TKMaxx is good to me!

Of late, I have spent a fair amount of money on dolls. Its pretty much all gone to TKMaxx, which isn’t usually the case. Its one of those shops that really cant be relied upon. I have no idea where they get the dolls from, but the selection seems random to me. Often they are slightly older lines, it certainly isn’t the newest releases, sometimes Ive never seen them at all, and when I look them up they seem to have originated in other countries. I try to go to one of the stores near to me fairly regularly, because I never know when new stuff will be arriving, but that means that I often leave empty-handed, as I go more often than they get the new stuff. Lately, however, its seemed like every time I go to one of those stores, there’s something new. I popped in and saw a monster high toralei doll, which I mentioned to a friend who likes her and went back the next day to pick her up and discovered another doll, a different dora the explorer, that hadn’t been there the previous night. When I first saw Toralei Id also bought an equestrian girls Trixie Lulamoon doll, and went back last night to buy another, which is the same character but different clothes, hair and faceup. I really love the aesthetic of both of them. And, when I was there last night for the second one, I found a Bratz catz doll, which is a doll line I dismissed when they were in shops, and then regretted it once they’d gone. And its not that Im just bad at finding stuff, and its all been there the whole time, the toy department there is quite small, so I basically go over the whole thing every visit, these are all new from day to day. Ive found other good stuff recently as well, but Ill save those for another time, I eventually want to get round to writing individual posts on a lot of it. I just wanted to try and demonstrate how much amazing luck Ive had lately. Its great for me, of course, although not so great for my wallet. Thank goodness TKMaxx is cheaper than regular toy shops.

This morning, having been hard at work all week (though honestly I have still made time for toy shopping- that TKMaxx is open until nine, and I finish work at eight :)), I decided to treat myself with, of course, more toy shopping! Toy box philosopher has recently done a review on the new Lori dolls by Our Generation, which reminded me that Id seen them on the Smyths website, predicted to arrive next month. There are outfits available on their own, and I want to know who they’re likely to fit, so I decided to head down and buy one of the current OG minis, Ayla


They are the same size, and Ive actually been considering them since they first appeared, which was quite a long time ago. May, perhaps, around then, so that’s quite a long time for me to consider something without deciding. I figured that for only £10, she’d be quite an economical treat, and I wanted a goal for a trip out. That Smyths is near to a different TKMaxx, which of course I decided to check out, given how well the other one has done lately, and I found another of the dora the explorer dolls. And something else Ill save for another post.

I might not have looked twice at those Dora dolls if I hadn’t had my previous experience with that doll that I really couldn’t stand. I mean, she’s actually a perfectly nice doll, and Im having a lot of fun re-designing her as someone else, it was the interpretation of Dora that I couldn’t stand. These two I picked up, Dora first and then her friend, are an example of how older Dora could have been done better


They are by fisher price, and I like them so much more. Yes, theres still pretty pink dresses, but this line is the girls going to a party- it comes with an invitation, and seems to be referencing a TV episode. Theres no reference to ‘fashion’ at all on the box, and actually on the back of the box, the photo of Alana, the blonde, is in a red and blue dress, not pink and blue. I guss that was the prototype, unless its a trick of the light.

Heres Dora


And Alana


I like them because straight away in the box, I could see that the outfits are more age-appropriate. This is the sort of thing a little girl would wear to a party, and theres no earrings, the jewellery that thy do have is the sort of thing a child might like, and the shoes are not only flat, but also those cute jelly sandal things which periodically have big surges of popularity with little girls. Then theres the body shape

DSCN9398 DSCN9399

No breasts or waist, and she has more of a childish curve to her belly too. I also think the choice not to paint on underwear was the right one; the other Doras strapless bra-thing looks very mature.

Im still probably going to repaint these two dolls, not having much real interest in Dora as a character. I think Alana would look great with freckles. As I unboxed Alana and Ayla at the same time, I was struck with how similar in size their bodies are. The Dora dolls look like they are much bigger, but almost all of that size difference is in the larger head, and so a clothes swap was very successful


They cant swap shoes, but I think this is pretty awesome. When the Lori dolls come out, I know that at least one other doll will fit the outfits, and Im sure that an exhaustive session of outfit swapping will find more options. I have hopes of monster high, maybe Barbie Chelsea, possible the tops for my LaDeeDas, even Bratz. Definitely happy with that, I have so much fun reinventing dolls


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