A look at my equestria girls collection

So, I figured it might be fun to talk about my equestrian girls. I never intended to start collecting them, but I bought two for customisation, and since then Ive bought a few more. When I first saw equestrian girls in a shop I was thrilled, because Ive always loved horses, so pony-person dolls sounded pretty cool. However, they’re quite small, with limited articulation, and the earliest ones didn’t even have proper feet, so I never actually bought one. I never got into the new my little pony thing either, it just didn’t appeal. You’d have thought that I would, I enjoy the Monster High and Ever After High webisodes, which probably have a similar target audience, and I had some of the ponies that were out when I was a child, but I seem to be completely immune to the nostalgia factor that affects so many older fans. Maybe its because I didn’t actually get a whole lot of enjoyment out of my ponies relative to other dolls. I mean I liked them, they were cute, but they had no articulation, I couldn’t dress them, so they were never as treasured as my actual dolls.

However, some months ago now, I somehow stumbled across a youtube channel called FluffyMixer, which is some guys parody of MLP. Its two heroes are Chrysalis, often called Chryssi, who I think is actually a real character, although probably with very little in common to this version, and her best friend/ sort of girlfriend, FlufflePuff, who Im sure is entirely his invention. She kind of looks like a ball of pink fur. When I did a bit of research to figure out where the heck she came from, I turned up some stuff about a breed called Fluffy Ponies, which are a fan invention. Supposedly they’ve been bred entirely for their thick fur, sacrificing a lot of brainpower in the process. In a lot of fan works, it said, they tend to die due to stupidity. Luckily, in the one I like, no one dies. I don’t think that Id like it if stuff like that happens, but all the episodes are actually quite sweet in a weird way. Theres a bit more violence and implied adult humour I guess, but not on a level with even a lot of popular television children watch. Nowhere near as bad as the Simpsons, or my personal least favourite, South Park. There are currently three FluffyMixer episodes out which have the ponies in their equestria girl forms, and a while back when I had some free time I decided to make my own versions. Heres what they’re supposed to look like


I was going to get a pinkie pie for Fluffle, and then a Rarity for Chryssi and recolour her. Pinkie wouldn’t have matched in colour exactly, but I figured it was close enough and at least she had the right hair. However, for some reason at that point, the only Pinkie I was finding in shops was the Rainbow Rocks singing one, who costs more due to the singing, but that is a feature I didn’t want at all. I decided to use a DJ pon3 for her, since her skin is light enough to easily recolour pink. None of the existing dolls had hair that I thought would readily take to pink, so I decided to make her a fur wig, which would also be a better match in texture


So, yeah…

I mean, that is the first wig I ever made. I might have another go in future. Its not bad except the hairline. I didn’t do anything much to the faces except making eyebrows match hair, because I wanted their facial features to match the actual  equestrian girls. I am pleased with how the fluffy boots turned out though. I need to make them outfits that work better, which is a challenge Ive been putting off with how small they would be. Also, DJ Pon3 had two different coloured legs, neither of them white, which I didn’t notice til Id bought her, so we’re going to say that today FlufflePuff decided to wear tights. I pretty much love everything about how Chryssi turned out. The weird thing is, that I stained both of the dolls in the same way (Sharpies- hey, it doesn’t come off!), and sealed them with the same stuff too, but Fluffle, and only Fluffle, has a very sticky face. Theres a lot of her hair-fluff stuck to it, which doesn’t look very good close up. Combine that with the hairline issues, and I think that I might have a go at completely redoing her in the future when Ive got more experience with customisations. For one of my earliest, she was pretty ambitious.

Having bought these two, it kind of acted as a gateway to buying more. Rainbow dash was the one I always liked the look of the best, and I grabbed a cute looking Pinkie Pie not long after (cos now she appears in shops)


Ive redone Dashies eyebrows too. What I really dont like about these dolls, is a feature that you can see on Pinkie, where they have a cutie mark over one eye, and therefore the eyebrow is left off. It just seems lopsided, Im going to do Pinkies too.


I might not alter either of these Trixie Lunamoons that I picked up at TKMaxx, though. I think their cutie marks go higher up their foreheads, actually covering where the eyebrow would be, which is a little better. Plus, I just love the overall look, its less cute-sy. As I upload these photos, Im starting to realise how sloppy they are. I don’t know why, Im not much of a photographer but I usually do better than this. I have been pretty tired though, I guess I just slipped a little. I took them along with others for at least two other posts that Im planning.

Finally, I have the Rockin’ Hair Fluttershy. I love her face, its much more expressive than usual


And her dress is gorgeous too. I was actually a little disappointed though when I opened her up. Ive never had a complaint about the Equestria Girls hair before, its always been fine, and I think that when the hair is the named feature of a doll you expect a higher standard generally. However, she had a horrendous tangle in her hair

DSCN9405 DSCN9406

It didn’t photograph well, but it was terrible. It looked like it had been in some sort of machine, it wasn’t the kind of tangle you find naturally. Took  long time to come out too. I still love the doll, but I just expected better.

Think Im done rambling now. I love this blogging thing, its basically just writing down my train of thought. I think maybe other people actually plan and edit and stuff, but that’s not something Ive ever been good at. The way I think I tend to edit my thoughts, going over things until they sound right in my head as a matter of course, so I don’t want to do it any more than that. I think that’s part of the problem with my uni essays. I don’t want to work too hard on these blog posts though, because they aren’t something I actually have to do. They’re part of a hobby, which I do to unwind, and Im not going to let myself stress about it.


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