43cm Clawdeen and Draculaura


They’re here! Ive been checking in the smyths website waiting for them to come into stock, and this morning it said that they had. I was so excited I went there on the way to work, and then hid them under a desk in the office all day ( thankfully no one asked, but if they had Id been planning on saying that they were for my cousin. Its not that Im ashamed, just that Im pretty sure they already think Im odd). Friends for Gooliope!


Overall, I have to say Im a little disappointed in the execution. With Gooliope there wasn’t really anything to compare her to, so I just liked her, but these two are supposed to be bigger versions of an existing doll. I would really expect them to be at least equally well done, maybe even more detailed, than the smaller versions. I loved the little details in Gooliope, like the goo drips on her ears, and her nicely painted eyes. However, there is actually less detail to the bigger dolls, as far as I can tell. I don’t own the original smaller ones, but Ive looked at some photos to confirm it and I think Im right.


They still have the fantastic articulation, which I think is particularly expressive in Draculaura, but theres nothing special about her; everything is the same as far as I can tell, but less detail to the boots! Also, I think the smaller doll has more with her, like her diary, and a parasol. All this one has is the stand. I really wish they’d made a different version of Draculaura actually, she’s had some much nicer versions. In a dream world where I own mattel, Id demand either Robecca Steam, or freaky fuson Dracubecca. I understand why they’ve done the main three as large dolls, rather than ones from some random other series like freaky fusion. But in some ways it might have been nice if they’d done something different with these. Normally they redesign the main characters in the style of whatever series it is, so like if they’d had a circus theme. Been part of freak du chique, or something.


The smaller Clawdeen doll seems to have socks, paint on the inside of her ears, and a handbag, which my one doesn’t; also no diary. I was really expecting a diary, to be honest.

In a lot of ways Im not bothered about these little niggles. I bought them with the idea of making new clothes for them, which I will, and the size and shape is great for that I hope. Its just that price tag, £35 each. That’s a lot of money. I would like a little more for that money really. Im getting the articulation and size, but its the same price as Gooliope, and she had a diary, and a bit more by way of interesting detail. Still, I do like them


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