Im still here, honest

The last few weeks have been so crazy busy, I havent really had the time or energy to write anything on here. Its a shame, because I have a lot of stuff to write about. New dolls, more sewing projects, more customs. Ive managed to find the energy to work on those more easily, somehow. Certainly, with the sewing, I can do that anywhere, but to blog I need to have an internet connection. Ive been doing that on the bus, and in the staff room on placement, for instance. This period of placement has nearly come to an end though, so I should be able to get my stuff up on here soon. Its been a tough placement for me, because of various personal issues, so Ive not been strict with myself about doing things like this, or going to the gym or whatever, if I havent felt like it.

The most exciting thing thats happened, is that Kit has finally arrived! She’ll get a proper post soon, in all her wonderful detail, but Ill just say right now, I love her! I did wonder, before she arrived, if I was going to like her as much as I wanted to, having never seen one of these dolls in real life before, and considering the price of her I wanted to really love her. Luckily I do. I am definitely an american girl fan now, and I have every intention of being a customer of theirs for a long time, although probably not til I have a job. Heres a quick photo

Its not a very good one. Im finding the limitations of my ipad camera increasinly frustrating. But a lovely friend of mine, the same one who brought Dell into my life, is going to give me an old camera they no longer use, so soon I can take good ones. I went out with that friend recently, and they took along their newer camera, as they usually do, and we got some lovely pictures. We saw some sweet rats

And Noelle tagged along, too. It was too busy for her to come out much, but we got her in a quiet moment looking at some flowers

Look at the quality difference! I really do need a camera of my own. I probably will hold off posting much until I get that camera from my friend, so that what Im posting is actually of a decent quality


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