postage from America. There are cheaper alternatives like Design A Friend and Our Generation, but for £20 or £30 more you can get a doll who is really more of a collectors doll, a doll for an adult too. However, unfortunately for my wallet, I love the American Girl look. Their faces are just so lovely.

Some of the presents I got for my birthday were also from the dollshouse. My wonderful friend who previously bought me Dell, for my birthday got me two pairs of shoes and a skirt from the website.   They are gorgeous! Pricewise, the clothes and shoes aren’t much more expensive than Our Generation, but the quality is far better.

DSCN9484 DSCN9486

These shoes are so amazing. Id normally guess that shoes like this would come from an etsy seller, probably in America. The style is a bit less little girl cutesy than you commonly get for 18″ dolls.

The skirt is a pretty basic tutu


Its good quality though, quite thick and poofy. Again its a bit more of an alternative style. doesn’t just sell stuff like this, there is also the pink dresses and the matching pj sets and soon that are more usual. I just really like this style.

My family bought me the vintage style nurse dress from frillylilly.


Its sold as being the right size for American Girl size dolls, but as with the school uniform I bought from them a while ago, its actually kind of loose on Sapphire.


However, I think that that more old fashioned style is a little bit looser. The apron is separate, so she can just wear the dress, although it looks a bit plain.


Everything is buttoned or tied, no Velcro, which is nice. Theres not anything wrong with Velcro, at all, but it does snag on stuff sometimes.


The whole outfit is gorgeous! I just love it, so much. This is like the opposite end of the spectrum to the dollshouse stuff, very sweet and aimed at younger children, but its still the higher quality for a very sensible price. Frillylilly sells school uniforms, and fairy dresses, for the dolls to dress like their little owners, more than anything, and have more than one size, so teddy bears can join in too.

Finally, when I went out for my birthday with my family, we happened to stop by a large Asda, the UK version of Walmart. Walmart has sold the my life as line of dolls and accessories for years, I believe, but its only just arriving here. My mum spotted a rack of their outfits in Asda, and asked me if they were something I was into, seeing as they were the same sort of size as the nurses dress she got me. I was so overexcited to see that we finally had another source of doll clothes in this country that she bought me a couple of outfits there and then 🙂

DSCN9487 DSCN9488

I really like outfits for things like gymnastics an dance. I cant do them, but I like to watch, so I enjoy creating characters in my dolls who can do the things I cant.


Ive put the hair bobble in to just a small section of her hair, so you can see it, though I don’t suppose anyone would do gymnastics like that. I love the outfit, although the little hand grip things concern me. They look good, but are held on at the wrist by plastic, which you basically force on, which makes me worry about causing scratches.


The bag and bottle are cute, although we’ve gone back down to that slightly lower quality with this line, the sticker is already coming off the bottle.


I think that I’d use the individual bits of this separately, its a bit much all together. The outfit is supposed to be cowboy themed, and I imagine the full set would appeal to a young child, but to me its a bit too much, because I want my dolls to look like real people in a way


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