Gooliope Jellington; Yes, I leapt onto that bandwagon.

I think that probably anybody who reads doll blogs, watches doll-loving youtubers, or just knows internet-savvy children, is aware of the Gooliope Jellington thing currently going on. In the time Ive been reading and watching, Ive rarely seen such enthusiasm for a new doll. Maybe the American Girl of The Year, but even then I think its tempered by the fact that we know that its a guaranteed annual occurrence. Also, the lack of representation of dolls who are anything other than white and able bodied. Despite being a popular brand, Ive certainly never noticed Monster High have quite the level of excitement.

So as usual, my thoughts on the matter are entirely redundant. Others have beat me to it, and done so more eloquently. Elvira from the doll circle did a good test of what clothes fit Gooliope, Toy Box Philosopher has a stellar review as always, and already faceups and other modifications are appearing on ebay. Whatever, she’s really pretty, and I took photos.

DSCN9291 DSCN9292 DSCN9293

Ive previously talked about my inability to get into monster high, but I had to make the exception. I love this larger size (I am kinda eyeing up the large versions of Draculaura and Clawdeen, not to mention EAHs Maddie Hatter! Eeeep!), and her colours, her dripping gooeyness, and the extra articulation was a big draw. I did try her in some of my other dolls outfits, just to see, too


This is a Steffi dress. She’s basically the same size as Barbie, so I didn’t bother testing both. This one wouldn’t go over her hips.


I figured I might have better luck with a longer dress, since the split in the back might go further, and it did go over her waist, though I could only get it on by popping her arms off (its ok, that’s supposed to happen)


However, the issue wasn’t just the hands, it was the whole upper arm. The sleeve wont sit nicely at all, its just too tight.


Finally, the dress that came with my Sweetyz doll. Its about ankle length on her, but I cant get it to sit further down than that on Gooliope. The bottom of the skirt has elastic in it, which is too tight around her legs, so it keeps riding up. Its only about knee length anyway.


And it wont even close in the back.

It doesn’t really matter what she can wear. It was fun to mess around, but of course the main reason that I bought her was for sewing. Ive found sewing for MH to be challenging in the past, but she should be easier, and lots of fun with her unconventional colouring.

I do kind of want another doll this shape and size. Im almost certainly going to get giant EAH Maddie. Maybe another MH, we’ll see. Ill wait and see if they bring out anyone else, Frankie, Draculaura and Clawdeen aren’t my favourites. Now, if they did Rochelle, or maybe one of the werecat characters, then we’d be talking. Or Venus, or I would love one of the exchange dolls. Basically, quite a lot of the characters who seem to bridge the gap between peripheral and main


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