Durham Photos

I hope this works. Turns out, the last time I tried to write a post from my laptop I accidentally made it into a page which appears on the top of the blog. Im not sure how to turn it into a normal post, or indeed if I even can. I could copy it into a post and repost it then try and delete the page, but then it’d appear out of order, and that’d bother me rather. Never mind! Try again, because I have more photos 🙂 Last week I went to visit my mum and little brother, and we went for a day trip to Durham. That’s a bit of a trek for us, something like two and a half hours on the train, which made it a bit of a treat. Ive been when I was looking at universities, my mums been years ago, and my brother had never been at all. Before we set off I checked in with them and asked if they were likely to die of embarrassment if I took a doll with us and started taking photos, and they decided that they were in fact ok with that. I mean, they kind of think Im nuts, but they were ok to let me do my thing if I really wanted to. I wanted to take a smaller doll with me, so she’d fit easily in my bag, and also I kind of wanted to take a doll my mum had seen before, so she didn’t start grilling me on where Id got it from. She doesn’t mind that Im into dolls, but she’s a bit awkward about me spending money. Because Im still a student she gives me a sum of money every month for rent and bills and stuff. I told her she didn’t need to do that, id rather have got the loan because even though debt isn’t good its a debt that loads of people are going to have, its not like im going to get my stuff repossessed if I don’t pay it or anything. With student loans, if you cant pay, you don’t pay, basically. Its really more like an extra tax for people who went to university than a regular debt. Anyway, because she gives me that money, and told me not to get the loans, she feels that she has a right to have a say in what I do with it. Which is fair and all. But I kind of disagree, because its not like she’s giving me her food money, its money she saved for that purpose, and she’s ok with me using a bit to go out with friends or whatever, which I don’t often do, I tend to spend my leisure time sewing for dolls and stuff instead. I don’t think she can really tell me how to enjoy my free time. Either she can say that Im not allowed to spend it on anything but essentials, or Im allowed to spend some of it on stuff I enjoy and it doesn’t matter if its not something she’d enjoy. Like, unless its drugs or whatever, obviously, that’s not ok.

So, digression over, I took Maddie Hatter. She’s met my mum before because she went back with me for Christmas because I was halfway through sewing her a dress. She got her own seat on the first part of the journey, because that train was quite empty


That is not a great photo :/ But then, Im not a great photographer, and I was taking it from the seat opposite, before Id figured out the zoom on my camera.

On the second train we took there wasn’t a spare seat for her, but we had a table, so she could get a nice view out of the window instead


For most of the actual visit she stayed tucked safely in my bag, but we did visit a lovely botanical garden, where she came out to stretch her legs, and also be a total poser. By this point it was a lovely sunny day


There were lots of displays around the gardens, like fossils and plants from different places

Maddie climbing a fossil
Maddie climbing a fossil
One of the interesting plants. We thought it was bamboo, but my mum (font of all plant wisdom) said it was something else
One of the interesting plants. We thought it was bamboo, but my mum (font of all plant wisdom) said it was something else

There was a lovely conservatory that I could have spent ages in taking photos, but mum didn’t really want to wait around that long, and because it was a small space Id have been getting in peoples way a lot more. This is one from in there though

Theres a great view of a fishpond from that bench
Theres a great view of a fishpond from that bench

Finally she had another climb, on a rockery


Cheers to my longer limbed brother, who reached over to get her up there, and positioned her for me, and found the zoom function to take the photo. Also he actually took it, because again, longer limbs. So this is basically his work. That’s pretty much the end of Maddies durham adventure. The only other thing she found exciting was a fantastic toy stall in the indoor market, where she made a new friend


Seriously, that market stall was awesome. There were the pinkie cooper dolls, Lottie dolls, which Ive never seen sold in a shop before, and a whole bunch of random other ones that weren’t necessarily anything special, but were just things you don’t see in regular shops. Like, there were a few dolls with a very different look, one really reminded me of some of the Japanese doll lines, kind of like Licca around the face. I could have bought a bunch of things there, but I was with my mum so I didn’t, I just bought the one. Id like to go back to that stall on my own, but train tickets to Durham from where I live aren’t exactly cheap. I have friends who live there, so Im considering asking one of them to go for me, but Im not sure if I could properly explain what I want to someone who’s not into dolls.


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