DesignaFriend large doll Paris

Ive talked about the little sister daf dolls before, which I got when I was still feeling a bit unsure about larger dolls. I have been eyeing the larger dolls too though, right from the start. Ive bought their clothes for Emily, and Noelle wears them too, and having got so much more into my 18″ girls, with Kit and Andrea being so lovely, I decided to go for it. Safe to say, I love them, to the point that I actually own three of them now :s Not the original plan, but whatever. Their faces have quite a lot of expression, they aren’t expensive, etc. I first bought the red-headed Florence doll, who I renamed Audrey. She’s a dancer and gymnast, so I repainted her face to be a bit more dramatic, like someone that’s used to stage makeup. Secondly, Paris, the only non-white doll in the line. Being the representative of every singe other ethnicity, and having an identical face mould to the others, I cant decide what her actual ethnicity should be. You might say, well why does it matter, but Im trying to create a back-story for her, and whilst I don’t want to have her be a stereotype, I would like to acknowledge her culture in there. It would be a nice sewing challenge to make her an outfit or two in the style of another culture, which she could wear on special family occasions and holidays, and Id like her name to fit with that also. Im kind of leaning towards her family originating from somewhere in India. she looks a bit like a girl I met at summer school, whose family I believe was Punjabi. The clothes I feel would be fun to make, for starters. Her skin tone is a mid-brown colour, and her hair is dark and thick and curly, so that really works with that. Im not sure though, its tricky to create characters of another culture without being concerned about misrepresenting them. Im not attempting to say that she is all indian girls, or all non-white girls, or whatever, but I don’t want to create a character based on my white persons perception only and claim that that is ok since she is my original character.

Finally, I bought the Sahara doll quite recently, who I christened Sarah. Seriously, what is up with the people who pick doll names? She is a historical character living in Cromwells England, with her cousin Martha (you will meet both of them eventually). I thought that would be an interesting time period to do, since these girls who have only known the puritan regime would experience the resurrection, and return of more fun and freedom, as a very exciting event with a huge impact on their lives. I should probably stop blethering now. Here is the doll who for now is called Paris.DSCN9263 DSCN9264

I plaited her hair, because it is totally unmanageable. I think she’s lovely.


I tried her in some Victorian-style baby doll clothes my mum made me when I was little too. This was actually where the inspiration for Sarah came from.

Anyway, Ill post more on her when I make some more progress in all likelihood. I just decided to do a quick post because I am well aware that it has been far too long since I posted anything at all. I have lots to talk about, just not much time or energy. Im hoping to get onto that soon though 🙂


2 thoughts on “DesignaFriend large doll Paris”

    1. They are adtually quite similar in size, DAF clothes are the best fit on Noelle, my BFC Ink. Though Noelle didnt come with her own clothes, so I dont know if hers would fit the DAFs. I suspect they’d be a little tight

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