Some pretty cute old photos

These are from a couple of years ago, the last family holiday we went on together before I moved out. This was in the rather fledgling stages of my doll collecting. I liked them, sometimes I bought them, but I wasnt really doing it with any intent. The doll in these photos is one that my partner at the time bought me after I saw her in a junk shop, and was obviously delighted. She’s Hay Lin, from the semi-successful W.I.T.C.H. Cartoons, which I loved. I had a bigger doll of Taranee, another central character, bought during the dolls heyday. They were actually sold in the disney store I believe at that point, and I (badly) sewed her a wardrobe of sack dresses to supplement her guardian uniform (not gonna explain the whole premise, its complicated). This is what she came wearing

You can see why I wanted more options 🙂 

My Taranee sadly vanished at some point during my teens. My mum suggested that I just binned her or consigned her to the attic, and now cant find her, but I dont see why I’d have done that with her. I did it with Barbies, Bratz, on various occasions and cleaning sprees, but Taranee was kinda special. And, now she’s gone. So when I found Hay Lin, even a mini version, I was super excited. And my partner buying her for me meant I didnt have to go home and answer my mum that yes, Id spent money on a toy, *again*. 

She came on holiday with us so that I could crochet her a new dress, something hipefully a bit nicer that poor Taranees sacks. Yeah I know, crochet dress. But it is my best creative skill, and I enjoy doing it. I dont really care that they look a bit odd. 

I actually didnt get much crocheting time with her that holiday, which is why she’s wearing a blue hand me down dress from another doll. It doesnt quite fit, but it works. There turned out to be a childrens play area near to the cottage we stayed in, so my brother and I were allowed to go there on an evening for a little while. Yes, I was 18, hes only a year younger, but trust me, that was freedom! Every holiday the idea would be raised that we didnt have to do everything in one family group, and could split off if there were conflicting interests and still have a good time, and every year, we’d still end up doing everything together. Its nice to spend time with family, but when one half wants to do something the other half hates, and vice versa, it makes more sense to split than to drag each other to stuff we dont want. Plus, my mums approach to looking around a museum, market, shop, etc, is to go at top speed. My dad, and I, like to linger. So what you usually get is mum storming ahead then waiting impatiently, dad lagging behind, and each of my brother and me taking a parent to accompany so noone got pissy.

I love my family, but hiding in a corner crocheting was a necessary survival mechanism for two weeks solid in each others company. Going to the park with my brother had the added bonus of relatively free speech; we could talk girlfriends, and tell each other the jokes and anecdotes that mum didnt want to hear from her babies. So, poor Hay Lin got neglected. Til we went to this one day out. i dont remember why I decided to take Hay Lin along. It wasnt difficult, she’s pretty small, but I hadnt been taking her places. Doll photography hadnt really occured to me, but at some point I got the idea that it’d be a good way to occupy myself in a garden. I think these photos are from Great Dixter, maybe. Its some garden in the south of england thats famous to gardeners, who think its a work of art (my mum). The unenlightened, like me, think its a garden thats far too big, and kinda messy. So heres how I spent the time:

Some photos were definitely better than others. It was my first try, and in terms of posing, Hay Lin isnt ideal. Like, Im not entirely sure what I was going for here

My brother and my dad got involved a bit too, mainly I think from boredom. My brother is way taller than me, and better with a camera, so some of these definitely wouldnt have happened without him

Plus, you know, theres these

We had fun, thats whats important! In case anyones wondering, the sign actually says glass 🙂

Ive taken some more photos like this recently that. Ill put up eventually. I think they’re a bit better, mainly due to doll choice, but Im still quite pleased with these. I think you can see the foundations of where Ive ended up, at least


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