A little project update, and some exciting news (for me anyway)

When I visited my parents recently, I found one of my old, much-loved dolls in the attic, and I decided to bring her back home, and fix her up a bit.


When we were younger, my brother was into trains in a big way, and we did a lot of family excursions to miniature railways and suchlike. I cant remember which one it was, but I saw this doll in a little gift shop. She had a bright, primary coloured romper-type outfit, and a little rucksack containing a smaller doll in a coordinating dress. All of that is long gone, I have no idea where it is, so she needed a new outfit. I also soaked her hair in fabric conditioner, so its a bit softer and easier to brush, though the ends are still very frizzy. The rooting pattern is very thin too, so I think she needs a hat of some sort eventually. Ive also cleaner her limbs and face, and the tissues and cotton buds were coming away really discoloured so that definitely needed doing. I don’t know how I can clean her body, I think that might have to stay dirty, but it wont be visible once she’s dressed. I made her a little pair of bloomers as a start


And then I went to a little doll shop near me, to get a few more things, because they have a lot of the little baby type doll clothes. Its not a great shop for me, because its the only one in the area, and caters to all collectors really, so theres a lot of stuff in there Im just not interested in, like reborns and china dolls. However, they do have clothes in a lot of sizes, and for once it was that sort of style that I wanted. And they do have some nice stuff too, kidz and catz, and I bought Sapphire there too.


I thought these looked like they would fit her, and they have the more childlike, slightly old-fashioned style I was looking for.


The vest and knickers are a bit tight, but dressing a doll that represents such a young child, it seemed natural that she’d need a vest under her clothes for some reason


The dress goes nicely with her shoes, which was quite an important requirement, since they don’t come off. She’s got the bloomers I made on underneath, because the dress is so short that if she bends over it’ll show her undies. That style is a way we used to dress toddlers, decades ago, whereas now I think we often dress them in mini versions of older childrens clothes, and I wanted to make her youth very obvious, since she’s my childhood toy.

And now for the news. Ive said its exciting, but Im guessing that it’ll be irrelevant to almost anyone who reads this, since its local to me. That local doll shop has started selling some stuff from American Girl. When I went in for the clothes, I saw Kit, Rebecca, Grace, and a few boxes of outfits and accessories. The dolls were all £135 each, which is obviously more than buying from the AG store. An American girl costs $115, which is £76, but shipping from the US to here is very expensive, so I actually don’t think that that markup is totally unreasonable. Its not much more than Id have to pay online, and its more convenient. I do actually own Kit already, and I payed quite a bit les for her from ebay, but she came with no clothes or accessories, just a naked doll in a very roughed up cardboard box. And obviously being second hand, she had a couple of little marks and stuff. If Id known Id get the opportunity to buy her new in a shop, I would gladly have waited and payed a bit more. I would really like to buy Rebecca now, but Ill have to save up for ages. It wouldn’t be such a long time, but Im not very good at not buying things. Even then and there in the shop I was tempted to buy one of the outfits.

Kit has been wearing mostly modern stuff since she got here, because that’s most of what I have.


It does look good on her. That outfit is a combination of thedollshouse.co.uk, Our Generation, and My Life As. If I want to get her in something a bit more old-fashioned, I do have one retro OG outfit, but I think the time period is a little bit out for Kit, even though it looks cute.


I’ve also tried to make her a couple of dresses, with reasonable success.


I made this from an old t-shirt, to take advantage of some tucks in it that I thought might give a nice shape. Its not quite how I pictured it, but I do like it. The only part Im not so keen on is the neckline, which sits a little high


The other dress Ive made though I really like


It might partly be because most of it isn’t my own work though. Its actually a dress and bloomers set for a baby doll which I’ve altered to fit her. I used the bloomers, which are the purple gingham material, to make a high neckline that might be more likely for a young girl in Kits time period than the very low one it came with.

Now, however, I have Kits Reporter Outfit for her to wear too

DSCN9481 DSCN9482

I especially like the shoes, because none of the ones I have from other outfits look authentic. The ones from the OG retro outfit are moulded plastic, which didn’t at all look like an old style, and I cant easily make shoes myself.


I don’t need to say much about it, the AG outfits and dolls are always very well covered by lots of different people online, but Im just so pleased to have this for my girl. I have definitely been wanting to buy more from American Girl in the future, maybe even visit one in person, but that will be a long time in the future, because travelling to America, getting a hotel, and going on a shopping spree, is going to be a lot of money. Now, however, I can go and buy some things, at least. They also had Kits photographer outfit, the winter whites outfit, and Graces travel accessories and Graces opening night outfit. Im not mad on any of those, but hopefully there will be more in future, and I would love to get Rebecca, she’s one of my favourites. I am however a bit intimidated by her hair, Im going to need to do some research. I might make her my reward for not buying any dolls and things for two months of something. That would be tricky though, theres always stuff coming out I want to get into, like the Lori dolls coming out this month in smyths. We’ll see. Maybe if I get the opportunity to work a lot of shifts and earn over what I want to put in savings


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