New our generation stuff!

With two days off placement in a row, and tomorrow being my last day, Im feeling pretty darn chipper right now, so I actually have the energy to write something. Yesterday I walked down to Smyths, just for a nosey really. I was thinking about getting some barbie outfits, Im still not totally happy with some of my girls looks, and I did get as far as picking out a set to buy, but then on the way out I went via the OG stuff, and found out that some of the new stock is in. I knew that new stuff was coming, its been on the website with an estimated arrival date for a while, but it wasnt supposed to be just yet. Some stuff was due to arrive next week, and it is in fact there now. When I went to pay I found out that the staff hadnt been expecting it either, so there’d been some problems from that. 

Theres a selection of new outfits, both basic and deluxe, including the oh my posh outfit, which isnt on the Smyths website at all, so was a nice (and tempting) surprise. Theres also more accessories, and some new dolls. Completely new are the mini-dolls, pairs of shoes sold separately from outfits, and little mini accessory packs with things like purses. I bought one called be speckled, for a character Ive been working on who wears glasses

Ill introduce you properly to Audrey later, but heres a sneak peek

That set was actually the only thing I bought. There were so many things I could have bought, but the glasses are the only thing  I ‘needed’. Im not such a fan of the smaller accessory sets, most of them dont seem to contain anything wildly exciting. Purses, combs etc. One is two pairs of socks and some tights, for around £8! The shoes arent currently much good because they only fit Kit out of all my dolls, and they’re too modern for her. The larger outfits and accessories sets always appeal, though. I like the luggage set, the sleepover set, some of the newer dresses are fantastic. Ill probably buy some, and then write about them properly.

One of the surprise new arrivals was the Abrianna doll, who is due out next week, along with two others, all of which I could definitely see myself buying. I think I should only buy one, really, in terms of money, in terms of space, and just in terms of being sensible, but I think depending on how much I like them I might buy another at some point in the future. Right now I think I just need to see them for real, with the photos Im not sure how much I like them. Abrianna is one of the few dolls of colour in the our generation line, and Alejandra is apparently latina. They both have different face molds to the rest of the dolls, which interests me because I find the standard one a bit bland. Im not totally sure how much I like Abriannas face though, and her hair looks like it could make my life difficult

And, for some reason that photo came out tiny. Hmm. I do not know why, or how to fix it though. 

I think I like Alejandras face better, but some photos Ive seen from certain angles I havent done.

That photo came out less tiny. Now Im really confused. 

There is a third possible doll I would consider. She is a white doll with the standard face mold, but I like her colouring quite a lot anyway. This is Sienna

I do already have a doll who came with the name Sienna, but she’s now called Mattie instead. Still, this Sienna probably wouldnt get to keep the name either. Id like to see if she still has that bland look though. I sometimes wonder if the problem I have with the other dolls is just that theres a lot of them that look very similar. Lots of blondes, lots of redheads. The line itself seems to do less straightforward brunettes, and my local smyths certainly does. We’ll have to see I guess


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